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Qatar offers a variety of visas for its citizens and residents. One such visa is the Qatar family visit visa which allows expats to bring their family members to Qatar for a short period of time. The visa is mainly given to close family members. However, it can now also be given to relatives from other countries.

How To Apply For Qatar Tourist Visa

Please continue reading to know more about Qatar family visit visa, its validity, required documents, status check, price and more.

Qatar Tourist Visa

Family Visit Visa processing is now back to normal for spouse, children and parents. However, family visit visas for in-laws and other relatives have not been opened (according to MOI Service Center officials). Applications can be submitted online using the Metrash app.

If you are applying for a family visit visa for your family members (wife and children), the following documents will be required:

The minimum income requirement to apply for a family visit visa in Qatar for children and spouses is QAR 5,000 (USD 1,373).

Please note that only married expats in Qatar can apply for a family visit visa to support other relatives. If you are applying for a family visit visa for other relatives, the following documents will be required:

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The minimum income requirement to apply for a family visit visa in Qatar for other relatives is QR 10,000 (USD 2,746).

The age limit for applying for a family visit visa is 60 years. Those over 60 years of age will not be allowed to submit their visa applications through the Metrash system.

Please note that relatives intending to extend a family visit visa must undergo a medical examination. The Medical Test will test the applicant for HIV, hepatitis B/C, and tuberculosis. If the test contains any of the above, the extension request will be denied.

After submission, your application will initially be classified as “in progress.” After that, it will move to “under review.” If your application is not approved, you will find the reason given as details on this page.

Qatar Visa Processing Time 2023: When Can You Expect To Receive Your Qatari Visa?

Alternatively, if your visa has been issued, you can make the visa fee payment online. If the required documents are missing, you will receive a notification about this requirement.

Now the applicant will have to pay the visa fees once the application is received and verified. Payment can be made from the Metrash2 application.

Once the payment is completed, be sure to download a copy of the visa from the Ministry of Interior website and send it to the visitor.

After submitting the receipt, you will then be asked to pay the visa fee at the center, or you can pay online from the Metrash 2 application.

Visa Application Guide

A printed copy of the family visit visa will be provided to you after paying the fee. You will now be able to book tickets for your guests.

From 1 February 2023, visitors, as well as foreign residents of Qatar, will need to obtain health insurance covering the duration of their stay in the country. The mandatory insurance fee is QAR 50 per month.

People who apply for a visit visa through the Ministry of Interior (Qatar Visas) website or through the Metrash App, will be redirected to the Ministry of Public Health website, where they will have to choose one of the insurance companies registered with the Ministry. to purchase a traveler’s policy after completing other visa requirements.

After the health insurance is issued by the selected insurance company, the Ministry will issue the appropriate visit visa. The effective date of protection is the date of entry of the visitor at any border.

New Visa Rules From Dec 23/2022

If any visitor wishes to extend their stay in Qatar, then they will need to purchase a new insurance policy.

The status of your Qatar family visit visa can be checked on the MoI website under Inquiries >> Visa Services >> Visa Approval Process. Fill in all the required information correctly, and you will be able to check the status of your visit visa.

The initial period of the Qatar family visit visa is one month. However, the permit can be extended up to a period of two months for all family members, so the total period of stay is 3 months.

Relatives planning to stay for more than a month will need to undergo a medical examination before extending their visa.

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The price of a family visit visa to Qatar is set at QAR 200 (USD 55) and QAR 50 (USD 13) for each registered spouse or dependent per month.

The average processing time for a family visit visa is now 1-2 weeks. If your family visit visa to Qatar is rejected for some reason, you can visit the Gharafa Immigration Office to request a meeting with the visa approval committee regarding your visa application.Qatar is one of the countries that the richest in the world and full of amazing buildings. , delicious food, and amazing natural wonders. Although Qatar is in the middle east, it also boasts of flora and fauna, beaches and deserts. They have a UNESCO World Heritage site that has been the guardian of the desert since the 18th century.

In the Middle East, Qatar is one of the most open countries for tourists. Holders of valid visas from other countries can access the Electronic Travel Center while Philippine passport holders can easily apply for a visa online. How do you want to know? Read on and we’ll teach you!

If you have a valid visa for the following countries, you can get an Electronic Travel Authority: We will have instructions on how to get it.

Moi Qatar Visa Tracking Step By Step Guide

Please note that the Philippine embassy does not issue tourist or business visas; however, they only facilitate the visa stamp or sticker process.

1. Passport – must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry into Qatar, please check the bio page

5. Proof of citizenship (from the main applicant only if you are a family) – either a Citizen Card or Visa, utility bill, phone bill, rental contract, debit or credit card, or the address page officially printed on the passport.

1. The first question you are asked is if you are flying Qatar Airways, if so, you need to enter your PNR Number and Last Name. If not, you need to complete the itinerary.

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3. Select Passengers and enter details. If you have a valid visa for the countries mentioned above, please indicate here (for ETA).

STEP 4: Scan your documents. It should be in JPG or JPEG format with less than 200KB per image. Upload your documents.

STEP 6: Wait for your visa to your email. Please print a copy and present it to the immigration officer in Qatar.

STEP 4: Get your passport stamped at the Qatar Embassy in Manila – you need to submit the visa notification, original passport, and other requirements. Pay the visa sticker fee of QAR 20. You can also use DHL Express services to receive and deliver your passport and documents.

Reasons For Visa Refusal: Us Embassy In Qatar

The Qatar VFS website charges a service fee of USD 14 but also adds for live events. For the visa sticker, you will pay QAR 20 (PHP 350).

You pay it online using your credit card (online) and the equivalent of PHP if you choose to get a representative sticker.

You can apply up to 90 days before your departure date. However, since you can get a decision within 4 days, you can also apply 2 weeks before you leave Qatar.

Yes, you can use this service or any other online service or ask someone you know in Qatar to do it for you.

Qatar To Resume Issuing Tourist And Family Visas From July 12

If you have used the e-visa service, you will receive an electronic visa that does not require you to receive your visa. However, if you allow a sponsor to apply for you, then you need to go to the embassy to have your passport stamped.

Qatar is a beautiful country with many Pinoys, so you won’t feel homesick since there are many Kababayans there. It’s a place worth checking out! If you need any help, you can use our visa services to make your life easier! Happy Travels!We have processed more than 5,500 Qatar Business visas and our clients have saved more than 44,000+ hours of work time. Anyone who has applied for a Qatar Business Visa with us is eligible for a 100% refund. More than INR 5.5 million has been credited to our Blink customers’ wallets.

Valid for 90 days, the 90-day short-stay visa is non-extendable. People can use this type of visa if the country will be visited for a short trip, It is possible to get Qatar Business visa online alone or with a qualified agent. The Business Visa will be an online visa, which means the visa will be a pdf that you need to print and carry when you visit Qatar.

You only need to present a copy of the visa along with your passport. You may be required to provide travel insurance in the event of a medical emergency

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