Want to do fashion business? Here are 8 ways to start a clothing business

limogesporcelainboxes.com – You certainly know that business has its own types and opportunities. However, some people opinions that one of the tips for your efforts to run smoothly is to choose the type of business that suits your interests. Well, this time there are some tips for those of you who want to try the business world with interest in clothing and fashion.

The easiest way to start a clothing business is to have an interest and understanding of the clothing itself. Therefore, without further ado, let’s see the following ways.

  • Prepare capital
  • Determine Niche and Target Customers
  • Determine business concepts
  • Create a business brand
  • Design and determine the form of the product
  • Find the Right Material Supplier
  • Determine the price of the product
  • Distributed and promoting

How to start a clothing business

1. Prepare capital

Although it has been widely discussed about the importance of capital in starting a business, but this one must still be well planned. Capital that is managed appropriately can make your business run with a long life. In addition, financial plans can be optimized well. Starting from production costs, material suppliers, distribution, to promotions can be managed effectively.

As for if you are still confused to get capital, there are several ways you can try, namely as follows:

  • Crowdfunding
  • Looking for business partners
  • Government assistance
  • Looking for investors or investors

2. Determine the niche and target customers

The next step is to determine the niche and customers you want to target to buy your product later. As you know that the fashion industry is very large, consisting of a myriad of different brands with the style and form of varied products.

Quoted from Forbes Advisor, it is very important to identify niche from the business you are going to run. Because it will help you create a product line that is in accordance with the target market and building a solid brand.

Simply put niche is a category of business forms and customers from your efforts. For example in the niche shape clothing business that is easily found, such as adidas for sports clothes and uniqlo for trendy clothing.

Therefore, you must be able to determine the shape of the niche of the product you want to sell. Starting from the shape of the clothing sold to the target customer suitable.

For example, you plan to sell outdoor clothes, as used in carrying out mountain riding activities. Then it is necessary to match the form of the product with the target customer. You can target starting in terms of age, gender, to the work of your prospective customers. In this case you for example targeting students to employees with all gender.

If we try to analyze the demographic forms of prospective customers (age, gender, etc.), then you can produce these clothes at prices that are in the medium range that is not too cheap or expensive, and of course quality.

3. Determine business concepts and create brands

After knowing the niche and customers you want to target, then the next is to determine the business concept you want to run. You will look for what the shape of the product you want to sell.

Whether trendy clothes, sports clothes, or formal clothes. In addition, this of course you have to adjust to your type of customer.

Later in this business concept you will determine some important points such as,

  • Business Description. Description of the products and businesses that you will run
  • Market analysis. Information about the business conditions that you live, such as similar products, competitors, to the same product price range.
  • Product. The uniqueness of the products that you will sell later.
  • Distribution and Marketing Plan. The distribution and promotion strategy that you will apply later.

4. Create a brand for your business

Well, this one step also you can’t forget. As for the brand or brand can make your business and products easily recognized. Especially in the clothing industry, the brand can be the identity of the product itself.

Some big brands have brand names that are easy to recognize for example, such as Nike, Adidas, H&M, and many more. Therefore, to start this you can try to find references related to the brand that suits your product. Try to make a brand with a short name, but still unique.

5. Design and determine the shape of the product

This is a major part of running a clothing business. You have several options to determine this business. Whether you will produce it alone or become a seller of clothing from other people’s products. Each of these choices has advantages. If you plan to build a business based on clothes that you design yourself, then it can be the uniqueness of your product. However, on the other hand if you prefer to buy other products or wholesale, then DAudi cost, you might have a simpler calculation than doing your own production.

6. Find the Right Material Supplier

If you choose to produce your own clothes, it is important to use the best material. Because this really depends on the quality of your product later. Therefore, it is very necessary to be able to find a supplier of materials that match the product and your way of business.

This is not something that can be underestimated, the smooth sale of clothing depends on the process of buying and selling materials between you and suppliers.

In addition, this also applies if you prefer to sell products from other people. The product distribution and production process can also affect the availability of goods when you have started running this business.

7. Determine the product price

After everything is ready, the next step is to determine the price for each product. Whether you later sell by means per picis or in the form of 1 set of clothes (clothes and pants/skirt). However, this does not mean being a barrier. Because there is no prohibition for this, which you can also sell products in various forms.

As for determining the price of this product you can use several ways such as,

  • Based on production costs
  • Using the keystone pricing method (2x capital costs)
  • Break even pricing method (adjusting to market prices or capital)

8. Distribute and promote

Quoted from Forbes Advisor, the clothing business has a number of distribution options that are easily found, ranging from selling directly through their own websites, selling on marketplace sites (green shops, oren, etc.) selling inside the store, to local retailers. All of these things you can do when you already have the product you want to sell.

In addition, don’t forget to promote your clothing business by utilizing various features on social media such as Tiktok and Instagram. If you have enough promotional costs, you can start by working with Micro Influencer to promote your product.


How about guys? Are you interested? Those are some ways to start a clothing business that you can try to apply. Oh yes, if you have the intention to increase understanding of the business world and business, just go straight to the Academy skill. Because in Academy skills there are various interesting classes with material that suits you. So what are you waiting for? Come on, upgrade your abilities.

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