Easiest Citi Card To Get Approved For – Citibank’s latest offering, Citi Plus, is doing great for new Citi customers. You can get up to S$560 to $570 cash for signing up for a Citi Interest Booster account and a Citi credit card through my links below. This is more than signing up directly with Promo Bank.

Update: Thanks to a reader who saw a better promo elsewhere, I’m matching this promo by adding a signup reward. Thanks for choosing to support my site!

Easiest Citi Card To Get Approved For

Already a Citi cardholder? You’re still eligible for the Citi Interest Booster Account promo, and you still get bonus rewards for having a Citi credit card. The application is also really quick when Citi already has your details.

Which Credit Card Should I Use Ah?

Apply for the Citi Plus Interest Booster Account and fund S$15,000 within 2 months of enrollment and maintain it by the end of the 6th calendar month.

Apply for a Citi credit card and spend at least $500 in qualifying spend within 30 days of card approval.

Earn up to 2.8% p.a. Interest on your savings. The below fee is waived till 31st December 2023. Check out the review here.

I didn’t give Citi Plus the best reviews, but it’s still a promo worth picking up. Getting S$210 cash back on S$15,000 in savings for 6 months is huge and that’s about 2.8% p.a. According to my calculations you also get a principal interest of 0.3% p.a. Whatever bonus categories you are eligible for, offered by the account, make your ROI above 3% p.a. Easily

Guide: Using Citi Payall For Paying Bills And Buying Miles

Although not the same product class, the returns you can get from this promo are quite similar to Singapore Government T-Bills, except that you maintain full liquidity on the funds held in this account. Plus, you have 2 months from enrollment to keep your funds, effectively putting your savings away for about 4 months or more.

Finally, there is also no fall-down fee until December 31, 2023. You can also close your account after 6 months of opening to avoid closing fees.

The promo offered by Singsaver increases the first and third column to S$150 and $350 (or iPad) respectively, and you still get to enjoy the other columns, although I recommend skipping the fourth column altogether. . Spending $500 a month on the best cash back cards can get you much better rewards than just $120 over the course of a year.

Finally, every signup goes towards keeping this site, Telegram, and YouTube channel going, so thank you for your support!

Credit Card Application Rules By Bank (2023)

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Citi Prestige Offering 71,000 Miles Sign Up Bonus, Including Existing Citi Cardholders

Best deal: Fund any amount for S$120 with Tiger Brokers, fund more and trade for S$180 and free shares! If you’re talking about travel credit cards, the card that most people think of is the Citi PremierMiles card. It was one of the first travel credit cards launched in the Singapore market and remains popular to this day.

I remember when I was working part-time at a restaurant many years ago, this was the card that everyone gave me when they settled their bill. Since then, I always thought it was the best credit card on the market. Oh boy, I was wrong.

The Citi PremierMiles card makes a standard general spending card. There are no standout categories in terms of earning miles.

. Apart from the name difference, there are some minor differences regarding the transfer ratio which we will discuss later.

Dynamic Duo: Why The Citi Double Cash And Citi Premier Make Such A Powerful Combo

Compared to other “general speed travel credit cards,” it also has a fairly low 1.2 mpd local earning rate. The earning rate is also not that good for foreign exchange expenses.

There are special bonus categories for the Citi PremierMiles card like spending on Kaligo or Agoda. However, I would generally advise against doing this as you can easily get 6-10% cashback booking through these OTAs with portals like ShopBack. On top of this cashback, if you use the right credit cards, you can earn up to 6 MPD on your travel spend.

Miles earned on a PremierMiles card do not expire. It’s great if you’re not a big spender. It also makes tracking your miles much easier as you don’t have to worry about them running out.

To actually redeem your Citi Miles for travel, you must first transfer them to a travel partner’s loyalty program.

Best Credit Cards For Online Shopping (2023)

Citibank usually has great transfer partners and Citi PremierMiles is no exception. There are currently 11 transfer partners for this card, including my favorite frequent flyer programs (FFP) like Eva Air and Turkish Airlines.

With a large number of transfer partners, you get a lot of flexibility in terms of redemptions. Some programs also give you better redemption rates for the same flights.

The Citi PremierMiles card transfers to all its transfer partners at a ratio of 10000:10000. This means you’ll need at least 10,000 Citi Miles before you can redeem anything. This translates to S$5,000 in foreign currency or S$8,333 in local spending.

You can also transfer your Citi Miles to IHG Rewards points for a free night’s stay. While it’s available, it’s not an option I’d recommend because hotel points are generally worth less than airline miles. You won’t be able to unlock the full value potential of your hard-earned Citi miles.

Citi Smrt Credit Card Review: 5% Rebate On Transport, Groceries, & More

There is a fee of S$27 per transfer, regardless of how many miles you transfer. To avoid this fee, it is recommended to save a ton of miles before starting the transfer.

Unfortunately not. Points earned from the Citi Premiermiles card do not stack with other Citibank credit cards.

This means that if you have points earned from the Citi PremierMiles card and the Citi Rewards card, you will need to make 2 separate redemptions and pay the redemption fee twice.

The Citi PremierMiles card offers its cardholders 2 complimentary airport lounge visits per year. Subsequent visits to airport lounges cost US$32. This is provided through the Priority Pass program where you can access more than 1,300 lounges worldwide.

Citi Simplicity Card Review

This is a standard package that offers similar cards, and increases the overall bonus range.

Citibank credit cards typically have the best signature offers of any card issuer. So, I would always suggest being strategic when signing up for a Citibank card because you’ll want to get the best deal.

The signing bonus is only available to new applicants from the bank. If you are not currently a Citibank primary cardholder, and you have not canceled a Citibank card in the last 12 months, you are considered a new applicant to the bank.

Also, you will need to spend at least S$500 within 30 days of card approval to be eligible for the reward.

Best Citi Credit Cards Of 2023

The Citi PremierMiles Credit Card is eligible for annual earnings of more than S$30,000 for local residents and S$42,000 for foreigners. Hence, this card sits well within the reach of most working adults in the country.

The Citi PremierMiles card has an annual fee of S$194.40. As with other credit cards in this range, the annual fee is usually waiveable. Just remember to check your statements every month and call Citibank’s hotline to get an automatic fee waiver!

However, if you decide to pay the annual fee, you can earn an additional 10,000 Citi Miles in your account. This is effectively paying 1.9 cents per mile/point. In my opinion, there are cheaper ways to buy mail, so I wouldn’t recommend going with this option.

The Citi PremierMiles card falls in the middle of the general travel credit card category. There are no special features that make this a “must have” card.

Nerfed: Citi Credit Cards To Exclude Some Amaze Transactions

Although it is marketed as a travel credit card, there are many more cards that are more suitable for this. If you’re looking to earn a ton of airline miles for free travel, the bank’s own Citi Rewards Card is a much better choice. And if you’re looking for a card with free airport lounge access, the Citi Prestige has a much better lounge access policy even though you’re paying a hefty annual fee.

If you are just starting your travel hacking journey. Although, I wouldn’t discourage you from getting it since its annuity.

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