How To Apply For Indian Tourist Visa – This post is an incredibly detailed guide on how to apply for a US visa for US citizens. I applied myself and took notes and screenshots of each step You won’t find a more comprehensive guide than this online If you’re from the UK, check out my article on How to Apply for an Indian Visa for UK Citizens where my English boyfriend has documented another detailed step by step guide. This post is updated frequently to stay updated

This is a complicated paper visa application if you are coming to India and want a visa for more than one year If you’re going for less, you’ll need an e-visa that’s valid for up to one year If you only need a one-year visa or less then ignore everything below and go to this blog post which tells you everything you need to know about the e-Visa application process.

How To Apply For Indian Tourist Visa

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How to Apply for US Tourist Visa for Long Term Visa – Step by Step Guide

Everything is being outsourced to Cox and King Any questions I had while writing this, I called Cox and King to get answers so all the information was correct.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to apply for an Indian tourist visa to the US. Again, you can check this post on how to get visa for India from UK in this post

Step 1. Start from the India Visa Center for Cox and King website, which type of visa you need. I am only talking about tourist visas in this post, so make sure you get the type you want [If you need a visa type other than tourist, you still do all these steps but there will be more questions and more forms to fill out]. Next, under “Visa” in the upper left Dropbox, click “Visa Application – Start”. You will then fill in the page that pops up with some initial information This is the easy part! You will be called your “mission” based on the state you input Remember this! For Ohio, I had New York Also, you will get a “Temporary Application ID”. You must write it down and keep it At the end of the form, when you review everything, it will ask if everything is correct Once you say yes, you can’t change anything later You will have to start over on a new form

How To Apply Online For An Indian Visa (or E Visa Application)

“Original, signed passport valid for 6 months from the date of application and with at least two blank visa pages for Indian visa stamps. Correction page is not acceptable for visa stamp. “

Step 3. Initiate the application papers which will be redirected to the Indian site This is “Step 2” and Cox & King automatically takes you here after saving your initial information on Cox & King. You will be redirected to Indian website for this part It will ask if it is ok, say “yes”. Click the big orange button that says “Click Here”. You must fill out the parts for Step 2, then come back right after Cox and King: “You must return to the CKGS website in an hour and a half or your current session will expire and you will need to fill out the official application. Form again. “

Another page will pop up which is the actual application, as I just mentioned You want to click the orange button that says “Regular Visa Application”.

Fill the information very carefully Once you go through page two of this form, a new application ID will appear This is not the same as your original temporary application ID You need to save it This is very important I will now talk a little about the questions asked in the India Visa Form

Us Tourist Visa: Requirements And Application Procedure

Step 4. At the top there is a “Select Mission Office”. You were told this in step 1 but if you forgot, you can go find your rights by clicking this link. See which embassy is associated with the state you are applying from For example, Ohio is sending documents to New York So select USA:NY on your application on temporary ID

The following steps walk you through how to fill out the India Visa application on their website, although they change it every month and you may see a slightly different sequence of questions. It’s the same thing though!

Step 5. When completing this application, refer to the FAQ about the visa application form and read number 9 How many months should I enter if I only go for two weeks? Note from C&K:

If the applicant has a middle name, it must be written as “given name” in the online application and it must match the name in the passport. “

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The page will ask if you have another passport and once you click “no”, the other questions will disappear and you will copy the captcha “access” code and click “save and continue”.

Step 6. Fill in page 2 with your address (click the box for “same” if permanent and present are the same), parent’s details, etc. until it’s done and follow those questions for any section you’re not sure about.

Step 7. Click Save and Continue and go to page 3 Visa Type: Tourist Visa Places to visit, say only cities in India, that fit into the box Visa duration in months: 6 (which I have always done, but they are offering more now). Number of Entries: Multiple (This is for backpackers who may be crossing Nepal or something. If you know 100% you are going to India only once in 6 months then you can enter single.) Purpose: Tourism. When are you flying there next and which airport are you planning to fly into? The middle parts are easy, then finally you have your contact person in India You can put a hotel, but put an exact address If you don’t have plans to stay anywhere, search for hotels online and check in

If you are visiting a friend, keep their information Finally, a reference to a friend in America who can say you are not a terrorist

How To Apply For An Indian Visa In Chiang Mai, Thailand

*Remember the date STARTS is issued is your 6 months stay in India, not the date you arrive in India Also, it says to make sure that you keep your e-mail and cell phone number, which should be on the application form.

Step 8. Upload the photo I had problems with it (confused, I know) but it worked after a couple of tries Later, you will glue your same printed 2×2 onto the application When you click Save and Continue, it will ask you “Is everything OK?” Takes you to the page This is the last chance to make changes or if you notice anything after printing you will have to do the whole thing Check and double check then check and continue Now print it It should also show you a file number/reference ID/application number This is not the same as a temporary ID and must be written down and kept in case another copy needs to be printed later Note from C&K:

“Please make sure that the application form prints completely with the entry port and with the bar code printed at the bottom.”

Step 9. Be sure to sign on both pages: below the photo on the first page and below the second page Do not write on the application except for the signature Do not alter the handwriting on the application or it will not be accepted, says the website

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Step 10. Attach your 2×2 photo on glossy paper with a white background and no glass in specific areas. Use paper clips or glue but do not staple Your face should occupy 80% of the frame

Step 11. Collect the residency documents and any other proof you need Here is a list of required documents through Cox and King Select “Tourist Visa” at the top It will show you a list of everything you need to include in your packet and actually walk you through filling out the form. It will take you through “Additional Specific Forms” and show you what you need to send and fill out, such as a “Religious Action Letter.” Always print every form it asks you to fill out For proof of residency (if you need it) here’s what they call proof:

“State-issued identification such as valid driver’s license, utility bill for water, gas, electricity, sewer, valid lease copy with signatures of landlord and tenant. Do not cut any document in small size like driving size, passport copy Utility bill must be from last 90

Day. Here are some documents they won’t accept: cell phone bills, credit card statements, bank statements, cable bills, insurance forms, anything with an address.

Apply For India Tourist Visa Application

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