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How To Apply E Visa For India

I flew to India on a quick trip. Until about two weeks before I arrived in Kolkata, nowhere in my mind did I think I was going to India. I have OCD, so I usually spend weeks getting ready for a trip, but this time I had to pack everything as fast as I could.

India Tourist E Visa Step By Step Information With Q&a

Getting a tourist visa is often the most frustrating hurdle, but luckily, applying for an e-Visa to India was one of the fastest and easiest processes I’ve ever had to go through. Here’s how you do it.

An e-Visa is a document that allows you to enter India as a visitor. Passport holders from countries listed in Indian Visa Online can apply for e-Visa India.

Depending on the purpose of your trip, there are five categories of India e-Visas: e-Tourist Visa, e-Business Visa, e-Medical Visa, e-Medical Attendant Visa, and e-Conference Visa. I applied for an e-Tourist Visa so that will be the focus of this article, but you can click on the “Document Requirement” button on the Indian Visa Online for a list of individual requirements.

As you can see, mine is good for two entries and is valid for up to sixty (60) days. I’m not sure if it’s the same for everyone. Make sure you print this out and/or keep a copy on your phone. I always do both.

India Visa Requirements & Online Application For Filipinos

To be absolutely sure, I recommend checking your visa status by clicking the blue “Visa Status” button a week or two before your trip.

Just enter your ID and passport number and make sure the visa status says “Granted”. If you have any problems or issues, you can send an email to [email protected] .

I am not an expert on e-Visa to India. Like you, I am just a traveler. I will try to help as much as I can but please understand that my knowledge is limited and limited only by my experience. If you need answers to urgent problems, it is best to contact the Ministry of Home Affairs of India directly.

Hey Noorie, the article is very clear with detailed information as we need the complete information. But, I am worried about double entry who want to spend several days to complete the places to visit.

Kenya Visa For Indians

I also planned to do canada visa from New Delhi India but didn’t get last year but this year I got canada visa thanks for your valuable help for visa- me 🙂

Thank you for a very informative blog, but kindly ask if I need a letter of invitation if you don’t mention this. Home » Blog » Travel & Adventure » Visa Guides & Immigration » How to Apply Online for an Indian Visa (or E-Visa Application)

That is why you can imagine how excited I was when I first saw that I was going to set foot on their land; in fact, I’ve heard so many good things about India’s culture, food, people and places!

Come check out this list of the best things to do in India that features the best activities and tours to do in places like the Golden Triangle and more!

What Are The Common Reasons For Indian E Visa Rejection?

But then, after my trip, I checked the immigration requirements and… I was surprised to see that I have to get an Indian visa first before entering the country.

I say this because I heard that there was a visa-on-arrival scheme for many countries

, but it turns out that in 2014 they changed it to an online ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) or E-Tourist Visa application.

It may be a hassle for you, but I assure you: applying for an Indian visa or e-Visa is very easy because the process is fast, simple and straightforward. I successfully applied for it in just one (1) day; so, with my experience, below is an Indian visa guide that will help you make your dreams come true in India!

Vietnam Electronic Visa (e Visa) Is Officially Extended For Indian Up To 2021

NO ONE can guarantee your Indian visa approval – not even a lawyer, consultant, travel agent, or agency worker. Anyone who says otherwise is likely a fraud. That being said, what I can offer you here is a comprehensive guide with helpful tips

Of course, there are different types of Indian Visas that you can apply for, and with the E-Visa, they have 3 categories (as I mentioned above):

For this particular guide, I will only discuss the Indian E-Tourist Visa requirements as it is my personal experience. To do this, you must first determine if you are eligible for a refund by following the following criteria:

NOTE: If your entry into India is at a place other than listed above, you must apply for an Indian Visa at your nearest embassy. I have not gone through such a procedure but you can find some information on the Indian Embassy website at your local Indian embassy.

India E Visa

Immigrating to Nepal usually requires “proof of onward travel” or more generally, proof of a return ticket to your home country or to a destination other than Nepal. If you still don’t have a solid plan AND if you want to be flexible in your trip, booking a flight ticket is obviously very expensive – Fortunately, the offer of “booking flights” often works. To get it, I recommend buying it from OneWayFly; you can get your flight booking in just a few hours for $19~!

Once you are sure that you can apply for an Indian Tourist Visa online or e-Visa based on the eligibility rules above, proceed with the instructions below.

Remember how I said that applying for an Indian Visa online is quick and simple…? Well then!

The Government of India only accepts E-Visa applications through this website: . Please note that facilitation of intermediaries, agencies, etc. is NOT required to process this type of Indian Visa online. After all, it’s easy, and it’s best if you do it yourself.

Should I Apply For Vietnam E Visa Or Visa On Arrival As An Indian Passport Holder?

If you are wondering where to book a hotel, I recommend booking on or With them you can book a hotel without prepayment and you can even cancel the reservation a day before your arrival with a cancellation fee. Yes, you can make reservations without payment, you can change your reservations at any time, and you can also cancel them free of charge if your visa is not accepted. . TIP: Check here for a list of the best hotels in Delhi and the best hotels in Mumbai.

At this point, the website will provide you with your unique Application ID #. Note that.

(Be sure to email the details later, but it’s still a good practice to write this number down or take a picture of the page).

The next step is to pay the e-Visa fee… which I will discuss in the next section!

Get A One Year E Visa For India For $40

The image below is usually displayed before you are redirected to the payment gateway. Click on the bullet that says

SBI (State Bank of India) ePay and Axis are the banks used by the Government of India to accept payments for online Indian Visa applications. I chose SBI and I don’t think there is much difference if I chose Axis.

The next web page will show you the SBI portal which gives you the option to pay the visa fee by credit card, credit card or through PayPal.

(For debit cards, Visa, Mastercard and Maestro are accepted and for credit cards, Visa and MasterCard are accepted.)

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What is the rate? It depends on the relationship between your country and India. If you are from the Philippines like me, you have to pay $50

. For a table of fees, you can find it here. Otherwise, the payment system used is in level 4…

HAVE EXTRA MONEY? In addition to the visa fee, you also need to pay a bank fee of 2.5% of the value. For my case, I paid $51.75

IMPORTANT: Paying this fee is NOT a guarantee that your visa will be approved; it is also non-refundable. In case of double/triple payment, it will be refunded within seven (7) days after settlement. In any case, be careful while making the payment because if the number of failed attempts is more than 3, you will have to start over and repeat

Urgent Visa For India

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