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Wattpad is a platform that allows you to share your stories with the world for free. But did you know that you can make money online by becoming a Wattpad writer? It’s true. Whether you want to earn extra income or build an entire business, the 10 proven strategies in this guide will help you learn how to make money on Wattpad.

How To Earn Money From Writing Stories

Before we get into the strategies, let’s take a look at how much money you can make on Wattpad. Technically, Wattpad has unlimited earning potential, but how much money you make will depend.

Best Ways To Make Money Writing Short Stories

It’s best to think of Wattpad more as a business you build, rather than a writer’s business. You don’t work directly for Wattpad and you don’t earn a predictable income. Instead, you build different streams of income to hopefully get you money in the future. As in any business, there is some risk. You wouldn’t be able to make money or turn your business into a full-time career.

But you’ll increase your chances of learning how to make money on Wattpad by going through this guide, so here are the methods you can use to make money on the platform.

On September 15, 2015, Wattpad announced the Wattpad Stars program. Wattpad Stars are recognized based on how often they post content, their interactions with the community, the quality of their writing on Wattpad, and their unique personal brand. The program would provide Wattpad Stars with access to a community of fellow Stars, access to resources, marketing on and off Wattpad, and consideration for the Paid Stories program.

Since then, Wattpad has replaced the Stars program with the Wattpad Creators program, which launched on June 30, 2022. The primary focus of the program is to give writers the means and resources they need to publish their stories exclusively on Wattpadm, which is similar to the platform Medium also does things. Additionally, the company says it has recognition capabilities outside of Wattpad, similar to the Stars program. Some of the benefits of the program include:

How To Make Money Writing Articles And Short Stories

The Wattpad Creators Program is currently available by invitation only. A Wattpad Creators staff member should contact each eligible writer within 30 days via DM and email (using the email address attached to your Wattpad account). In the future, Wattpad plans to allow writers to apply for the Creators Program. The company has not announced when this will happen.

Violations are handled by Wattpad’s Trust and Security team. Please read Wattpad’s content guidelines before uploading a story to avoid violations.

The Wattpad Paid Stories program is designed to support select authors by placing their stories behind a paywall. To read paid stories, Wattpad readers need to purchase coins, which can be purchased through the Wattpad app on Android and iOS. Readers can pay one chapter at a time or the whole story at once.

The percentage of coins a writer earns on one of their paid stories will determine how much the writer will be paid. Wattpad does not publicly disclose its salaries. These are disclosed to writers when they sign a contract with Wattpad.

How Much Money Can You Make From Writing A Book?

Unlike the Wattpad Creators program, Wattpad does not offer specific criteria for entering the Paid Stories program. It is available by invitation only at the discretion of the company. The company said on its FAQ page: “If you’re not yet part of Paid Stories, keep writing and growing, your next story could be the newest addition to the program.”

Although there are no guarantees, these tips can help you become a part of this program:

If you’ve written an original story on Wattpad, you may be able to turn it into a book and make money that way. There are several different ways to do this.

One is the conclusion of publishing contracts with Wattpad WEBTOON Book Group. This group works with select creators to turn their Wattpad stories into published books, which they sell on the website and other online booksellers like Amazon. Wattpad does not guarantee that an author will publish a book. The advice he gives on the official website is to “keep creating and keep working with your community.”

Write Articles And Make Money Online By Kavita Das

Another is to enter into a contract with an external publishing company. You will need to find a publishing company that publishes stories in your genre. You will also need to turn your story into a suitable manuscript and write a query letter. To submit a submission to a publisher, you can work with a literary agent or find a publishing company that accepts unsolicited manuscripts.

Finally, you can become a self-publisher. Going this route is often more complicated because you’ll have to figure out the editing, formatting, marketing, and so on yourself, or find others who can do those tasks for you. There are many platforms available for self-publishing authors. One of the most popular is Kindle Direct Publishing. Others include Apple Books, Lulu, Barnes & Noble Press and others.

Buy Me a Coffee is a site that allows you to receive one-time donations from fans who want to support you. It also offers other methods of support, including monthly and annual memberships and plugins, which allow you to sell things. There are three steps to using the Buy Me Coffee feature on Wattpad:

Buy Me Coffee is free to use. It only charges a 5% transaction fee on all money earned through the platform.

How To Make Money Writing On Wattpad — 5 Powerful Ways To Monetize Your Wattpad Stories

External platforms like Patreon have become a popular way for creators to make money on Wattpad. Patreon works through monthly memberships that your readers can subscribe to.

Keep in mind that with Patreon, subscribers typically expect benefits in exchange for membership. Some perks that Wattpad authors could include are:

Patreon memberships are tiered, so plan rewards based on how much people pay. For example, a $2 membership can give readers access to your locked posts on Patreon, while a $100 membership can give readers that, plus early access to chapters, signed copies of merchandise, and more. Patreon’s tiers are customizable, allowing you to add multiple tiers with different dollar amounts and limit the number of people who subscribe to any particular tier.

In addition to Patreon, other platforms that allow your readers to subscribe to memberships include Podia, Ko-fi, and others. If you’d prefer a more DIY option, you can also consider creating an e-commerce website and offering subscriptions on it.

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No matter which platform you choose, you’ll want to promote it. Similar to Buy Me Coffee, you can add a link to your Wattpad profile.

Wattpad stories can be turned into content such as videos or audiobooks. You can sell this content to your readers as another way for them to experience their favorite stories. One of the easiest ways to get paid for video and audio content is to use it as a reward for your monthly subscribers on Patreon or other platforms.

If you decide to turn your story into an audiobook, you can sell it online through platforms like Audible. You can also sell your video content to your readers using platforms like Uscreen.

Wattpad is not known for affiliate marketing, but there is some potential. It’s worth covering all the basics when learning how to make money on Wattpad.

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Affiliate links can be added in two ways. Wattpad allows you to add external links to stories, which are displayed at the end only on the web version of Wattpad. It also allows you to add an external link to your profile.

Including affiliate links in stories is a bit difficult for several reasons. First, they only appear on the web version of Wattpad. If your Wattpad audience is primarily mobile users, you probably won’t get as many clicks. Second, the affiliate link should relate to the content in some way. Otherwise, users will not be prompted to click on it.

Another option is to put an affiliate link in your profile. Affiliate links here can be a bit broad, but should still relate to your story or writing in some way. For example, you can connect to one of your favorite writing tools. You can even get creative and link to a product that you think a character in your story would use.

To make the most of one external link, you can also create an Amazon Influencer storefront. This requires having thousands of followers/subscribers on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram, so it will take time to build. But once you do, readers can visit a store page full of Amazon partner links, making them more likely to buy something.

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Here’s an important thing to keep in mind if you decide to make money through affiliate marketing: legally speaking, affiliate links require disclosure. Make sure it’s clear that when readers click on your link, you can make money from the purchase they make through that link. Where you add this post will depend on where you placed the link. If you’ve added it to your profile, for example, you’d want the reveal to be somewhere in the profile.

Wattpad has brand partnership opportunities for some creators. There are two main ways to get involved with brands

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