Credit Claims For Boston Engineers: Legal Strategies For Career Advancement – Integrating Blockchains, Smart Contracts, and Complex Sensor Control for Hyper-Connected SmartCities: IoT Data Centers

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Credit Claims For Boston Engineers: Legal Strategies For Career Advancement

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By Guillermo M. Chans Guillermo M. Chans Scilit Google Scholar 1 and May Portuguez Castro May Portuguez Castro Scilit Google Scholar 2, *

Strategy On Multiple Timescales |bcg

Received: 31 July 2021 / Revised: 28 September 2021 / Accepted: 11 October 2021 / Published: 16 October 2021

In previous years, the learning experience was more intense because of the in-season teaching. For this reason, it is necessary to create a learning process that includes the use of new technologies to maintain the interest of students. One of these methods is sports, implemented in the school environment frequently due to epidemics and its impact on student motivation and participation should be investigated. This paper shows that student participation in these situations should increase when implementing this method, while teachers can also provide more support. This research suggests improving these aspects by creating gamification strategies that can be easily replicated in other environments. This study was conducted for a chemistry course at a university in central Mexico. This plan describes in detail short, medium and long-term funding that motivates and inspires students and achieves various goals. We also present the results of an interview conducted with 48 engineering students to find out their views on how games can increase motivation and engagement in learning the subject of chemistry. In addition, pre- and post-attendance tests are included to determine if there are changes in learning outcomes. The results showed that games increase student motivation and engagement, improve positive attitudes, improve behaviors such as keeping a camera during lessons and going on time, and improve student grades. This study fills in the need for a strategic plan to help improve student motivation in online classes and suggests tools to measure the results. It can be useful for those who are interested in applying or adapting it to other disciplines.

The education of science students is becoming more difficult, complicated by the recent epidemic that forced educational institutions to start distance learning to continue the education of students [1]. This situation is difficult for students to understand, so the environment should be well prepared to keep their attention and participation. In many cases, the students are not ready to face this new reality. Therefore, the educational process during the pandemic includes tools for understanding the topics presented in a completely digital environment.

Digital pedagogy aims for structured learning and adaptation in virtual environments; Their new design must create a teaching-learning environment that maximizes student experience and outcomes [2, 3]. These teaching methods include methods that promote active learning, involving students solving real-life problems [4].

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One of the techniques used in online learning is gamification, which has attracted a lot of attention in recent decades due to its effect on increasing engagement and happiness. work [5]. Gamification is a process where different game strategies and mechanics are used in non-game areas to improve user engagement and motivation [6]. This process aims to engage users in a social process that motivates them to participate in the process of a given task [7, 8]. The basic idea is to take things from games and implement them in real-life situations, usually to stimulate certain behaviors [9, 10], aiming to support and encourage the user in the targeted behavior , such as participating in educational programs [11] ].

Gamification is considered innovative and can be applied in a variety of situations. According to the newspaper, there are different ways in which this tool can be adapted to the learning environment. One of the areas that players can effectively influence is online learning [12], where one of its advantages is to address problems such as lack of student motivation. In education, there are various methods associated with game design to improve your relationship with students. These methods allow students to develop academic, social, and intellectual [13] due to their ability to create a sense of power to get work done and to work together, among other related values game [14].

Previous studies considered games as a didactic method that supports the professional skills of students, increases the sense of community, improves the way content is learned, and enriches [15].

This research is important because of the importance of creating an effective learning space, so the contribution of this plan is to improve the relationship between employees and to improve motivation [16]. A dance event motivates the user to engage in certain behaviors or actions [11]. They help students to commit long and persevere to achieve the results of the educational program. Although there are many studies on this topic, gamification still has good potential for further research, especially its impact on learner motivation.

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Among the main elements of the game are badges, leaderboards (PBL) [13], awards, certificates, achievement levels and various feedbacks, which will be used appropriately to achieve relational thinking and involvement in the problem, content, and purpose. audience [17]. However, games alone do not make people more motivated [18]. Principles must be applied to be successful in the implementation of the game, [19] such as:

We used these organizational principles and strategies that we developed, aiming to increase the motivation of students to study in this study.

Gamification aims to increase student participation and engagement in science teaching, making students more confident and better at learning, especially for subjects that require abstract thinking such as chemistry. A study conducted on chemistry students [20] seeks to increase motivation since students often consider the content of the chemistry curriculum to be unfamiliar and challenging to learn, mainly due to the difficulty of combining chemistry with the world they live in. Therefore, the authors used a hybrid game (combining a football game with an instrument) to study organic acids and bases, while students continued the game by practicing the knowledge gained in the game class [21]. The study showed that the game improved the relationship between students and improved the results obtained in tests with little supervision from their teacher.

Another experience was made in the XMOOC course in Mexico on the topic of energy and clean technology [22]. In this learning experience, the authors included gamification and analyzed its results in three areas: intellectual, social and emotional. In this course, activities that promote self-management of learning are included, using things like immediate feedback, multiple attempts, boards, and badges [23]. The results showed that 90% of the participants agreed that they felt more motivated and confused than traditional methods. The authors believe that this approach can improve the experience of participants in these courses and online courses.

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Finally, another study conducted on the ocean science system used game-based learning to develop science skills in students based on the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA). After applying the technique to an experimental group, they gained better skills than those who did not do these exercises. This model touched on the participants’ ability to learn and question. The authors suggested further research on the positive effects of gamification programs on these skills [24]. Although the studies reported are positive, considering the effect on motivation and interest, we also wanted to examine whether the motivation is a motivation such as a reward (where the learners can see their engagement decreases when they no longer receive them) [25]. or if motivation is important and makes students interested in learning. Therefore, the following section examines the concepts and dimensions that are evaluated through the instrument used in this study to measure motivation and commitment.

Many studies report student motivation and engagement as important factors in achieving high levels of success and completion of their studies. Motivation is an internal process that gives a person the energy to direct his efforts towards satisfying his needs

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