What Are Some Negative Effects Of Globalization – Modern experts believe that globalization is necessary for progress towards achieving economic, social and cultural development on the international level. Yet these experts, including economists and technologists, fail to take into account the enormous social, environmental, economic, political and cultural impacts of this phenomenon. It is important to note that environmental pollution, social and moral degradation, political manipulation and exploitation of the poor population by rich nations are some of the most obvious impacts of globalization in the modern world.

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What Are Some Negative Effects Of Globalization

Globalization has led to massive investment by American and European firms in emerging markets such as China, India and South Korea. However, since these companies make huge profits, a few negative impacts are worth mentioning. They are looking for cheap and reliable labor and large markets. Populations in countries such as India, China, South Korea and other nations are affected by low income rates. Their population, though educated, tends to provide cheap labor. Work-life balance is a big issue in these industries. Employers expect their employees to work like machines, to demonstrate perfection in production and to keep production costs relatively low.

Essay On Negative Effects Of Globalization

These companies tend to provide their employees with a poor salary for similar positions that demand a good salary in the western world. The accusations against Apple and other American companies in China provide good examples of this phenomenon. These companies tend to pay low wages for jobs that can bring in thousands of dollars a year in the US and Europe.

With increased communication technology, people in developing countries want to move to the developed world in order to find employment. However, these people are often victims of human trafficking.

Industrial globalization increases the level of carbon dioxide emissions. Coal and petroleum products are being burned rapidly to meet the demands of the global market. For example, between 1987 and 1997, the level of carbon dioxide in the environment increased by more than 1.0% per year and 1.6% between 1997 and 2007.

Globalization is the main cause of the increase in oil prices. Due to the emergence of globalized industries in Asia, Europe and America, oil prices experienced two major jumps. Between 1973 and 1983, US oil dropped significantly, causing large price increases that affected millions of people around the world. Between 2005 and 2010, oil prices failed to rise due to exploding demand caused by globalization. As such, poor countries with little capacity to procure oil are faced with poverty due to poor supply of goods and services.

Debate On Globalisation

Globalization makes it difficult for developing countries to compete with the world’s economic powers. Countries with low budget structures such as low wages and employee benefits are unable to compete with the developed world. As such, there is an increased rate of job transfer from developing to developed countries.

With unequal economic and social power among nations, does globalization work in the interests of poor nations? What is the role of LEDC in the world market if not to provide the West with cheap labor and raw materials?

Globalization does not necessarily mean a platform for equal competition. Low-income countries can capitalize on the production of raw materials for developed countries. They will benefit from this globalized trade as well as developed countries.

Transnational companies will not necessarily put local companies out of business because of their huge economies of scale. Instead, globalization will allow local companies to work with globalized corporations through joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions. The local community will continue to benefit from new employment opportunities.

Globalization And Politics: The Effects Of Globalization On Human Life Aspects

Are you aware that globalization is a real threat to the cultural diversity of the world? For example, it drowns out local economies, languages ​​and traditions as capitalist entry increases in areas such as Africa and Asia.

Globalization works in the best interest of all communities, regardless of their location. Contrary to your question, the western world is also experiencing an influx of foreign cultures as globalization allows people from developing countries to move into their societies. For example, the influence of Africa and Asia is evident in the USA, France, Spain and the UK. Thus, globalization enables the sharing of ideas and ways of life instead of killing diversity.

Globalization leads to the exploitation of the poor by the rich. For example, in its greed for raw materials, China is exploiting African nations. In fact, globalized Chinese markets and industries are exploiting Africa’s wildlife. Similarly, European nations are involved in ethnic and military conflicts in major mineral producing areas, such as the role of BP in Nigeria and French companies in the Congo.

The problem facing the developing world, such as Africa, is not a result of globalization, but a lack of effective laws and international cooperation. In fact, it is caused by the lack of globalized legal systems. We advocate globalized justice systems that will deal with these problems. In addition, Chinese, European and American influence in Africa is positive as the target countries have enjoyed booming economies, reduced social problems and increased employment opportunities, infrastructure and availability of medicines, social amenities and educational facilities. These are facts that are worth mentioning and are products of globalized cooperation.

Benefits & Challenges Of Globalization

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If you are the copyright owner of this work and no longer wish to have your work published on .Technological globalization is one of 8 types of globalization that help us describe what globalization looks and feels like in 21st century information societies.

Century and the increased ease and speed with which we can transfer technologies across the world economy, technological globalization is occurring at a faster rate than ever.

While technological globalization has been good for many people in developing economies, there are also concerns that the digital divide between rich and poor can make economic mobility more difficult (people getting richer within a generation).

The Negative Impacts Of Globalization

Technological globalization can be defined as the increasing speed of technological diffusion throughout the global economy. It refers to the spread of technologies around the world, especially from developed to developing countries.

The global flow of technologies has been extensively researched by Arjun Appadurai who considered technological globalization as one of the five “spheres of globalization”. He called technological globalization the “technosphere” and explained that it is both an effect and a cause of globalization.

As a consequence of globalization, we can see that technologies spread more easily thanks to political globalization (increased interconnectedness of nations) and economic globalization (the rise of the global economy facilitated by trade liberalization). For example, free trade agreements can facilitate the transfer of technological innovation across borders; and production in developing countries can make the production of those technologies cheaper.

But it is also a cause of globalization as new technologies like the Internet and mobile phones make it easier to conduct cross-border trade and interactions. Similarly, technologies that made flights more efficient helped increase the flow of people around the world.

Being In The World: Globalization And Localization

1. Growth of multinational technology corporations Trade liberalization and economic globalization have facilitated the growth of multinational corporations such as Microsoft, Apple and Sony. Traveling around the world, chances are that the televisions in all airports are from one of the four or five major television brands. Anywhere in the world, chances are the phones will be manufactured by Samsung, Apple or one of the major multinational mobile phone corporations.

2. Mobile Banking Mobile banking has enabled people to access money both at home and around the world at a faster pace than ever before. In particular, smartphone stock trading apps allow equity ownership to be exchanged around the world faster than ever, helping to accelerate globalization and lower the cost of start-up capital to facilitate new business development.

3. Mechanization of Production Although not the first thing that comes to mind when we consider examples of technical globalization, this is one factor that has a huge impact on our lives. The use of machinery for production lowers labor costs, which has two competing effects: downward pressure on labor costs (which leads to cheaper goods) and the loss of traditional manufacturing jobs.

4. Globalization of media One of the effects of the spread of technology and technological knowledge (primarily from the developed world to the developing world) was the globalization of media that are presented on technologies such as computers and mobile phones. The United States has become a major exporter of media culture (through Hollywood movies, for example). Some worry that this may dilute indigenous cultures and develop one world culture (called cultural homogenization).

Pdf) Globalization And Its Negative Impact On The Global Economy

1. Easier International Trade With digital technologies, we can speed up customs clearance at national borders, move money more efficiently, and even move goods faster as air travel innovations improve. A clear example is the rise of international currency conversion apps such as TransferVise.

2. One World Economy Technologies that automate trade can help create a more cohesive globalized economy. This will accelerate the development of market efficiency and economy

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