Credit Claims For Boston Veterans: Legal Support And Resources – With dozens of calls from veterans each week, CVLC alone cannot meet the growing demand for legal advocacy services. But along with a strong community of pro bono volunteers, veterans can trust that their legal needs will be met by knowledgeable advocates in the field.

Finn Dixon & Herling’s pro bono attorneys recently filed a VA benefits case and took on three additional cases. With a dedicated team, their attorneys gather evidence and testify to help their veteran clients access the health care and disability benefits they earned during their time in the service.

Credit Claims For Boston Veterans: Legal Support And Resources

Solicitor Deirdre Daly, partner at Finn Dixon & Herling, oversees a team of five associates who work on these cases. She was the first woman to be presidentially appointed to lead the Connecticut United States Attorney’s Office where she served from 2013 to 2017.

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At Finn Dixon & Herling, her team includes attorney Kate Dougherty, attorney Eilis Meagher, attorney Claire Stevens, attorney John Torrenti and attorney Tahirih Vinas.

Attorney Daly described the work as “hugely gratifying”, especially at this time with so many people struggling during the COVID 19 pandemic. She and her team are grateful to have the opportunity to support the veteran community in Connecticut.

Growing up with a long legacy of military service in his family, Attorney Daly has always had enormous respect for people who serve. Her father served in the army during World War II. Along with other Allied soldiers, he stormed the beaches of Normandy on D-Day at Omaha Beach. For his service, he was awarded the Medal of Honor – America’s highest and most prestigious personal military decoration to recognize service members for their distinguished bravery. In addition, her paternal grandfather was a colonel in both world wars; and her brother served several tours of duty in Vietnam.

“It’s a real honor and privilege to give back to veterans even in this small way,” she says.

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Attorney Daly explains that her team is a quick study and has learned the intricacies of working with the Department of Veterans Affairs. VA Benefits cases require knowledge of various forms, languages ​​and processes that are unique to the military and VA.

She says the team has learned a lot from working with veterans. The work has helped the attorneys understand the challenges veterans face when it comes to asserting their rights to health care and disability benefits.

“During this pandemic, access to housing, health care and income are key to securing public health,” said Attorney Daly, “My team and I are proud to work with CVLC in tremendously meaningful work to help low-income veterans recovering from homelessness and mentally ill.”

Veteran clients come from a wide range of backgrounds, life experiences and personal challenges. 80% of CVLC’s veteran clients have one or more disabilities, many suffer from some form of mental illness, and more than half have experienced homelessness. By helping vulnerable veterans access their VA benefits, advocates open the door to allow a veteran to live a life of dignity.

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Throughout her experience, Attorney Daly credits CVLC attorney Cindy Johnson as an invaluable resource in helping her and her team navigate the process and successfully advocate on behalf of veterans. She hopes that their cases are successful and that their veteran clients get full access to the benefits to which they are entitled. Confident that her team will continue to have a meaningful experience serving veteran clients, she also hopes that her team will have opportunities to represent clients at hearings to strengthen their oral advocacy skills.

Cindy is happy to work with the team at Finn Dixon & Herling: “They provide the support CVLC and veterans need. Their time, effort and amazing skills allow veterans faster access to the financial and mental health benefits they are entitled to, avoiding lengthy appeals and delays.”

CVLC is grateful to Finn Dixon & Herling for supporting veterans at this critical time. Thank you for all your hard work and thank you for serving all those who served.

VA Benefits matters have become increasingly urgent during this pandemic, and CVLC needs help to meet the growing need for legal services for veterans. If you are interested in volunteering, contact attorney Ashleigh Backman (abackman@).

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← CVLC signs letter to protect public health by protecting incarcerated veterans from exposure.

The need for pro bono legal services is great, and we do everything we can to fill it. Serving the underrepresented, representing the underrepresented, and helping diverse organizations that impact our communities are deep commitments we make as a company. Giving back is baked into our culture.

Each of our lawyers is encouraged to participate actively in pro bono and almost all of them do. Our non-partner attorneys can receive credit for up to 150 billable hours of pro bono work. We’re never short of projects, but if a lawyer has a passion for a particular case, we’re happy to take that on as well.

In virtually every area of ​​the law—inmate rights, racial justice and equality issues, LGBTQ+ support, access to health care, disability benefits, immigration/asylum cases, veterans’ issues, landlord-tenant disputes, and much more—we stand up for those who cannot stand up for itself.

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During the pandemic, we were proud to represent federal prisoners vulnerable to COVID-19, who were primarily people of color suffering from serious medical conditions, in their requests for release at a critical time.

These are just a few areas we have been working on for years. We have done good things for the groups we have built relationships with.

Claims of false arrest, excessive force, and unreasonable searches and seizures are just a few examples of injustices that disproportionately affect minorities. We give our time to several organizations that tackle inequality in our justice system.

Organizations like the 1983 Mediation Advocacy Training Program, where we offer unrepresented litigants a pro bono attorney for the purpose of mediating cases arising under Section 1983. We also partner with Street Law’s Racial Justice Democracy Renewal Initiative to help young people of color understand how they can protect their rights, engage deeply in discussions of contentious public issues, and effectively advocate for reform.

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We have been recognized for our ongoing work on behalf of LGBTQ+ individuals and the organizations that help them.

Our attorneys have donated their time to LeGal’s Walk-In Clinic to help members of the LGBTQ+ community deal with a variety of issues such as housing, immigration and discrimination. We have also provided pro bono legal name change services to low-income transgender, gender non-conforming, and non-binary individuals through the Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund Name Change Project.

Our healthcare advocates strive to improve access to healthcare for vulnerable populations. Health access issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic are the latest examples of this work. Over 20 attorneys and staff came together to file several compassionate release motions on behalf of federal prisoners vulnerable to COVID-19.

For over a decade, we have partnered with the DC Bar Advocacy & Justice Clinic to secure important public benefits and disability benefits for our clients. Through this partnership, we have negotiated landlord-tenant disputes so that clients who are too frail or ill to move can remain in their homes, and we have worked to restore benefits to people struggling with denied disability claims.

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Veterans and their families make great sacrifices on behalf of the country. Our lawyers have made it their mission to help them. The EBG Veterans Pro Bono Group has taken on projects that reverse less-than-honorable discharges and help veterans who have been denied health care claims. We also participate in guidance and other activities for children of fallen soldiers.

Our lawyers and staff give back as best they can. We are extremely proud not only of the community service we do as a firm, but also of the many ways our attorneys and staff give back personally. The firm stands ready to support these projects – whether they are nonprofit board positions, local service opportunities, or causes near and dear to our hearts, such as the Amanda Rose Laura Foundation not providing legal advice or representation. If you need help with a legal problem in Massachusetts, there are several ways to find it.

The Massachusetts Legal Resource Finder provides referrals to free and low-cost programs at legal services, nonprofit organizations, courts, and self-help resources.

Massachusetts Legal Answers Online is a free service that allows you to ask a volunteer attorney a question over the Internet. This is a good option if you have a legal question or two.

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These sites are a collaboration of the Massachusetts Civil Legal Aid Society and funded by . MassLegalHelp and the Massachusetts Legal Resource Finder are maintained by attorneys at the Massachusetts Law Reform Institute; Mass Legal Answers Online is administered by MLRI with assistance from the Volunteer Lawyers Project of the Boston Bar Association, and is part of the national American Bar Association Free Legal Answers Project.

You may be eligible for free legal aid in Massachusetts through civil legal aid organizations if your annual income is at or below 125% of the federal poverty level. It is

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