Artisanal And Craftsmanship Insurance Benefits In Europe

Artisanal And Craftsmanship Insurance Benefits In Europe – We offer a wide range of technical liability insurance for your business. Our policy is designed specifically for designers and is suitable for any type of craft business.

We know that attending trade shows and fairs and having your own booth comes with its risks and uncertainties. Build a solid foundation for your craft business, all at an affordable price.

Artisanal And Craftsmanship Insurance Benefits In Europe

If you attend craft fairs in the UK, you will find that many organizers require proof of insurance before they will allow you to sell your products. Often, they require proof of your public liability and product cover, up to a certain premium.

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We understand this pressure and therefore we ensure that your policy documents are easily accessible and emailed to fair coordinators. This will save you time and effort!

While many insurance companies limit the number of shows you can attend, it automatically covers an unlimited number throughout the year. This includes craft fairs, exhibitions and shows across the UK.

When attending trade shows and craft fairs, you should have public and product liability insurance. We provide this service automatically and can also provide you with additional protection options if you need them.

The flexible nature of our insurance policies makes us the right choice for small and large engineering companies.

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Speak to one of our team members today to learn more about what we can offer you and your DIY business, regardless of size.

We love craft shows and exhibitions. It’s a great way to showcase your craft and talent to the community and craft industry. By attending these fairs, you can get a lot of publicity and make your craft business visible.

Not only do industry leaders regularly attend craft shows, they’re also a great place to see other people’s ideas and get inspired.

We can provide your craft business with high value fair trade insurance to protect you against potential losses. We offer policies that cover you while you are there and in your home or workshop, as well as traveling to and from the show.

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We do not limit the number of craft fairs you can attend. We understand that fairs are an important part of the craft industry in the UK, so we deliberately avoid restrictions on what attendance is allowed. We also offer insurance for your crafts at exhibitions across the EU!

If you are a regular shopper at trade shows and other events, it can provide you with special craft store insurance.

Our streamlined online system keeps your booth policy documents readily available so you can quickly and easily send them to event organizers before setting up your booth.

Any shop at a craft event should be aware of the potential risks of selling their products and crafts to the public. If people are hurt at your booth or have a problem with your product, they can take legal action against you.

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With craft insurance, you and your shop are protected against any eventuality and you can enjoy the event knowing your craft business is fully protected.

Yes it’s possible! Our policies can be quickly configured, ensuring you are covered for any event you wish to attend. Fill out our online form or start your policy by phone with us as soon as possible. Your documents will be sent to you once the process is complete, which means you will have all the details ready to be checked by the Technical Event Manager. Now go make that craft booth!

What other auto insurance policies do you offer? Our craft insurance policies are comprehensive and cover many other aspects of craft production and marketing – this is how we can ensure craft businesses of all sizes are fully covered. These include: Liability Insurance Product Liability Insurance A member of our expert team will discuss your needs with you to better understand your business and its needs. We aim to gather valuable information that will help us create a policy tailored specifically to you – we will learn about the products you create and the potential risks associated with this craft. Do you offer one-day public liability insurance for craft fairs? Yes, we have a special 3 day maintenance insurance policy in addition to our standard annual insurance. Short term insurance offers the public liability insurance required to sell at a trade show or exhibition but covers you for 3 business days. Insuring your craft shop at trade shows and craft fairs Our policies cover all aspects of crafting, so whether you’re attending a friendly craft fair, a professional fair or have a booth at a specialist craft fair, we’ve got you covered. Having one well-organized policy is easier than putting many together, so let’s get started today. If you regularly attend fairs and trade shows – or want to start – and want to fully protect your business, please use our free online quoting service or contact us to speak to a member of our team. Our easy-to-use online quoting is fully automated. system to give you the best price instantly. You can even purchase your policy on the spot, giving you peace of mind the next time you’re setting up a DIY booth! trending_flat Contact us

Click the link below and take the first step toward a presentation tailored to your business’s unique needs. There are good opportunities for blanket sellers in the middle and upper end of the European market, but competition is fierce. Adding value must be delivered through design, craftsmanship, sustainability and storytelling. In order to be allowed to enter the European market, EU requirements (law) must be followed, as well as any additional or special requirements that the buyer may have.

Craft Fair Insurance

Blankets and bullets must meet certain requirements to be admitted to the European market. For a more detailed overview, see our report on home decor and home textiles (HDHT) shopper demand.

The General European Product Safety Directive (2001/95/EC) is the legal framework that states that all products sold in the European Union (EU) must be safe for use. Dangerous products are rejected at European borders or withdrawn from the market. The EU uses a security gateway system to list and share information about these products.

In 2021, the European Commission adopted a proposal for a General Product Safety Regulation, which replaced the current directive. The new law will apply fully throughout the EU.

The European Textile Regulation states that textile products must be labeled so that consumers know what they are buying. This regulation applies to all products containing at least 80% (by weight) of textile fibers. The product must have a label indicating its full fiber composition and, where applicable, the presence of non-textile parts of animal origin. Labels must be durable, easy to read, visible, accessible and printed in all official national languages ​​of the European countries where the product is sold.

Entering The European Market For Basketry

There is no EU-wide legislation on the use of symbols for washing instructions and other aspects of garment care. To provide clear information to consumers, you must follow the ISO 3758:2012 standard when using pictorial symbols in care labelling.

The Packaging Directive (94/62/EC) aims to prevent or reduce the impact of packaging and packaging waste on the environment. Therefore, buyers can ask exporters to reduce the use of packaging and/or use sustainable (recyclable) materials. The new EU Circular Economy Action Plan identifies packaging as one of the most resource-intensive sectors with high circular potential. All packaging on the European market must be reused or recycled in an economically viable way by 2030. To achieve this goal, the Packaging Directive will be revised.

Europe also has a demand for wood-based packaging materials (WPM) used for transportation, such as packing boxes and pallets. The aim is to prevent the introduction and spread of organisms harmful to plants or plant products in the EU.

Social and environmental sustainability requirements are becoming more and more common in the European market. This includes requirements related to raw materials and sustainable production processes, as well as the company’s impact on the environment and the well-being of employees and society. This topic can be included in the “story” behind the product and the company. Buyers appreciate a good story because it helps them create an emotional connection with their customers.

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The growing importance of sustainability was reflected in the recent Maison et Objet Barometer, where 62% of HDHT retailers said they had noticed an increasing interest among their customers in ethical products. According to them, 92% of their customers think that natural materials are (very) important, 77% value socially responsible production methods and 71% care about recycled/recycled materials.

Standards such as ISO 14001 and SA 8000 can be consulted

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