How To Apply Tourist Visa In Usa From Philippines – Immigration News: US allows tourist/business visa holders to work Plus, Denmark sees 73 percent increase in workers from India, Indians can get 30-day visas on arrival in Egypt, and Germany’s qualification changes Immigration law approved.

Under the new rule, fired immigrants with H1-B visas can change their status to a B1/B2 (business/tourist) visa and continue looking for work within the initial 60-day authorization period. (Representative image of a US tourist visa issued in 2014. Photo by Alvaro Molinas via Wikimedia Commons)

How To Apply Tourist Visa In Usa From Philippines

US allows tourist/business visa holders to apply: In a major shift from its long-standing position of not allowing B1/B2 visa holders to seek or seek employment, the US will now allow B1/B2 visa holders to apply. job placement and interviewing.

U.s. Citizens Need Advance Visas To Visit These Countries

The B1 visa and B2 visa are temporary, nonimmigrant visas that allow the holder to visit the United States for business or tourism purposes. The B1 visa covers business trips, while the B2 visa covers tourism, such as vacations or family visits.

The move comes amid massive layoffs in the US that have affected many Indians living/working in the US on H1-B (work) visas. Under current rules, fired immigrants are allowed to stay in the country for 60 days. If they do not find another job or change their visa status, they will have to leave the country after 60 days. There is usually no grace period after that. However, under the new rule, fired immigrants may change to B1/B2 status within the 60-day period originally granted. With a B1/B2 visa in hand, they can legally stay in the country for another 60 days, during which they can apply for jobs and attend job interviews.

It is important to note that if a change of status request is denied, the person must leave the United States and be admitted to an authorized employment classification before taking up new employment.

Also, if the worker does not take action within the 60-day period, they must leave the US within 60 days.

How To Write The Best Invitation Letter For Any Us Visa Application

“Many people have asked if they can look for a new job in B1 or B2 status. The answer is yes. Job seeking and interviewing for a position is an authorized B1 or B2 activity,” the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) said in a press release.

Changes to German Skilled Immigration Law Approved: The German government has approved proposed changes to the Skilled Immigration Law to attract more foreign workers to the country to address the acute shortage of skilled workers in various sectors.

In 2022, Germany had 1.98 million open vacancies, the highest ever, with many of them unfilled due to a shortage of workers in certain industries.

· Qualifications: The salary threshold will be reduced, the length of professional experience will be reduced and proof of German language skills will no longer be mandatory.

How To Apply For A U.s. Tourism Or Visitor Visa (the B 2 Visas)

· Experience: Degree recognition will no longer matter until you arrive. However, due diligence must be done upon arrival.

· Potential: People who cannot find work in Germany from their home country can now get a German Immigration Card and stay there while they look for work. This card is based on knowledge of German and English, professional experience, connection to Germany, age, etc. given according to the scoring system, which includes such criteria.

India among top 5 migrant arrivals to Australia: Migrant arrivals to Australia (2021-22) surged 171 per cent – from 146,000 to 395,000 a year ago, with India among the top five birth countries for migrant arrivals. India and China experienced very large increases during the year, with India at just under 60,000 and China at over 44,000. According to a report by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Nepal and the Philippines are now back among the top 5 countries, having increased compared to the previous year.

An analysis of these five countries born in the pre-pandemic decade shows that migrant arrivals increased for Indian-born migrants, including international students (mainly for the higher education sector).

Visa Application Process From Usa To India: An Ultimate Guide

Overall, migrant arrivals for all temporary visa holders increased sevenfold compared to the previous year, migrant arrivals for all permanent visa holders increased by 84 per cent and international student arrivals increased by 135 per cent in 2020-21, which almost stopped in 2020-21. , 500 people, and the arrival of working vacationers increased more than 12 times compared to last year.

Egypt offers 5-year visa for $700: For the first time, Egypt has announced that it will offer a five-year visa for $700, with a possible 30-day single-entry visa on arrival. Received by over 180 nations for $25. Indians and Chinese are among the handful of nationalities added to the visa on arrival list.

Visas on arrival are issued to tourists only if they have a visa in their passport from the UK, USA, Canada, Japan, New Zealand or Schengen countries.

Egypt is offering multi-year visas for the first time in a move to boost the country’s tourism economy.

What Is A Tourist Visa?

The country is aiming for 30 million tourists per year by 2028 and needs to grow by more than 25% per year to reach the targets.

Denmark sees 73 percent increase in workers from India: Indians will account for the largest increase in the number of immigrants with work permits to Denmark in 2022. In 2022, about 31,600 foreigners immigrated to the country for employment purposes, while Indians increased by 73 percent to 2,800.

According to Statistics Denmark, the country’s official statistics website, the number of foreigners deciding to move to Denmark for work in 2022 increased by 24 percent compared to last year and was the highest since 1997.

As of January 1, 2023, approximately 176,300 foreigners have work permits in Denmark – an 18 percent increase compared to 10 years ago.

Visa Issued For A Tourist Visa Applicant — Lawmaks

Find the latest business news, Sensex and Nifty updates. Get or download Personal Finance insights, tax questions and expert opinions in the App to stay updated! As you know, my personal virtual assistant, Yvette, has been working with me for four years. From an 8 to 5 job as a digital marketing manager, she works from home. However, he had the advantages of working from home, and we decided to invite him to Puerto Rico in 2019, but unfortunately we had to change our plans. If you’re here, you’ll need a US visa. A guide on how to apply for a US tourist visa for Filipino virtual assistants or digital nomads.

This article has the same steps as normal US tourist visa applications. However, we will include some useful tips when you go to the consular interview. I will also tell you some documents you may need to have ready for your application.

Digital Nomads are people who rely on technology for income. They often lead a nomadic lifestyle and work remotely. A virtual assistant can be a digital nomad because they do not work in an office and can work from home or anywhere.

If you are interested in Digital Nomad jobs or work from home, you can read the following articles:

Explainer: How To Apply For Us Visa

To be honest, it is very rare that the consul will ask you for documents during the interview because they have a very limited time to talk to you and they have already vetted you before the appointment. Just to be prepared, below are my recommended documents you should prepare:

You should ask your employer about your status, how long you have been working with them, the nature of your work, the projects you have completed, etc. You can ask for an employment certificate or contract that explains. You can continue to work even if you are on vacation or out of the country because it is online.

Since you often have clients or employers who are out of the country or not where you live, you may not have real wages (unlike those who have regular jobs). You can print remittances from your clients or employers to support your source of income. It’s even better if the amount is the same as your COE or Contract.

Apart from your CHP or Transaction Proof, you can also prepare your Bank Accounts. If the consul asks if you have money to spend on your trip, perhaps prepare a bank statement.

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You may also be asked for proof that you will be returning to the country. Aside from a return ticket to the Philippines, you can also present your property title, whether it’s land, condominium or cars. If you have family to return to, you can prepare your marriage certificate and birth certificates of your children.

STEP 2: The visa fee for a non-immigrant B1/B2 US visa is US$160.

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