Credit Claims For Kansas Teaching And Education Professionals: Legal Strategies For Income Stability – The latest numbers from the Kansas State Department of Education for fall 2018 show 612 teaching positions not filled by a qualified teacher. That’s up from 513 vacancies from the same time last year.

According to the state, one of the explanations for the lack of schools is the reluctance to report their availability.

Credit Claims For Kansas Teaching And Education Professionals: Legal Strategies For Income Stability

“We probably have a better reading this year than in the past,” said Mischel Miller, director of teacher licensure and accreditation at KSDE.

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Beyond the number of vacancies, the information provided to the Kansas State Board of Education last week provided more information about the shape of the current teacher vacancies.

Open teaching positions are a small percentage compared to those filled, but those vacancies are not spread across the state.

A vacancy map from fall 2017 shows that a negative number of vacancies are concentrated in certain areas, including southwest Kansas.

According to the Kansas Association of School Boards, many districts are struggling with the availability of poor students.

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“Disadvantaged kids — kids who come from poor backgrounds — are the very students who need good teachers the most,” said Mark Tallman, assistant executive director of the Kansas Association of School Boards. “But most of the time these are the districts that are struggling to find.”

But it was found in a survey of schools, that the main reason that the principals said is that there are still vacancies that are not filled by a qualified teacher. Well, it’s not their current budget, it’s the lack of applicants.

About seven out of 10 vacancies remained because there were no applicants or applicants who did not meet the state’s requirements.

“When the overall economy is good and there are jobs and wages tend to increase, that’s what increases the teacher shortage,” Tallman said. “There’s more competition.”

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Educators hoped that the state funding provided by the Legislature would lead to higher teacher salaries and, creating more applicants. And although wages were raised in some districts, most of those increases were not negotiated and finalized until after the school year. Also, according to Tallman, teacher salary growth is lagging behind other professions.

“Nationally, teachers’ salaries are not in line with the salaries of other similarly educated workers,” said Tallman. “And Kansas is worse.”

The battle over school funding in Kansas for more than a decade has affected the image of the teaching profession, according to some teachers.

“I think a lot of the reason people don’t go to work is because there’s kind of a negative cloud hanging over public education,” said Shannon Krysl, Wichita Public Schools’ superintendent. the workers.

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The district was able to cut in half compared to last year, but more than 50 vacancies remain.

A negative perception of teaching may result in less growth in teacher licensure in the state. In fact, fewer licenses were issued to recent graduates in 2018 than last year.

The lack of growth in new graduate and licensed teachers is coming back to pay, according to Marcus Baltzell, director of communications for the Kansas National Educators Association.

“If you want to be a teacher in Kansas, you have to expect that there are going to be long periods where you might have a hard time keeping up,” Baltzell said.

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The state set up two new pilot programs earlier this year to quickly qualify teachers for the classroom, though even those accelerated programs take time to develop. have an effect and are not counted in the number of first-time teaching licenses.

The committee investigating the teacher shortage for the Kansas State Department of Education found that more teachers are moving to Kansas than they are leaving. This may be because Kansas pays more than neighboring Oklahoma, which has seen protests from teachers over their salaries. But the number of licenses issued to out-of-state teachers in Kansas remains the same.

One option for schools trying to reduce the damage of shortages is to allow unqualified teachers into the classroom. And the growing shortage has led to the issuance of limited licenses, which allow students to switch careers to study a’ not yet qualified.

There is also an increase in the number of teachers being allowed to teach for which they are not qualified. Most of these exemptions are for special education, which is also the area with the most opportunities.

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“Just eliminating licensure and certification requirements has a huge impact on students,” said Marcus Baltzell, director of communications for the Kansas National Educators Association.

Stephan Bisaha, based in Wichita, is a student reporter for the Kansas News Service, a collaboration of , Kansas Public Radio, KCUR and High Plains Public Radiocovering health, education and politics. Follow him on Twitter @SteveBisaha. Kansas News Service articles and photos may be reprinted free of charge with appropriate attribution and a link back to the original post. (PDC), a group representing teachers and administrators in the district or agency, writes the district’s professional development plan.

This plan is based on workforce development needs identified in school improvement and workforce development plans. and obtain district support for those plans. The plan also contains the guidelines and forms required for each certified person to receive professional development components for licensure.

TCL offers online and on-site postgraduate courses for courses through regionally accredited university partners or PD courses by credit.

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If it is more than five years after the date of issue of the first renewal of the first license if you already hold the first license:

Earn 120 professional development points awarded by the local Kansas professional development council under an individualized plan. If retired and participating in an educational retirement program, receive 60 points of skill development.

Earn 160 professional development points awarded by the local professional council of Kansas under an approved personal development plan, including at least 80 points for college credit. If retired and participating in an educational retirement plan, earn 80 points of professional development, including at least 40 points for college credit.

If a program is completed to add a new course, academic specialty or instructor certification, use the final eight semester hours of the program are approved for renewal.

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Proof of three years of proven experience at the time of the current professional license IF the applicant holds a graduate degree. This type of resume can be used twice in the applicant’s career. Select “License Lookup” at (Educator Licensure) to check how often this opportunity is available if eligible.

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