How To Get Working Visa In China – So, do you want to live in China for a little while longer? Let’s see how to get a China work visa while in China. We’ll take a look at your different options and break them down into several categories.

Let’s start by looking at the Foreign Work Permit (FWP), and the qualifications you need to obtain it. To make it easier to see, we’ve created a photo gallery to give you a quick look at your different options.

How To Get Working Visa In China

In addition to having an annual income of 600,000 RMB or more, there are many other options that you can get a Class-A visa. This includes the winner of international special awards, holding 30% of shares in a business or personal investment in a company located in China of more than 500,000 USD. For more specific information on the different levels of Class-A visas, please visit here.

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B1: As shown above in the infographic,  B1 should have a Bachelor’s degree and 2 years of full-time work experience in a related field. Note that two years of work experience will count if completed after completion of your Bachelor’s degree. Work experience during or before your Bachelor’s degree does not count towards your work experience when applying for a Class-B visa.

B2: The main part of B2 is the salary equal to or more than 4 times the average of the city where you live. If you live in Shanghai, for example, the current average salary in the community is 9,580 per month, you need to pay 38,320 RMB or more per month. In a city like Chongqing, you should earn 30,036 RMB per month.

B3: If you want to be a foreign language teacher, this is your choice. Must have a Bachelor’s degree and 2 years of teaching experience. However, if you have a TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) certificate, have a degree in Education, you do not need 2 years of teaching experience. However 2 years of work experience is required.

The most important thing here is that you must come from one of the 7 countries approved to teach English in China. These are:

Extend Your Work Visa In China

B4: Because of your comprehensive quality. Below you can see the score sheet, you need more than 60 points to get the visa.

C1: As we have shown in the image above, C1 must have a Bachelor’s degree from a Chinese university within the last 2 years or a Bachelor’s degree from a top 500 university in the world in the last 2 years. A C1 visa can also be issued if you are working in special zones in China. These include but are not limited to (Here in Shanghai):

C2: Same as C1, If ​​you have graduated within the last 2 years from a Chinese university or a Top-500 university abroad, with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, then you can for a C2 visa. Instead, you must prove that you have achieved 80/100, for example, according to the UK grading standard, equivalent to that of B/B+. On top of this, the company you work for must be registered in China.

C3: This is very special. If you are a French Teacher, part of the 1000 Plan, or a German Teacher, part of the DIHK Project. Training should last 6 months or more.

A Step By Step Guide To Apply Visa For China

A quick note here, on the official government website, which can be found here, states that you cannot apply for a work visa while in Mainland China. However, we have contacted an official who is currently working for the government regarding visa issuance, and this has been canceled due to the pandemic.

And to top it all off, it is still possible to apply for and get a Work Visa while in Mainland China.

Your next best option is the S2 visa. However, this depends on whether you have family members in China. Remember the same thing about not getting a Visa while in Mainland China, but we can tell you that it is still available at this time.

The S2 visa is issued to those who wish to visit family members (Remember, if you are in Mainland China, this visa is still available),   who are working or studying in Mainland China, and those who plan to travel to China for other special reasons. This visa is valid for 180 days. Quickly define who is considered a ‘family member’:

Your Visa For China Soon Will Be Valid For 10 Years

Since you’re in China if you’re reading this, instead of a welcome letter, you should show a link, because of your message. This article will clearly show your relationship with the person in China at this time.

We are very happy and proud to see our students achieve goals and improve their Chinese skills at That’s Mandarin. We know how busy and busy you are, we are happy to go through this wonderful and sometimes difficult process of learning Chinese together…Home / One Stop Service base in Shanghai / China VISA & Employment Services – Base in Shanghai

In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about how to apply and renew China VISA, such as Z VISA, M VISA, X VISA, R VISA, work permit. We will tell you all the documents you need to prepare for the VISA & WORK PERMIT application and how to get or renew the VISA & WORK PERMIT so you can better understand what to do you want to update. your VISA and WORK PLATE in Shanghai.

In addition to the Visa services mentioned above, our professional team can assist you with various questions and inquiries about general information about Visa and Immigration for China. GWBMA is headquartered in Shanghai. It gives millions of people who want to come to China for their own purposes, a wide and professional visit.

Everything You Need To Know About The Chinese Work Visa

To accelerate Shanghai’s transformation into a new technology center with international influence, Shanghai is pioneering more open and convenient policies for attracting foreign experts and creating a business environment- world. On March 1, 2021, the New Foreigner Work Permit Program (Version 4.0) was announced by the Shanghai Ministry of Science and Technology and the Shanghai Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs.

This means that the Shanghai Government will relax restrictions on age, educational qualifications or work experience for Citizens.

We have a simple and reliable process for applying for the type of Visa that applies to you. Each process is maintained and monitored by professional accountants and Visa experts with 10+ years of experience in their fields. Here are the methods we use to offer you the best Quality processing for your Visa;

First, the customer should contact us on our website, email address or phone. So, we can get the current status of his Visa situation. Once we receive that information, we will carefully review it and then make a decision about how we can serve.

Requirements For Chinese Visa Photos Starting Today_embassy Of The People’s Republic Of China In The United States Of America

The next step is to allow us to analyze the problem and possible reasons for the cancellation of the Visa and create a solid plan or program for re-issuance. We only take the case if applicants’ Visa application is approved, we never waste our client’s precious time under any circumstances.

After we analyze the situation and the customer agrees to our terms of service, we then sign a contract with our customer. The contract includes;

The client submits his visa related documents through the GWBMA (Base in Shanghai) checklist. Just make sure we have everything we need to process the Visa application.

Taking into account all the information provided by the customer and the previous reasons for rejection (If any) GWBMA will consider making a very competent and professional Visa application for further processing by the embassy.

Ccg China: China Work Visa — What Foreign Workers Need To Know About Legal Employment In China

After we accept the Visa application, we will send a copy of the application to the client by email. Let our customer know the errors (If any) so that we can correct them in time.

After authentications and correction of errors, we send the application to the Chinese office for review. The important thing here is that you don’t have to wait in long lines because we take care of everything.

Then, the Chinese Emperor issued the passport to GWBMA. After receiving the passport our client will be informed about the current situation. If the application is not approved, we will save the entire application and resubmit the application. But this is very unlikely because we have a 99.1% acceptance rate.

GWBMA then

Chinese Work (z) Visa Application Requirements


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