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How Can Businesses Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

Reconomy opens RecoTek – a new technology center in Bucharest, Romania, to take the next step in technological and strategic growth.

Cloud Migrations Can Reduce Co2 Emissions By Nearly 60 Million Tons A Year, According To New Research From Accenture

New research, conducted by Tide in partnership with Connect Earth, explores some of the trade-offs your business can make to reduce carbon emissions, including web hosting.

The source of energy consumption of the website, and therefore the output of the website, can be divided into three parts: data center (host) which stores the content of the website; a transmission network that allows users and data centers to communicate; and user tools.

Following analysis from Connect Earth, here are three simple things you can do to reduce your internet footprint:

Tide and Connect Earth have teamed up to find simple ways for Tide customers to reduce their carbon footprint and, at the same time, reduce costs and/or offer a better experience for their customers.

Tracking Progress: How Companies Can Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

“While our main mission is to help you grow your business by providing you with the best tools to manage your money, we know that every aspect of life and work depends on a more sustainable environment. our future. With that said, we’re excited to partner with Connect Earth to shed light on the impact of common business expenses on the environment.

“When we think about saving energy and reducing our carbon footprint, few of us think about the impact of our company’s website and our digital activities, but your digital footprint has a huge impact on reducing your carbon emissions, improving the customer experience, and potentially cutting costs. money too. Loading a website requires energy to power the servers that host the website… In general, the energy consumption and emissions from the internet are huge – in total, the internet uses more electricity than the whole of the United Kingdom. (416.2 terawatt hours).

“We hope this idea will inspire business owners to reduce their online footprint. As well as helping our customers make green choices, here at Tide we are working towards becoming Net Zero – watch this space”.

“Connect Earth is an environmental data company that uses your bank data to calculate your carbon footprint. Given the size of the Internet’s energy consumption, we can all reduce digital waste and improve website performance After analyzing anonymous business data, we can see that many of Tide’s customers can switch to a green hosting company, and still benefit from “safe, reliable and affordable web hosting”. positive impact on the environment, but taking the first step in creating a stronger company that is prepared for the challenges and opportunities of the future.

Go Green, Reduce Your Digital Carbon Footprint

Sign up to the Low Carbon Pledge and join businesses across Ireland in taking part in transforming Ireland into a low carbon future.

Participate in Knowledge Hub events – network and collaborate with energy and carbon professionals across all business sectors and get up close and personal with the challenges, as well as companies with positive impact in our network in managing and reducing their carbon footprint.

Get involved in transitioning your community to a low-carbon economy – Share what initiatives and projects your organization is working on to help the communities you work in decarbonize and transition to a zero-carbon future. Through the Pledge, there will be many options to make a positive impact in your community.

The first step is to understand your carbon footprint. Identify all sources of your carbon emissions and identify areas of your operation that are high in carbon. These are the areas within your business where you can have a big impact on reducing your carbon footprint.

How Are Emissions Categorised And Why Do Businesses Need To Know?

There are several organizations out there that will help provide you with the knowledge and tools to measure and manage your carbon and environmental impact.

Additionally, there are Carbon Management companies whose sole purpose is to help your business measure your carbon footprint; report your total carbon footprint; and find solutions to remove your company from a zero-sum future.

The 3 R’s – Record, report and review your carbon impact – Communicating your carbon footprint has become an important aspect for almost all businesses across all sectors, as the conversation continues to grow. about climate change. Now is the time to take action and by communicating with all stakeholders (internal and external) in your work, you can highlight the actions your organization is taking to reduce your carbon footprint.

With the increase in non-financial reporting, make sure the data you report is accurate and complete. Additionally, as carbon taxes begin to play a larger role in how you manage and operate your business, a greater financial burden will be placed on your business.

Net Zero Strategy

When considering your future business strategy; see how you can incorporate the environment and especially the effects of climate change into your day-to-day decision-making. This is the first step in creating a stronger business that considers current and future risks. Furthermore, this is the kind of statement that is needed to change the culture of your organization, to involve all your employees and partners in having a greater impact on the environment.

As your culture begins to change and you focus on creating a more successful organization, it affects the way you work. To ensure that your business is prepared for the risks that may arise, significant planning and investment is required to strengthen your resilience to the risks of climate change. With the technological advancements we have today, as well as the rate at which they improve, you need to constantly be aware of what is available to ensure your preparedness.

Climate change is a very complex topic and we need a lot of action to work together to find solutions to climate challenges. Business cannot find all of these solutions, but if we want to achieve the reduction targets required of us, as stated in the recent IPCC report, business must play a key role. No one company has the answer to the climate challenge and the role that business needs to play. We must work together, within our own sectors and across sectors, to share our knowledge and expertise to find some of these solutions to one of the greatest challenges the world will face. business. By working together we have the opportunity to mobilize knowledge that can help all businesses operate more effectively and in doing so accelerate climate action across the board in your company, sector , communities and countries.

Join the Network to sign up for the Low Carbon Pledge and get support in reaching your goals. Contact Lorraine O’Toole lotoole@

Steps To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With Biofuels

If you have any questions related to the Low Carbon Pledge, please contact our Sustainability Advisor Nick Reynolds.

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