How To Apply For Japan Student Visa – Are you planning to study in Japan and will your studies last longer than 3 months? You need a student visa for this. Well, the word student visa may seem intimidating, but here in this blog we have provided a detailed guide on the student visa for Japan.

For starters, you can breathe a sigh of relief because a Japanese student visa is one of the easiest visas to get. If you would like to consult an expert, you can contact eVisaNation directly.

How To Apply For Japan Student Visa

If you are someone who already has a residence permit in Japan, you can easily change it to apply for a student visa. However, if you are applying from abroad, please find the detailed guide below.

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Every school and program is unique and the first step is choosing a school and program that fits your needs. Some things to consider are: what are the requirements, the cost, the city of the school, etc.

● The process usually takes two to three months and includes a COE. The Certificate of Eligibility (COE) is a permit issued by a regional immigration authority to demonstrate that the applicant meets the requirements to reside in Japan.

● Once your visa is approved, the authorities will send your COE to the school and forward it to you.

The photo must be clear, in color, and show the student’s face. Make sure the photo is not older than 3 months

Procedures Required Before Working As A Ssw

● Photocopy of passport: You must have a copy of the photo/ID and signature page of the passport. If you have visited Japan in the past, you must also submit the page with the stamps

● Proof of Finances: To obtain a student visa to Japan, you must be able to prove that you have sufficient resources to support yourself during your stay. The exact costs may vary depending on several factors. But the estimated amount is around ¥2,000,000 or more for the first few months. You must also be able to demonstrate where that amount comes from. Please note that the following documents in English or Japanese can be used for this purpose:

Once you receive your COE, immediately apply for an actual visa at the nearest Japanese embassy. To obtain the visa you will need the following documents:

Note: Please ensure you get the original COE back and keep it safe as you will need to present it upon arrival.

Part Time Jobs For Student Visa Holders In Japan

So here is a detailed guide on studying in Japan. If you need further assistance, please contact our expert at eVisaNation.

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Changing From A Language School Student Visa To A Different Student Visa

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I used these 4 apps to make $100 a day without any effort. Lately, making money online has become widespread and can be quite profitable. Thanks to technology and the internet, many apps… The documents required to obtain a CoE vary depending on your financial status. The Immigration Office will closely monitor the financial status. To avoid any suspicion from the Ministry of Justice, please check all your certificates carefully before sending them to ensure that all letters, seals and stamps in your certificates are clear.

Complete the application form by typing it and return it to the OSS via email (oss@) within the deadline specified by the OSS.

Send a clear copy of your identification page(s) with photo, date of birth, place of birth, validity date and passport number by email to OSS. Make sure that this passport is valid for at least six months after arrival in . If the validity period is earlier than 6 months, have it extended or apply for a new passport now. Passports with a validity of less than 6 months will be rejected by Japanese immigration officials.

Ultimate Guide To Getting A Japanese Student Visa

Submit a special Word form with your postal address where we can reach you. will use this address to send you your CoE. Check that the address is correct and complete. You can download the form via the button below:

Make sure the size is correct (3cm wide x 4cm long), the background should be plain white or light blue and the photo must have been taken within the last 3 months. If you wear a head covering for religious or medical reasons, you are required to submit a letter explaining the reasons (there is no set format).

If you are self-sufficient or are awarded/nominated for a grant that does not cover a monthly allowance, you must prove to the Japanese Ministry of Justice that you have sufficient resources to cover the costs during your stay at . This documentation may include:

All documents must contain the name and logo of the institution, address, telephone/fax number and the name, title and signature of the institution manager.

Application] Center Of Japanese Language Studies, Waseda University

If you receive financial support from your family member or other “sponsor”, you will also need to provide the following:

B) A signed statement (example below) showing that your family member guarantees to support you during your studies, and

C) A notarized English translation of a) and b) above, if written in a language other than English.

The Immigration Office does not indicate exactly how much money is sufficient. However, in our experience, your CoE application is most likely to be accepted if you (or your sponsor) maintain the balance shown in the table below:

Japan Student Visa Requirements And Application

The results of the scholarship selection will be announced at the end of July. However, to obtain a CoE in a timely manner, you must prepare your application before the screening result is announced. Please leave the scholarship related sections blank in the application form and send all required documents to as soon as possible.

If you are a company/government employee and your employer sponsors your study at , please attach the original sponsorship statement from your sponsor. The statement must contain the following content:

If you are awarded a scholarship that is not arranged through, you are required to submit the scholarship award information (including the name of the scholarship, the scholarship period, the amount, etc.). A visa is required if you are staying in the country for more than 90 days for something that is not short-term, such as tourism or business. If you are a student, you will obviously be staying in the country for more than 90 days and will need one. Make sure you have the certificate of eligibility sent to you by your Japanese school to speed up the process. Generally, it takes about five days to process and collect a visa, but times may vary. For example, I submitted my visa application along with the documentation on Monday and the receptionist told me it would be ready the next day! Mine literally only took one day to process and collect, but times can vary, so make sure you apply for your visa as soon as possible, in case you run into any complications.

You will need to complete an application provided by the Japanese Consulate (or Embassy) on their web page found here.

Japan Student Visa For Indians: Process & Requirments

For people who do not have a COE, I cannot help you. Here is the link to the Japanese Embassy’s student visa page, which lists the documents required for those who do not have a COE. Please note that the process will most likely take several months for those who do not have one, as they will need to verify with your school whether you plan to study in Japan. Among the world’s leading economies, Japan is also known as the Land of the Rising Sun and has contributed phenomenally to inventing the everyday technologies we use today and continues to awe the world with its drive to bring newer innovations and create inventions! But technology is not the only sector in which Japan is impeccable, but the country has also designed a unique education system


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