How To Apply For Vietnam Tourist Visa – Are you planning to visit Vietnam? Do you also have a dilemma, what is the difference between Vietnam tourist visa and business visa? In this article, we will explain the difference to you by pointing out some aspects to compare, including purpose, validity, processing time, visa cost, requirements and extension in hopes to solve your confusion.

: usually provided for leisure, sightseeing purposes. However, it is also commonly used in some cases such as: visiting friends/family, medical tourism.

How To Apply For Vietnam Tourist Visa

: as a rule, travelers are allowed to engage in business activities: conducting market research, meeting with a business partner, attending a conference, etc.

Vietnam Visa Guideline By Evisa Vietnam

However, it can be exchanged for a Vietnam tourist visa and a business visa. In short, having a tourist visa does not prevent you from doing business in Vietnam.

1 month and 3 months are available for business and tourist purposes. When it comes to maximum validity, 3 months is the longest you can get, regardless of the type of visa you want to get. Only 6 months or 1 year is granted to US citizens for both tourist and business purposes.

The cost of a Vietnam visa includes two types of fees: the visa service fee and the stamping fee. The stamping fee is a mandatory and fixed amount that you must pay at the airport, while the service fee may vary depending on your nationality, visa type, time and duration of processing.

To apply for a tourist or business visa, you need to choose where you want to get your visa. Generally, you can get a visa directly from the Vietnamese embassy or a visa on arrival.

Airport Visa Vietnam For South Georgia And The South Sandwich Islander

Step 1: Apply for a visa online at: https:///en/apply-online. To obtain a business visa, send copies of your passport and a detailed request to support@.

Step 2: Pay the visa service fee using your credit/debit card. Other payment method: Bank Transfer, Western Union or PayPal accepted.

Step 3. Wait for the visa approval letter to be sent to your email. The standard processing time is 2 working days for a tourist visa and 5-7 working days for a business visa.

Step 4: Bring a copy of the visa approval letter, the Vietnam visa application form (entry-exit form) affixed with 1 passport size photograph. Then present these documents with the stamping fee to the immigration counter to get your visa stamped.

Do I Need A Visa To Visit Vietnam?

Also known as another Vietnam visa option. However, this is only available on a single-entry tourist visa (maximum stay: 30 days). For a business visa, you are not allowed to get it through the eVisa system.

After completing the online VOA Vietnam visa application form, you will receive your Vietnam visa approval letter in 2 working days (regular service) or 1 day/4 hours/1 hour (urgent service). Otherwise, when it comes to applying to the Vietnamese embassy, ​​it takes longer because the procedure consists of many steps, about 5 working days and the delivery time of the postal mail if you send the passport by e-mail.

Compared to the tourist visa, the business visa requires slightly more requests, so for the visa on arrival, you will expect to receive your Vietnam visa approval letter in 5-7 working days. Regarding the application to the Vietnamese Embassy, ​​the actual processing time may vary, please contact the Embassy for details.

You have a tourist or business visa, you are allowed to extend it while you are in Vietnam, and you want to extend the validity. It is very important to note that extending a visa for both types always costs you much more than getting a new visa. Generally, you are expected to spend more to extend your next 3-month visa (if possible) if you are on a tourist visa (DL) compared to a business visa (DN).

Vietnam Business Visa: Everything You Need To Know

An extension cannot help you change your current visa type, which remains the same until you leave Vietnam.

Now, to apply for any of the two types of visas and fully understand all the requirements and procedures, hire VOA visa experts to help you. Experts will help you understand the requirements, fill out the visa application form and get the visa letter easily. For more information about a tourist or business visa to Vietnam, please contact through the website: ; hotline + 84 969 551 151 or email: support@

Is a commercial site. We are not an Embassy/Consulate/High Commission or representative of any Vietnamese Government Department.

We can arrange a Vietnam visa for you. Please click “SEND” to submit your visa application! In recent years, Vietnam has simplified the visa process. At the moment, the requirements for a tourist visa to Vietnam are quite clear and straightforward. Vietnam is visa-free for many nationalities. And those who need a visa can get an e-visa or a visa at any nearby Vietnamese embassy.

Vietnam Visa Photo

Vietnam’s 1-month or 3-month Visa on Arrival (VOA) for tourists remains suspended. It is not yet clear whether Vietnam will introduce its tourist VOA or whether it will instead add more countries to its e-visa list.

Citizens of all nationalities are NOT granted a visa to visit Phu Quoc Island, which is considered a Special Economic Zone. Must arrive and depart from the island directly and cannot transit through the mainland.

Citizens of 22 countries do not require a visa to enter Vietnam as tourists. Some of these countries are from Southeast Asia and Europe.

At the moment, the Vietnam eVisa is the easiest tourist visa option available. Citizens of about 80 countries can apply for an electronic visa to Vietnam.

Frequently Asked Questions (faqs)

Vietnam e-visa is valid for 30 days from the date of issue. You must enter and exit Vietnam within these 30 days.

You can apply for an e-Visa to Vietnam at any time. It takes 3 working days to process an e-Visa, so you should apply at least 3 working days before your trip. In some cases, it may take longer. I strongly recommend applying at least two weeks before your trip.

With an eVisa, you can stay for up to 30 days or until your eVisa expires, whichever is shorter. The immigration officer will write the date by which you must leave the country on the entry stamp in your passport. This departure date in your passport will match the expiry date of your eVisa.

You can apply for an electronic visa on the E-Visa Vietnam portal. You will need a scanned page of your passport/identity card, a digital photograph and a credit/debit card. The cost of an e-Visa is US$25 and takes about 3 business days to process.

Snvi Visa Service Archives

The deadline for issuing a tourist visa is 3 working days. In most cases, your approval will be received within two business days.

You can track the status of your application on the application status page of the Vietnam E-Visa portal using your registration code, email address and date of birth.

If you have any questions about your visa or visa status, you can contact the Vietnam Immigration Department through their support page, email or phone number.

Those who do not qualify for a visa waiver or e-Visa must apply for a Vietnam tourist visa at the Vietnamese Embassy. The visa process is simple and there are options to get your visa on the same day.

Vietnam Tourist Visa: 3 Months Single Entry

Vietnam tourist visa is valid for 3 months from the date of issue. You will need to enter and exit the country on these dates

You can apply for a tourist visa to Vietnam at any time before your trip. Visa processing takes 3-4 working days, so you need to have at least 4 working days before your trip. Express visa processing is also available for same day or next day visa.

You can stay in Vietnam for up to 30 days on a tourist visa. But your entry and exit must be within the validity period of your visa.

You can apply for a Vietnam tourist visa at any nearby Vietnamese embassy. You can apply for a tourist visa to Vietnam even in the country you are currently traveling to.

How To Apply For A Vietnam Visa For New Zealand Citizens: A Comprehensive Guide

You will need to submit a completed application form, an original passport and one passport size photograph. Processing time is around 3-4 business days, but you can pay extra to get your visa the same day or next day.

The cost of the visa depends on the country you are applying from. You will need to check with the Vietnamese embassy where you plan to apply.

The term of issuing a tourist visa is 3-4 working days. Express visa processing is also available for an additional fee and you can receive your visa on the same day or next day.

After disembarking, head towards immigration/passport control. If you are a citizen without a visa, present your passport and boarding pass. If you have an e-Visa, present your passport, boarding pass and a printed or electronic copy of your Vietnam e-Visa to the immigration officer.

How To Apply A Vietnam Visa In Austin

You may be asked several questions, such as how long you plan to stay in Vietnam, what you would like to do in Vietnam, etc.

You may be asked to show your return ticket. If you are flying on a one-way ticket, I strongly recommend that you carry a document confirming the ticket for the next flight to avoid problems with immigration.

In Vietnam, there is manned passport control. You will pass passport control at the exit. Show your passport and boarding pass. You will not normally be asked any questions if you

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