How To Apply For Canada Pr Visa – Canada is one of the most immigrant-friendly nations in the world and its easy-to-follow immigration process and welcoming culture make it worth moving to Canada as a permanent resident.

Canada offers many benefits to its PR holders, which are almost equal to its citizens. Anyone looking for a better standard of living and a boost to their career chart, opting for PR in Canada is a viable option.

How To Apply For Canada Pr Visa

You can move to Canada permanently through a variety of routes, with the Express Entry Program and the Provincial Nominee Program being the most popular.

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Every year, the Canadian government welcomes millions of newcomers from different parts of the nations for permanent residence through express entry exclusively.

In fact, Canada has recently been ranked as the No. 1 country in the world for immigrants, based on the quality of life parameter, and is a key magnet for skilled professionals from around the world.

The mantra to successfully submit a visa application is to be attentive and follow the process correctly. Immigration to Canada is no exception when it comes to adapting the step-by-step approach.

The first step is to explore the application process and procedures and choose the most suitable PR visa program based on the six selection factors such as age, education, work experience, funds, adaptability and linguistic competence.

Simple Steps To Apply For Canada Pr {+ Free Eligibility Check}

There are different Canada immigration programs and visa categories designed by the IRCC, so you should first choose the most relevant immigration programs or visa category, total processing time, fees or charges involved , etc.

Although you may have all your demographic, educational and experience documents intact, there are two key documents that you still need to obtain, namely the IELTS Test Report for English Proficiency and the ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) from WES or any other reputable assessment service.

If you are applying through the Express Entry system, you must create your Express Entry profile and submit your visa application to the group online.

In the case of the PNP, each Canadian province and territory has its own immigration programs and requirements. The application process for Canada PR visa from India depends on which provincial candidate stream you are applying for.

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You may have applied using these on paper or through the online process through the Express Entry pool.

Most of the above programs have an EOI (Expression of Interest) system. An applicant creates their online profile and submits the EOI.

Now, the particular program conducts a draw periodically and selects the top ranked profiles from the group and issues an ITA (Invitation to Apply) to them.

In the case of the Express Entry system, once the invitation is issued, you can apply for PR in Canada, while other PNP programs issue a certificate, i.e. Provincial Nomination Certificate. This certificate helps the applicant to obtain permanent residence in Canada.

Canadian Pr Visa Application Process

The authorities now verify your application and your documents at all levels, and if everything is fine, you will be approved for a permanent resident visa in Canada.

If you are not well versed in key Canadian immigration concepts or process demands, you can hire a genuine and registered Canada visa consulting service.

A reputable consultant can guide you in the right direction and help you interpret the process requirements.

Well, the time it takes to process PR for Canada application mainly depends on the immigration route or program you have chosen to apply PR in Canada ie Express Entry, PNP, etc.

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The Federal Express Entry system claims to process your application within 6 months, once the candidate has already received the ITA.

Also check the processing time for different Canada immigration programs Apply for the most suitable Canadian PR route under the guidance of PR Canada avenue expert

With the right guidance from an expert immigration advisor, you can tackle the lengthy process in a quick and hassle-free manner.

With the help of our team of experienced visa consultants at Canada PR Avenue, you can get the much needed assistance in all

Step By Step Process To Apply For Canada Pr Visa In 2023

, i.e. from profile assessment and application submission to documentation and follow-up on your behalf at the immigration office.

To jump-start your process, use our free profile assessment and calculate your scores for the specialized visa categories using our Canada PRpoint calculator. Permanent residency abroad in Canada is a dream come true for many. But are you worried about the procedures? What are the steps involved in the Canadian PR process?

Canada is a very popular immigration option for people from all over the world. Be it for a better quality of life, career prospects or a safer environment, Canada is the ideal choice considering these aspects and many more benefits for Indians to study, work and settle in the country.

In 2022, IRCC had successfully processed 5.2 million applications that included permanent residence, citizenship and temporary residence, which was more than double the number of applications processed in 2021.

How To Get Canada Pr

The country’s immigration system offers several immigration pathway programs that have reliable and feasible visa processing. Mr. Sean Fraser (Immigration Minister) gracefully quotes Canada’s excitement about expanding the Canadian family:

“Today marks an important milestone for Canada, setting a new record for newcomers welcomed in a single year. It’s a testament to the strength and resilience of our country and its people. Newcomers play an essential role in bridging labor shortages, bring new perspectives and talent to our communities, and enrich our society as a whole. I’m excited to see what the future holds and look forward to another historic year in 2023 as we continue to welcome to the newcomers”.

To be eligible to apply for the PR under the Express Entry system, the applicant needs a minimum score of 67 points, for a total of 100 points (in the points-based system). The six factors considered are:

If the applicant has completed their education from outside Canada, it is recommended that they complete an Educational Credential Assessment or ECA. Completing the same would bring a 150 point benefit to your CRS scores.

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This is the main requirement for Express Entry. The applicant must take the IELTS test as proof of their ability to communicate effectively. The applicant can also take the French Language Test (TEF) to further improve their rank.

The prospective applicant must create their express entry profile online on the IRCC portal to start the process.

Applicants can opt for the Provincial Nomination Program as this category has a very high impact on CRS scores and helps to stand out by 600 points comparatively. Different provinces in Canada have various provincial programs that keep changing and updating from time to time.

After the CRS scores are aligned and the applicant exceeds the cut-off range, they are assigned a certain rank individually by conducting an express entry draw held at regular intervals. Passing candidates then receive an ITA.

Is Pte Valid For Canada Pr Process

Once the applicant is approved and selected in the Express Entry pool draw, they must complete the invitation to apply. The ITA must be filed within 90 days from the date of receipt of the ITA.

In addition, the applicant must undergo a health check-up with a doctor approved by the Canadian immigration authority and submit the results to IRCC. In addition, the applicant must also go through a police verification process and obtain a certificate for each city where they have resided continuously for a duration of more than 6 months in the past.

In this step, the applicant does not have to make any effort, but a Canadian immigration officer reviews the submitted application. However, the applicant should be prepared if they are asked to provide additional documents at this step.

At this stage, the applicant receives a confirmation of their permanent resident status. The applicant may expedite the application process in certain categories. As if you are applying to the Canadian experience class, your application would be processed in a maximum of 3-4 months. This step includes receiving a copy of the “Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR)”.

Migration To Canada Pr Comes With Several Benefits

Congratulations!! You have successfully reached the final stage of the Canadian immigration process and are now free to travel to the nation. All you have to do is apply for your PR card and use it to travel in and out of the country.

The Canada PR application process can be overwhelming, this is where we can help you navigate the process more easily. With the right preparation and guidance, you can increase your chances of being approved for PR Canada and make your dreams of living in Canada come true.

Canada has been rated as the best immigration destination for expats from around the world. With its friendly immigration procedures, a strong economy, excellent health and education systems, and a diverse and inclusive society, Canada has a lot to offer for individuals and families looking for a better future.

Applying for Canada PR can be a long and complex journey, but it is a journey worth taking for those looking to start a new life in one of the most prosperous and welcoming countries in the world!

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