Sydney’s Credit Mortgage Loan Fraud Detection: Safeguarding Profit – Data from the Finder survey of 1114 respondents revealed that at least one in eight people lied on their home loan application forms, with 310 of the respondents holding a mortgage.

If the ratio was applied to the wider population, it would be equivalent to 429,000 mortgage lenders admitting to falsifying their details during the home buying process.

Sydney’s Credit Mortgage Loan Fraud Detection: Safeguarding Profit

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It also revealed that 4 percent of respondents admitted to lying about their income and the amount of debt they still have in their home loan applications.

Finder home loan expert Richard Whitten said lying on these applications could still carry consequences in the future, even if the lies weren’t caught immediately – including losing the house.

“Falsifying information on a mortgage application can have serious consequences. Not only could it potentially qualify as fraud, but it could also lead to the loss of your home in a worst-case scenario,” Whitten said.

“Although the lies may go unnoticed – the financial burden of an unpayable loan can cause a lot of stress.”

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Thousands of Aussie homeowners are lying about income and debt on their home loan applications, according to a Finder survey. Credit: AAP

While Whitten says that lying on home loan applications is not entirely surprising, he warns that substantial discrepancies in a person’s finances can be grounds for legal problems and larger debts in the future.

“As housing affordability deteriorates, Aussies fear being rejected and missing out on getting on the property ladder.

“While small inaccuracies may not be the end of the world, if a lender finds a large discrepancy in the numbers you’ve given them or you’ve outright lied about your financial position, the consequences can be severe.

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“Home loan contracts typically contain words about providing misleading or incorrect information to a lender. At worst, lying on a mortgage application is grounds for an event of default, meaning the lender can sell your property.

“Lethality aside, you put yourself in a risky position if you lie on your application and borrow more than you can afford.”

Despite rising interest rates and inflation, property values ​​have continued to decline in many of Australia’s capital cities. Credit: AAP

Whitten also advises aspiring homeowners to be honest about their income and disclose all loans and credit cards when applying for a home loan.

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In addition, he warns that those who are caught lying could have their credit score affected, or their loan called in.

“Lending banks check everything and applicants who deliberately provide incorrect information can potentially get a black mark on their credit score, and in severe cases applicants can have their loan called in, meaning they have to repay the loan in a hurry.”

In addition to lying about their income or debt, common lies that lenders tell include overestimating the value of their assets, claiming that an investment property is a freehold property, claiming false residency status, misrepresenting the source of deposit funds and even regularly lying about one. employer details.

Australia’s cost of living crisis continues as interest rates hit a ten-year high in December at 3.10 percent, with the next interest rate increase expected in February.

Pdf) Spatio Temporal Attention Based Neural Network For Credit Card Fraud Detection

Despite rising interest rates and inflation, property values ​​have continued to decline in many of Australia’s capital cities, with the most substantial declines in Sydney and Canberra. Adelaide is also experiencing high sales prices.

Nationally, house prices fell by an average of 4.1 percent in the September 2022 quarter, followed by a 3.3 percent decline over the three months to December 31, 2022, property market research firm CoreLogic found.

Detail in Farmer Wants a Wife star’s post sends fans into a spin Car rolls outside busy Brisbane childcare center An ASIC investigation into loan fraud has resulted in former National Australia Bank employee Danny Merheb being permanently banned and Samar Merjan (also known as Samar Awad) from engaging in credit activities and providing financial services.

NAB alerted ASIC to the misconduct of its former employees, alleging bank staff in the greater western Sydney area accepted false documents in support of loan applications.

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Mr. Merheb was found to have recklessly provided NAB with false pay slips, employment letters, bank statements and statutory declarations relating to home loan applications. Ms Merjan was found to have knowingly and recklessly provided NAB with false payslips and letters of employment relating to personal loan and credit card applications.

The false information and documentation submitted by Mr. Merheb and Mrs. Merjan were primarily provided to them by a third person who had no association with NAB.

The bans follow NAB’s announcement of a remediation program for home loan customers in November 2017, after an internal review found that some home loans may have been submitted with inaccurate customer information and/or documentation, or incorrect information in relation to NAB’s Introducer Program.

Mr Merheb and Ms Merjan were permanently banned on 29 June 2018. They both have the right to make an application for a review of ASIC’s decisions at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

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On 16 November 2017, NAB announced a remediation program for home loan customers following an internal review, prompted by whistleblower reports it had received which found that some home loans may not have been set up in accordance with NAB’s policies.

NAB identified that approximately 2,300 home loans since 2013 may have been submitted with incorrect customer information and/or documentation, or incorrect information in relation to NAB’s Introducer Program. “sponsored” ads from unknown sources.

Scamwatch said this particular pop-up ad for popular Frank Green water bottles directed anyone who clicked on it to a scam website.

If you receive a text from what appears to be myGov that your tax refund has been processed automatically – don’t worry.

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The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s Scamwatch said “these are scam messages”, designed to swindle you out of your hard-earned money.

“Beware of messages that appear to be from myGov claiming that your tax return has been processed,” it said.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s Scamwatch warns job hunters to steer clear of offers from so-called “recruiters” who “offer jobs that pay very well for doing little work”.

The latest warning “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is” was sparked by a text message offering what sounds like the dream job for someone who doesn’t have much time to work but needs some decent money.

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“The work is very easy, you only have to work 1-2 hours at a time and you can get work permits at least 6 times a week,” said the scammer.

The first clue to something a little fishy would come from the name of the sender, “Bruced-in”, but Scamwatch warned people to be suspicious of all offers of this type.

People are being urged to be aware of a new scam doing the rounds as the country approaches the end of the financial year.

Scamwatch posted this example on Twitter of a fraudulent text purporting to be from the Australian Taxation Office, asking the recipient to click on a link for an “important message”.

Home Loans: Aussies Are Lying On Home Loan Applications Amid Affordability Crisis: Research

“The ATO will never send you a link to sign up to online services by text message,” Scamwatch said.

“Beware of bank impersonation text messages stating that a payment has been authorized and asking you to call a number if you weren’t,” it said.

“Never call a number sent to you by text or email, always find the real number from your bank yourself.

Scamwatch has reminded people to be extra vigilant when opening text messages that appear to be legitimate but are actually hackers in disguise.

Australian Financial Services Regulatory Update

“Scammers can spoof sender IDs from companies or common contacts like ‘Mom’ or ‘Dad’ to make a text appear to come from a real source,” the watchdog said on Twitter.

“Don’t trust a text just because it appears in a previous thread and look for variations in the sender ID such as dots, special characters or numbers.”

Police have issued a warning about a new cryptocurrency ‘wallet’ scam which they say is being distributed on streets and in parks around New South Wales.

NSW Police say they have reports of people being scammed out of money by falling for a trick left in small paper ‘cryptocurrency wallets’ they have found.

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But if the finder picks it up, thinks it’s worth something, and scans the code with their phone, they could see their bank account empty, police say.

A scam text telling moms that their son or daughter dropped their phone in the toilet and asking them to save a new number has been circulated.

The scammer will then proceed to ask to send money, duping the recipient into believing it is from their offspring.

“These requests continue with the pretense of a lost or broken phone with the justification that the funds are needed because they are temporarily unable to access their online banking,” Scamwatch said.

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More than 1,150 Australians fell victim to them in the first seven months of this year, with total reported losses of $2.6 million.

If they click on the link to bring them to

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