Apply For Us Tourist Visa From Canada – If I had a dollar for every time I got that question, I would be very rich by now. This is easily the most asked question on our social channels. We will make sure to answer this in the FAQ section of our visa posts. Yet, we still get a lot of messages about it. It is not difficult to understand why. Of the documents that embassies usually require from applicants, this may be the most unclear and the most complicated.

First of all, nothing and no one can guarantee the approval of your visa application. You can have a large sum on your account and still be denied a visa. Whether your application is approved or rejected depends on a smorgasbord of reasons. Yes, financial capability is one of them, but only one of them. The other requirements must be equally, if not more, satisfactory.

Apply For Us Tourist Visa From Canada

But how much is enough? In this article, I will try to answer in detail this burning question and all the other questions that we usually get about the money scene. Vince and I are compiling everything we know about the subject so that we have just one page to link to when asked about it.

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However, note that I do not work for any consulate or embassy. These are all assumptions based on patterns and similarities we see in our applications, conversations with travel agents, and the experiences of our family, friends, and support team members. Most of the review process is not visible to outsiders. At the end of the day, it’s an exercise in making educated guesses.

Show money is a colloquial term for the funds you can access while traveling. It is called “demonstration money” because it is necessary to show some proof of this amount, usually in the form of a bank certificate or a statement of account. It’s not called show money because it’s just for “show.” The money you provide must be genuine and yours.

Most embassies require visa applicants to provide proof of financial status. On the surface, it appears that they do this to ensure that applicants can adequately support themselves during the trip (financial capacity). But it’s actually much deeper than that.

Beyond financial viability, they are also concerned about sustainability. Let’s discuss chronicity first, as we will refer to it often in this article.

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Rootedness refers to how strong a relationship is in your country. This is often supported by job stability, property ownership and personal relationships. But financial stability can also be a factor, and you can also check your bank statements.

Remember, many applicants try to get a tourist visa just for sightseeing, but once they arrive at their destination, they will stay longer and work there. We Filipinos are famous for this. We coined a song for it: TNT, “tago nang tago”, referring to the act of constantly hiding from the police or immigration authorities. In other words, you must show that your life here in the Philippines is good and stable and that you have no reason to stay abroad.

They have every right to reject anyone they suspect will not contribute to their economy or violate their laws. Having a good financial standing is one of the ways to reduce doubts and ensure that you have a good life here and have no reason to stay or work in their country.

But there are cases where the immigration officers ask according to the country. I will talk more about that below.

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Different embassies have different rules. For example, the Japanese embassy only requires a bank certificate. Australian and Canadian embassies only require a bank statement. Chinese, Korean and most Schengen embassies require both a certificate and a declaration.

The duration of coverage also varies. For a Korean visa, you must submit the transactions within the last three months. Four months is enough for Canada visa. For Chinese, Schengen and most other visas, six months is the requirement.

The rules vary from bank to bank. For example, in my experience, BDO requires you to keep these documents from the branch where you opened your account. You cannot get it from any other branch. I’ve tried several times but they always ask to see my branch personally. One of my accounts is out of state so I always have to go there to check it off the need list.

On the other hand, BPI allows its customers to access these documents from any of their branches. It is suitable for me now that I have moved to another address. My first BPI branch is quite far from where I live now but I don’t need to go there to claim.

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Service charges often apply. Try to get a copy of the official receipt as well, as some embassies require it to be attached to the document.

There’s no one-ring-to-buy-all answer because it depends on many factors: the country you’re going to, the length of your trip, and the itinerary you’re putting in.

My personal rule is P10, 000 per day + flight cost + hotel cost. But that’s just me. I will explain below.

Most embassies do not specify exactly how much money you must have in your bank account. One exception is that the Chinese Embassy requires you to have at least P100,000 in your bank account, as do some travel agencies.

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That said, some embassies specify how much “pocket money” you should have per day when visiting their country. example:

I guess the main thing to remember here is that the amount you have should be proportional to the length of your stay. For example, if you only have P100, 000, don’t apply for a 59-day stay because that will obviously raise a lot of questions about whether you can afford the trip.

Add the total to the cost of flights and accommodation and you should have a small balance in your bank account. The bottom line is, they need to make sure you don’t burn through all your life savings during the trip and still be able to live comfortably. Again, it’s also about chronicity.

It’s complicated, I know. That’s why I follow my personal rule: P10, 000 per day + airfare + hotel.

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As I said before, embassies will check the details of your financial documents. According to a friend of mine who was a visa officer, they are trained to spot inconsistencies and anomalies, and it is very easy to do so. If you see that some things do not match or there are unusual transactions, eyebrows will be raised.

This can be done for Japan. When applying for a Japanese visa with a sponsor, the applicant can choose not to submit a bank certificate and instead submit proof of funds from the sponsor. The burden shifts to the sponsor.

It will even affect your application. For most visas like Korean, Canadian and Schengen, even if you have a sponsor, you will still need to submit your own bank documents. You may have the means to finance your trip through someone else, but they still need to see money to ensure your stability and stability.

It will be a very dangerous step. A newly opened bank account can raise some red flags because it looks like you opened one to apply for a visa, which is not the case.

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If you plan to visit visa-free countries in the future, even if you haven’t applied for a visa recently, it’s a good idea to open a bank account as soon as possible. We have discussed this in a separate post: Long term arrangements for visa application!

If you are an employee and you are suggesting the latter, it still depends on what type of payment account you have. But yes, I tried to use it for visa application a few times when I was a corporate slave and never had any problems. I think it’s important that your payroll meets the following:

If not, if your paycheck doesn’t have enough money, you can deposit it with your other bills to make a stronger case. I like to enter my salary account where my money is coming from and it matches my COE and ITR.

I don’t know if you can use this account if you are an employer and refer to the former. I didn’t do it (as an employer).

Tourist Visa Canada By Desireland On Dribbble

For the past few years, I have been using two joint accounts when applying for visas: one with my business partner (AND account) and one with my mother (OR account).

I’ve used the OR account before and had no problems. But I have never used my BA account

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