What Are Some Interesting Facts About Cats – 18% of UK households own a cat, but there are still so many we don’t know about. From the unusual way they walk, to how big the biggest cat is, we’re sure you haven’t heard some of these fun facts!

Cats are an enigma that has captured the hearts of people for thousands of years. Their mysterious personalities and charming looks have made them an incredibly popular pet, and according to a survey 18% of UK households alone are ruled by a cat. With so many cats around us, it surely means that everyone knows everything about them, right? Wrong! There are so many interesting facts about cats that you probably haven’t heard about, from the biggest cat in the world to the surprising way they walk.

What Are Some Interesting Facts About Cats

This interesting fact about cats is guaranteed to get you excited at your next dinner party. Did you know that the Egyptians were originally thought to have domesticated the cat? But in 2004, French archaeologists discovered a 9,500-year-old cat grave in Cyprus. This makes it the oldest known domestic cat and predates Egyptian cat art by over 4,000 years!

Things You Didn’t Know About Cats

If you thought cats spent a lot of their lives sleeping, you’d be right. According to Veterinarian Hub, cats actually spend 70% of their lives sleeping, which amounts to around 13-16 hours a day. It’s a cat’s life!

An orange tabby cat named Stubbs was the mayor of Talkeetna, a small town in Alaska for 20 years! He had several uncontested elections and although he did not hold any legislative power, he was loved by locals and tourists alike.

Domestic cats are generally considered to be small and rather delicate creatures. But did you know that the longest cat in the world is a Maine Coon named Stewie, measuring 48.5 inches tall? And the record for tallest cat belonged to Arcturus at a whopping 19.05 inches tall! These are some big cats.

The richest cat in the world according to Guinness World Records is Blackie. When his millionaire owner died he refused to acknowledge his family in his will and instead gave his £7m fortune to Blackie! We can’t believe this interesting cat fact!

Cats: 101 Amazing Facts About Kittens & Cats

Have you ever noticed that cats walk like camels and giraffes? Their walking sequence is two right feet first, followed by two left feet, so they move half their body forward at once.

Camels and giraffes are the only other animals that walk this way. Don’t believe us? Take a look at this video!

The scientist is most famous for calculating gravity, but Isaac Newton is also believed to have invented the cat door. How Stuff Works writes that when Newton was working on his experiments at Cambridge University he was constantly interrupted by his cats scratching at the door. So he called a Cambridge carpenter to saw two holes in the door, one for the mother cat and one for her kittens! Apparently these holes can still be seen in the university today.

You’ve heard of monkeys and dogs in space, but did you know that cats also brave the great unknown? On October 18, 1963, Felist, also known as ‘Astruc’, was the first and only cat to go into space.

Some Interesting Facts About Cats

According to the Encyclopedia of Ancient History, Herodotus wrote in 440 BC that when a pet cat died in the days of ancient Egypt, family members would shave their eyebrows in mourning. Now that’s an interesting cat fact!

This cat fact will really blow your mind. Research has revealed that our little house cats share 95.6% of their genetic makeup with tigers!

They also share many of the same behaviors such as scent and urine marking, stalking prey and attacking.

If you’ve watched your little kitty storm around the living room when they’re feeling full of life, you know that cats are pretty fast, but you won’t believe this cat fact. They can reach speeds of around 30km/h which is so fast they can beat Usain Bolt in a 200m dash!

Fascinating Facts Of House Cats

The oldest cat that ever lived was 38 years and 3 days old when he died. Cream Puff, born on August 3, 1967 lived until August 6, 2005, and his owner Jake Perry also held the record for the previous oldest cat, grandfather Rex Allen, who died at age 34! Whatever Jake Perry does, he does it right!

The record for the loudest growl by a domestic cat is currently held by Merlin, a black and white cat from Torquay, UK. Its grain is 67.8db(A) and in context, it’s almost the same volume as a shower! Most cats purr at around 25db.

If you think cats can’t do tricks, then you’ll be shocked to learn this cat fact. The most tricks a cat performs in one minute is 24! Didga completed a series of tricks from flipping, to even pole vaulting while on a skateboard!

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Fascinating Facts About Cats

We believe that people and pets are ‘better together’. Our program promises to support you at every stage of your pet parenting journey. Cats are amazing little creatures that make beautiful pets for the home. They are cute, close and wonderful companions. Cats are known for their whimsical and sometimes mysterious behavior, and they love to play. Learn more about your favorite feline friend with these fascinating cat facts for kids.

1. Domestic cats belong to the Felidae family, which is the same family as all big cats.

This means they are direct relatives of lions, tigers, cheetahs, ocelots, jaguars and other wild cats! Watch this video to see their common behaviors in action.

Regardless of these terms, we all know that cats are the royal leader of any home! Watch this video to learn more fun facts about cats.

The Mysterious Life Of Cats: Fun Facts About Cats, For Kids Who Love Cats. For Ages 2 8: Bodden, Debra M: 9798777480293: Amazon.com: Books

This means they were the first people to keep cats as pets, as you will learn from this video.

4. Cats are excellent hunters and have been known for centuries to keep pests such as mice and rats away.

5. The average house cat sleeps 13 to 16 hours a day, which is around 70% of its entire life.

But somehow they always know when it’s time to get up for food and playtime! Learn more fun facts from this cool video.

Facts About Cats

6. Cats have tiny hooks on their tongues, which feel like sandpaper, to help them clean and detangle their fur.

Cats are often seen as cleaning themselves with this brush-like feature, which this video demonstrates.

This explains why you might find your favorite cat on your kitchen counter, or even on top of your fridge!

8. Cats usually have a total of 18 toes. They have 5 toes on each front paw and 4 toes on each hind paw.

Interesting Facts About Cats And Its Amazing Own World

Their claws are retractable, which means they can pull them in and out, as you can see in this video.

9. Polydactyl cats are born with at least one extra toe on their paws. These cats can have 4 to 7 toes per paw, with the extras usually on the front paws.

10. A group of cats is called a Clouder, while a group of kittens is called a Kindle.

11. There are an average of 200 million cats living in homes as pets, and an additional 480 million street cats in the world.

Facts Cats :: Understanding Animal Research

Watch this video to find reasons why you should help save a homeless kitten’s life by adopting one as a pet today.

12. Cats can make up to 100 different types of sounds, including meows, scratches, chirps and various whistles.

This is one of the most surprising cat facts for kids. While kittens yawn when they want milk from their mothers, adult cats yawn only to communicate with humans. They are quite the talkers in their households, as you can see and hear in this video.

Watch this video to learn more about and hear this magical sound, which is like a little engine whirring in your cute and fuzzy companion.

Little Known Facts About Cats

Here is one of the most interesting facts about cats for children. When you come home and your cat greets you at the door with its tail up, he or she says hello. Talk about a warm welcome! Check out this cool video to learn more.

Whiskers are very important because they help cats gather information about their surroundings and determine space and distance. As you’ll learn from this video, they’re like a built-in navigation system!

17. The average cat weighs between 8 and 11 pounds and is 15 to 20 inches long.

They can have four distinct coat patterns: spotted, striped, mackerel and ticked, which you can learn more about here.

Fifty Nifty Facts About Cats: Chapman, J. M., Davis, S. M.: 9781939276513: Amazon.com: Books

19. The most common type of cat in the United States is the domestic shorthair. They can have any color of fur and style of markings, giving each cat a distinct appearance.

Different types include the short-haired tabby,

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