When Do We Get Our 4th Stimulus Check – Despite claims in YouTube videos about a positive result from the fourth stimulus check, Congress took no such action.

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Congress has passed three bills providing direct payments to millions of Americans – commonly known as stimulus checks. The combined total of the three payments to eligible Americans exceeded $3,000. The last of these payments took place in March 2021.

When Do We Get Our 4th Stimulus Check

Viewer Sally texted the VERIFY team asking if the fourth stimulus check had been approved. She shared links to multiple YouTube videos that supported this claim, including one posted on November 1 from a channel with over 400,000 subscribers that read, “STIM 4 APPEARANCE VERIFIED.” Data from Google Trends also shows growth. over the past week, people have searched for “the fourth stimulus check ended today.”

Fourth Stimulus Check: What’s The Status?

An IRS spokesperson told VERIFY that the fourth stimulus check was not passed. The IRS and U.S. Treasury have information on their websites about how people can receive the previous three stimulus payments if they haven’t already, and make no mention of the fourth payment.

The previous three stimulus checks were part of legislation passed by Congress and signed by the sitting president. The first $1,200 check was part of the CARES Act passed in March 2020. The second $600 check was part of the spending package passed in December 2020. The third $1,400 check was included in the American Rescue Plan passed in March 2021.

A list of bills passed by the current Congress is published online. A review of these laws shows that there is no additional legislation covering stimulus payments.

In March 2021, a group of Senate Democrats pushed for interim stimulus payments to be included in President Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” agenda. However, recurring payments are not part of the “Build Back Better” plan released Oct. 28 by the Biden administration.

Fact Check: Congress Hasn’t Approved A Fourth Round Of Stimulus Checks

When asked in June 2021 about the possibility of a fourth stimulus check, White House press secretary Jen Psaki shrugged off the idea.

“[President Biden] is happy to hear a range of ideas about what would be most effective and what is most important to moving the economy forward,” Psaki said. “But he also proposed what he thought would be most effective in the short term to get people back to work, to get through this crucial period, and also to increase our competitiveness in the long term.”

In July 2021, Psaki was asked again about the fourth stimulus check. Her response focused on support measures under the American Rescue Plan, not another round of payments.

Some states, such as California, have sent direct payments to some residents in addition to federal stimulus checks. However, the fourth federal stimulus check did not pass.

Th Round Of Stimulus Check Payments: Check If You Are Eligible For A Great Extra Of $3,200

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Get our newsletter in your inbox five days a week. Thank you for signing up to our newsletter! Please try again later. Nearly 160 million Americans received some or all of their $1,400 stimulus check. Now many want to know if there will be another one.

With the Covid-19 stimulus check — a maximum of $1,400 per person — reaching 159 million people and growing, Americans seem to be asking whether there will be a fourth or even fifth check. According to Google, searches for “fourth stimulus check confirmed” increased by 2,750% in the past week. And in the last day, searches for a fifth stimulus check have increased by 900%.

Multiple reports last month showed that 50 Democratic members of the House of Representatives and as many as 21 Democratic U.S. senators had signed letters calling on President Joe Biden to insist on recurring payments to Americans for as long as the pandemic lasts.

American Finances Updates: The New Push For A Fourth Stimulus Check, The 1,500 Dollar Direct Payment

“Unemployment insurance replaced lost income for millions of people who lost their jobs. “However, millions of others are ineligible for unemployment insurance after reducing their work hours, switching to lower-paying jobs, or temporarily leaving the labor force to care for family members during the crisis.” pandemic,” we read in the letter obtained by Fox News.

Is Congress’ Fourth Stimulus Check Really “Confirmed”? Is there a fifth inspection on the way?

The answers are no and no. At least not yet. And this is influenced by several factors.

Despite the decision to pause use of Johnson & Johnson’s single-dose vaccine due to concerns about potentially dangerous blood clots, America is on track to vaccinate most of its citizens. Nearly half of adults have received at least one dose of the J&J, Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, according to the CDC.

Th Stimulus Check Update 2023 — Americans To Get ‘holiday’ Cash Worth $300 From $393 Million Pot

Additionally, lawmakers indicate they are less likely to impose another full-scale lockdown, meaning there is less risk that businesses will have to shut down completely again. The Labor Department said Thursday that the number of Americans applying for unemployment benefits fell to 576,000 last week, a post-pandemic low and a sign that layoffs are tapering.

However, there was no indication that Biden, who is currently working to get a $2.3 trillion infrastructure package through Congress, plans to use another stimulus payment.

Another check could be a boon for many Americans. A new survey by Impact Genome and The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research found that 38 million Americans say they are in a worse financial situation than before the U.S. outbreak. For those below the poverty line, 29% said their personal finances had worsened.

The federal poverty line for a family of four in 2019, before the pandemic, was $25,750. If all three stimulus payments from the last 13 months were taken, this family would receive $11,400 from the government.

Irs Stimulus Check Update: Are 4th Payments Back On The Table?

Overall, the Impact Genome/AP-NORC survey found that 52% of Americans say they have saved money for most of the past three months, while 37% have broken even and 10% have not paid off their bills.

Americans broadly supported Biden’s first pandemic relief package, passed five weeks ago. It included $1,400 checks for individual Americans up to $75,000 and $2,800 for couples up to $150,000, plus a bonus of $1,400 per dependent. Pew Research reported that support for the bill was 70%. A Politico/Morning Consult poll found that 72% supported him.

According to The Economist, a political scientist at George Washington University collected data and found that the bill was the fifth most popular bill or executive action in Congress over the past 31 years.

But even so, passing a $1.9 trillion bill that would extend unemployment benefits, expand child tax credits and more wasn’t easy. Democrats used budget reconciliation. By two votes in the House and one in the Senate, no Republicans voted in favor of the resolution, and there were several Democratic votes in the House against it. Only cutting the $15-an-hour minimum wage and intense negotiations with moderate Sen. Joe Manchin, D-WV, over unemployment benefits narrowly passed the Senate. FILE – Blank file photo from May 8, 2008 examines a disused press at the Philadelphia Region Finance Center, which makes disbursements on behalf of federal agencies in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke, File)AP

Th Stimulus Checks Coming In 2022? Why Some Could Get $1,400

There are currently no plans for a fourth stimulus check in 2022. This does not mean that efforts for additional financial relief in the face of the coronavirus pandemic are over.

The petition for checks of $2,000 for US adults and $1,000 for children was signed by 2.97 million people. If it gathers 3 million signatures, the petition will become one of the most signed petitions on Change.org.

And while this petition has garnered millions of signatures and widespread interest, it seems unlikely it will prompt Congress to act. Instead, there is an effort to extend the expanded Child Tax Credit, a measure passed during the American Rescue Plan in March. The child tax pays parents up to $300 per month for children ages 5 and younger and $250 per child ages 6-17. The remaining amount – up to $1,800 – can be claimed for a 2021 tax refund in 2022.

The $2.2 trillion Build Back Better Act, passed by the House on November 19 and now pending in the U.S. Senate, would extend the monthly payments through 2022, instead of President Joe Biden’s proposal to extend them through 2025.

Fourth Stimulus Check Proposed For People On Social Security

Passing the bill requires a simple majority, but at least two Democratic senators, Krysten Sinema of Arizona and Joe Manchin of West Virginia, have expressed concerns about some aspects of the bill. If the Senate adapts or amends the bill, it will have to return to the House of Representatives for approval before going to Biden for his signature.

Time will tell how this plays out, and it seems unlikely that it will be passed in time for monthly inspections to continue uninterrupted. Child tax credit payments will start on December 15.

The third round of stimulus payments included up to $1,400 per person and came on the heels of

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