8 Ways to Start a Thrift Shop Business, Little Capital Large Profit!

limogesporcelainboxes.com – Thrift shop is currently increasingly popular with many people from various generations. How not, by shopping at Thrift Shop, you can get goods with quality like new, but the price is much cheaper. You can even get items from famous brands.

Coupled with technological advances, thrifting (shopping for used goods) can now be done online. Try, search on Instagram using the keyword ‘Thrift Shop’, there must be a lot of online shops that sell these used items. The Thrift Shop business coupled with a marketing strategy that is okay can indeed be a source of money. Interested in starting the business? Come on, see how!

What is Thrift Shop?

Thrift shop is selling used goods (second hand) such as clothing, books, and household equipment. Although used, but the items sold have good quality and some are even like new. There are many used items that can be sold, but the most famous is clothing because it follows a very fast change in trend.

If you sell your own used goods, the name is not a thrift shop but preloved. The most fundamental difference between thrift shop and preloved is, if the thrift shop, the used item you sell is the purchase of suppliers or importers. If preloved, that’s our own used items.

Tips for starting a Thrift Shop business!

Interested in starting a Thrift Shop business yourself? Here are 8 ways you can try!

1. Determine the target market and products to be sold

There are many Thrift Shop products that you can sell: Can be bags, watches, electronic goods, books, clothing, or household appliances. From each product, the target market can be different. For example, household appliances target market is more to housewives or boarding children. But, the target market and electronic goods are different again.

Therefore, determine what products you want to sell. This focus can make it easier to determine the target market, build the characteristics of stores, create content, and others.

For example, now the trend of people who like Korean -style clothes whose concepts are simple, cute, and pastel colors. From here, you can determine the concept of product photos, Instagram feeds, brand names, packaging, and marketing content.

2. Find and select the right supplier

Next is to find the right supplier to meet the needs of the stock of goods. Actually, you can look for your used goods that you will sell with Thrifting, for example to the market, or to the Market. Of course it takes a long time to choose one by one. You can also get stock through suppliers, can be domestically or from abroad. For used clothes, usually sent in 1 large sack.

In choosing a supplier, you need to compare one supplier to another. Because usually, different suppliers are different price, different number of goods obtained, and different facilities as well.

Even though selling used items, but you can add labels, stickers, or thank you cards with your name and logo. In addition to introducing your brand, this can also make buyers feel like buying new clothes. At present, the clothes from the Thrift Shop that are sold are mostly washed, ironed or wrapped, and wrapped one by one.

4. Maintain the cleanliness of the product

Thrift shop products do have good quality, but, usually these products are sent in large quantities from abroad. So, it is important to maintain the cleanliness of its products. For example, clothes sent in large sacks, surely the clothes are tangled and don’t know clean or not.

Therefore, the product must be washed or evaporated, and ironed first before being sold. Why important? Maintaining the cleanliness of the product, means maintaining your health as a seller, maintaining the cleanliness of the storage area, and if the clothes are neat more easily and interesting when the product photo.

5. Perform product photos

To market products online, of course you need photos of their products to be uploaded on social media, e-commerce, or marketplaces. “It’s complicated, isn’t it a product photo sis?”

Product photos don’t have to be in a special photo studio. You can do it at home using a cellphone. What is important is the laying of goods, lighting, and how to take pictures.

For example like this, clothing products are hung on the wall using a hanger. The walls used are plain colors so consumers will focus on their products. There is also an example of the use of products to give shadows to consumers as to what the product is used.

6. Determine the selling price of the product

So that the business runs smoothly, you need to know how to calculate the selling price well. Of course in order to be able Roleh profit. If you sell it too cheap, you won’t get profit, but if sold too expensive, no one wants to buy the goods later.

So, calculating the selling price must be adjusted to the market price, quality of goods, operational costs, capital, and others. You must also adjust the selling price of the product quality, don’t let you give a price too expensive for the quality of the product that is inappropriate.

7. Market the product

After the product photo and the price of the goods already exist, it’s time to market the product. You can sell it in various online media. For example, on Instagram, Tiktok Shop, Facebook Marketplace, and put it in e-commerce.

If you intend to use several media at once, it means you must be prepared to produce different marketing content as well. Because there are social media that focus on photos, some are going to the video. For example, tiktok is more to the video, while Instagram can both: photos and videos (reels).

Don’t forget to provide the information needed, yes. For example captions on Instagram or Facebook that include brands, sizes, materials, prices, and disability or not. Because some Thrift Shop products are usually disabled, for example: small holes, loose buttons, or stains.

8. Create the right marketing strategy

The Thrift Shop business can be cuan if accompanied by the right marketing strategy. This marketing strategy you can adjust again to the target market and the selling media you choose. For example, the target market for young people in the age of 20 years, social media such as Instagram and Tiktok can be the right promotional media because it is the media most often accessed by them.


In addition, the marketing content used must also be in accordance with each media, yes. For example, you can promote via Live Tiktok. Or live on e-commerce, usually Shopee also holds live together with certain store sellers to promote their sales products.

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