Credit Claims For Boston Families: Attorney Advice For Financial Stability – We’re hosting this Find Your Money webinar on February 16 to help MA families get tax credits this tax season — exposure is especially important to low income people so they don’t have to pay taxes before & free resources are available to help. their file

This year, families and individuals with low or no income in Massachusetts could receive thousands of dollars in federal benefits this year thanks to recent policy changes — even that they have not done taxes before. Now more than ever, it is important to get money for families in need.

Credit Claims For Boston Families: Attorney Advice For Financial Stability

These funds can include Disability Allowance, Earned Income Tax Allowance, and Child Benefit Allowance. To get this money, people need to file a tax return. For example – a single parent of 3 children (ages 3, 12 and 15) earned $10,000 last year and never filed taxes before. If they file, they could receive more than $15,000 in tax relief.

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In partnership with Children’s Healthwatch and the organization, we are hosting a webinar on Wednesday February 16 at 12pm and 5:30pm for schools, municipalities, childcare center and more to learn more.

Thank you and let me know if you have any questions or if there is a way we can work together to get the message out. tax season – to help those who are eligible for the expansion of the child tax benefit according to last year’s pandemic request for the second half of the payment that they paid.

The website,, has a new tool that guides taxpayers to options, necessary information, and instructions on how to get the credit, according to the Department Finance. Both virtual and in-person support will be provided in multiple languages.

The child tax credit was expanded as part of President Biden’s $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package, which includes monthly payments of up to $300 per child. Since the money was first paid out in July, the Treasury and the IRS have issued approximately $93 billion to ten million families, according to Finance. And in December, 61 million children received the benefits.

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Families receive half of their expanded 2021 credit per month and the other half will be received when they file their taxes. The development of the child tax relief program is over. For the 2022 tax year, the child tax credit returns to $2,000 per year per qualifying child, which in 2022 expands eligibility to 17-year-olds.

The Biden administration has proposed extending the child tax credit for one more year as part of its roughly $2 trillion federal spending bill, but that bill has been blocked in Congress.

“As the tax season begins, Treasury’s priority is to ensure that eligible families receive the full Child Tax Credit,” Treasury Deputy Governor Wally Adeyemo said in a written statement.

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“This program has helped families pay for essentials when they need it most and by getting a second half, or full loan, millions of children can benefit more,” he said.

In a Monday call with reporters and tax experts, IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig reiterated the importance of taxpayers filing their taxes electronically and the effectiveness of requesting a refund directly. I don’t count, but it should be there. Boni, who immigrated to the United States from Mexico in his late 20s, needed to buy or rent property for his growing business. It was 2016, and he was making good money and paying for his apartment and other living expenses. But with no credit history, his options to expand his career opportunities were limited and involved high interest rates that seemed expensive and risky.

Without a credit score, Boni is stuck. Everything he does with his money will be fine if the credit-reporting companies know about it. They didn’t.

Congressman Keith Ellison, Minnesota Democrat, and Pennsylvania Republican Michael Fitzpatrick joined forces in September 2013 to tell the story of people like Boni and the tens of millions of others who are, as Fitzpatrick pointed out, “paid them bills on time. They pay their cell phone bills, their utility bills, and they pay their landlord. These good credit jobs are not advertised anywhere, but God forbid feed you without paying.”

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There is nothing wrong with what Boni did, or with what many Black and Latino people do. It’s just not what credit-scoring companies have in mind when they create and promote consumer credit. The result is that millions of Americans who should have access to credit do not.

In the 1970s federal legislation required cold, hard truth informed lending decisions, not the arbitrary decisions that were common at the time. This leads to an increase in credit scores.

One of the credit score’s inventors, William Fair, testified before Congress in 1979 that there was justification in using illegal information to determine who qualifies for credit, and who poses a high risk of crime.

Justice challenged Congress to prohibit the use of race, gender, or other social factors from being used to measure creditworthiness. He thought that these conditions would be useful and therefore should be used. If the public’s concern is about how credit is distributed, he said, that is not the wrong information.

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‘More than half of Black adults today have no credit or a score below 640, considered “poor” or “fair” credit risk.’

Instead, he declared, making moral decisions is the legislator’s responsibility. He told the senators at the hearing that making a fair decision is “your duty, responsibility, and obligation, not mine. I will follow the law and teach our people used to do exactly that.”

The honest credit score he helped create, known today as the FICO score, starts at 300 and goes up to 850. More than half of Black adults today have no credit or credit. below 640, considered “poor” or “fair.” late at least 30 days ago. And 28% of people in this category are “very bad,” according to Experian credit-rating bureau. A Brookings Institution report found that cities that residents have an average score below 620, but above 560, there are many Black and Latino people, accounting for 28% and 19% of the city’s population, respectively.

People with lower scores will be denied loans, loans, and credit cards – or will be charged higher interest rates than people with higher scores. Consumers with scores higher than 760 would save just under $33,000 in interest on a 30-year loan, enough to buy a car or pay for two years of public school attendance, according to as of the 2016 report.

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As a result, Black and Latino borrowers pay more to receive the same products and services as their White counterparts, or they are denied the opportunity to purchase them at all because their scores are low.

As Fair told Congress, complete information about potential customers is better than partial information. Selecting – or restricting – only some of this information can favor members of one group over another. But according to Sen. Carl Levin, a Michigan Democrat, warned Justice at that hearing that the federal government’s decision to make credit decisions should not “disadvantage people because of their race, religion, race, sex, marital status, age, or disability.”

Congress has decided to put some restrictions on the market, Levin continued, telling the Fair, “The organization has decided that we will not discriminate against people based on their race or experience. Christian or ethnic background to the relationship, although it has a statistical value, even a computer can tell us that the people from Yugoslavia paid faster or slower than the people from of Austria. We will not let you do it.”

Sen. Paul Tsongas, Massachusetts Democrat, announced some of the characteristics of a person who is not a fair game: your prices, what kind of car, etc. – whereas there is no way you can get away with being White, Black, Greek, Hungarian, or whatever.” Race, woman Man and other immutable characteristics, Levin said, “nothing to do with personal will or ability to be, if you want, to participate in success.”

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Justice has seen the absence of government-created justice. He believes that it should be based on statistical data to assess whether and when race or gender is associated with repayment behavior. If it happens then it does, it does. If the cause of racial conflict, at least the cause of the risk of the target, his argument went, is not a bad idea. Equity’s outlook, though negative, has made America a credit institution.



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