How To Apply For Us Fiance Visa – A fiancé visa allows a U.S. citizen to sponsor a loved one from a foreign country to enter the U.S. for the purpose of marriage. This is the most common method that international couples use to meet and marry in the United States.

Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) §214 allows the issuance of special visas to foreign nationals who wish to travel to the United States to marry their U.S. citizen fiancé. After your arrival in the United States, the foreign national must be married within ninety (90) days of arrival in the United States.

How To Apply For Us Fiance Visa

If the couple has a change of heart and decides not to marry at that time, the foreign national must leave the country within that time or obtain unlawful presence and face a removal hearing.

Tips For Getting Your K 1 Visa Approved

Lawful permanent residents (green card holders) cannot file applications for fiance visas, although they can apply for the immigration of their new spouse after marriage.

Obtaining a fiance visa usually takes at least five to seven months (sometimes longer) depending on the US citizen’s state of residence as well as the country of the foreign fiance in question.

The International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA) imposes further requirements on couples who meet through a paid facilitator. Passed to combat violence against “mail-order brides,” IMBRA imposes strict disclosure requirements on both international marriage brokers and U.S. applicants who meet a fiancé through such a service. IMBRA exempts culturally or religiously sanctioned matchmaking organizations as well as dating services that are not primarily prepared to facilitate international court. Additionally, IMBRA imposes criminal background restrictions on the U.S. applicant. In most family-based immigration contexts, while strict criminal background standards are imposed on a foreign national, the U.S. applicant’s background is unimportant. However, in the fiancee context, certain crimes of the U.S. applicant — including documented torture and stalking — must be disclosed and documented. An applicant with such prior convictions may be required to obtain a waiver before the application can proceed. Finally, IMBRA imposes rules on the number of periodic fiance petitions that a U.S. citizen may file without obtaining a special petition permit. In certain circumstances where a US citizen has sponsored multiple foreign spouses, the sponsored spouse will then be notified of this date by the State Department.

You will always have access to me personally by telephone and email. This ensures that all your questions are answered to your complete satisfaction from the time your case is opened to the time your case is closed.

Frequently Asked Immigration Questions

All USCIS correspondence and receipts along with any documents you give me are digitally scanned and securely stored with our law firm as part of your case file. This has proven very convenient for my clients across the US and abroad who need quick access to important documents before embassy interviews, USCIS appointments, and other important events.

I personally prepare and review your petition and carefully check it for accuracy and consistency with supporting documents. I strive to ensure that everything is done right the first time, so that you avoid unnecessary delays and USCIS denials. I also help you gather and draft all required supporting documents, affidavits and letters, complete all USCIS forms, and submit everything in the fastest way possible.

I prepare you for the US Consulate or USCIS interview, go over the documents you need to submit and bring to the appointment.

My work does not end with submitting your submission. I monitor your case as it is being processed, keeping you up to date on its status. Upon request, I try to notify you when additional filings or actions are required and to handle everything in the same professional and expeditious manner as before.

K1 Visa Vs Marriage Visa

This is the sole amount of money you hire me to represent you and your fiancé until he enters the United States on a K visa.

Other immigration attorneys routinely engage in the practice of charging double fees: one for filing the USCIS petition and one for assisting your fiancé during the consular interview phase. I provide my clients with reliable and experienced legal representation from start to finish for a flat fee.

There is also a US Department of State visa issuance fee of $265 and a medical exam that your foreign fiancé must pay during consular processing.

My services include expert preparation and expedited submission of USCIS petitions. Unlimited consultations with you via telephone and email; Continuous updates on the status of your case; timely notification of changes in immigration laws and procedures; As well as paying attention throughout the embassy interview process.

Income Requirements For Fiance Visa Processing

We know that millions of immigrants prepare their USCIS applications and petitions each year. For those who feel comfortable filling out the I-129F form and supporting documents themselves but still want an attorney to review their case and guide them through the application process to avoid problems and rejections, We offer a specialized attorney K1 I-129F coaching and application review service. For just $549 which includes:

It is important that the couple meet at least once during the two years before filing a fiance application. If there were ways to get around it, it wouldn’t be “necessary”. For couples who have never met, there is one exception.

However, the Immigration and Nationality Act allows for an “extreme hardship exception”: “If it is established that compliance would result in substantial hardship to the petitioner or that compliance would result in substantial hardship to the non-K-1 beneficiary. would violate the country’s strict and long-established customs, culture or social practice, such as where marriages are traditionally arranged by the parents of the contracting parties and the prospective bride and groom are arranged after and Visitation prior to the wedding day is prohibited. INA § 214.2(k)(2). Such waivers are rarely granted by USCIS because so few couples meet the strict requirement of extreme strictness. However, we present a unique argument using USCIS’s “case-by-case” determination that rises to the level of “extreme hardship.”

All you have to do is prove US citizenship, intent to marry within 90 days, ability to marry, which you’ve met within the past 2 years (strict requirement), or a waiver.

How To Apply Us Fiancé Visa Or K1 Visa From Thailand [update 2022]

I got a fiance visa for one person. After reaching America I decided to marry someone else. Can I still get a green card?

Legally, yes, but you will need to hire a lawyer. Think about it; Your US citizen fiance filed a petition for you, then months later, more documents were submitted to the NVC, then you attended an interview where you proved that you were going to marry that fiance. are

After all, the relationship breaks up (either before you enter the U.S. or after but before the 90-day deadline for marriage) and in the meantime, you’ve already met someone new, and the relationship has taken a serious turn. Get to the point where both of you want to get married and the US citizen wants to file for your green card.

I married my US citizen fiance after 90 days. Can I still apply for my green card?

What Evidence You Must Include

Yes. You need to do this ASAP because you are in the US illegally and Immigration and Customs Enforcement has the right to start removal proceedings against you.

My I-129F has been approved, but I cannot continue living in my country. Can I apply for a B-2 visitor visa?

The Department of State’s Foreign Affairs Manual (FAM) interprets INA 101(a)(15)(K) to mean that a foreign national spouse may apply for a nonimmigrant visa under another classification. and may obtain, if the foreign national meets the qualifications. That visa. Therefore, a foreign national fiance who is traveling to the United States to marry a U.S. citizen can apply for and receive a B-2 visitor visa if he can prove that he will come to the U.S. after the marriage. will leave Of course, in practice, consular officers, and especially Customs and Border Patrol (CBP), do not believe that a foreign national intends to leave after marriage.

The K-1 visa allows the spouse to enter the United States only once. If you leave the United States after entering on a K-1 visa, you cannot re-enter the same visa. If you intend to leave and re-enter the United States, you must apply for a travel document with a Form I-131 application to the USCIS office that serves the territory where you are seeking advance parole to return to the United States. live for

How To Apply For A K1 Fiancé Visa In 2023

As a K-1 visa holder, you can file a Form I-765 petition with the USCIS office of the employment authority that serves the area where you live for a work permit.

A fiancee’s child may obtain a K-2 visa derived from the parent’s fiancee’s petition. You, the US citizen petitioner, make sure you list the child on the I-129F petition. After the child’s parents and the U.S. citizen are married, the child will need a separate Form I-485 petition to register for permanent residence.


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