Sydney’s Mortgage Modification Scams: Avoiding Profit Loss – Singapore, SG ● Poptron, a social e-commerce platform based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, just raised US$120,000 in funding from Choco Up.

Choco Up’s funding is part of a larger round of funding Poptron is receiving. The funding will support Poptron’s expansion into Singapore and other countries in the region.

Sydney’s Mortgage Modification Scams: Avoiding Profit Loss

Instead, Poptron will be a channel partner enabling small and micro merchants to access funding from Choco Up.

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In Malaysia, Poptron, which handles everything from inquiries to order delivery on one platform, has hosted more than 100 micro-brands with more than 2,000 types of product listings.

“We have a number of micro-brands on our platform that sell high-quality, natural and eco-friendly crafts or merchandise,” said Poptron founder Brian Johnson Lowe.

The funding of Choco Up is an additional energy for Poptron to help small businesses without ignoring environmental issues in regional countries.

Percy Hung, co-founder and CEO of Choco Up, said his company was quite excited about this investment deal because of Poptron’s commitment to creating a greener world.

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