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650 Credit Score Used Auto Loan Interest Rate

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Credit Score Statistics

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Here’s The Average Credit Score By Age: See Where You Stand — Tally

Porsche has overtaken Tesla for the highest average credit score by AutoMake, according to new research. Our researchers analyzed more than 38,000 used auto loans on the platform to rank 30 car brands according to their buyers’ average credit scores for the second year in a row. Porsche buyers had the highest average credit score of 725, down from their 727 average last year. Here’s what else our researchers found.

The top two on our list — Porsche (725) and Tesla (717) — are the only ones with average credit scores above 700, according to our analysis. It makes sense that people buying luxury cars would need a higher credit score, as these manufacturers offer some of the more expensive vehicles.

When previously researching which brands borrowers stretched their finances the most to buy, we determined that people paid an average of $54,234 to buy a used Tesla and $54,234 to buy a used Porsche. spent $42,173, with average monthly payments of $818 and $635, respectively. .

Land Rover, Volvo and Audi took our next spots for highest average credit scores from lenders approved for auto loans. Although not as much as the Tesla and Porsche, all three were built between the 690 and 692. Volvo and Audi were both in the top five in last year’s study, but Land Rover finished just outside at number 6.

What Is The Highest Credit Score

Buyers of fellow luxury auto brands Mercedes-Benz, Lincoln, Infiniti and Cadillac had lower average credit scores – 672, 669, 665 and 663, respectively.

Of the four brands, Infiniti saw the most movement year-over-year. Last time, Infiniti had an average credit score of 677, or No. 19 on the list. This time, Infiniti’s 665 average was No. 23, also showing the highest credit score difference of the four.

Kia and Nissan, known as low-cost automakers, bring up the rear with the lowest average credit scores of people approved for used auto loans: 654 and 657, respectively. Chrysler (which was at the bottom in last year’s study), Buick and Cadillac were in the neighborhood, with average scores of 659, 662 and 663, respectively.

Cadillac is the only new entry in the bottom five in this group, even though its buyers’ credit scores have changed only five points — on average — between the two years.

Best Auto Loan Rates & Car Finance Lenders (sep 2023)

In most cases, luxury brand buyers’ higher average credit scores correlate with their greater ability to afford their own cars. As researchers found in a previous study, Tesla and Porsche were the most affordable for their owners. Now we found that these same buyers also had the highest average credit scores.

However, while MINI buyers were third in the previous study for being able to afford their cars, the new data shows they had an average credit score towards the lower end of the spectrum — 667.

This may suggest that people who qualify for an auto loan for a used Mini have a relatively low average credit score, but still find the vehicle affordable due to a good income.

The highest average credit score dropped from 740 in last year’s survey to 725 this time. In each year studied, though, only two brands — Porsche and Tesla — topped 700.

Best Private Party Auto Loans And Rates (2023)

The lowest average credit scores also fell, but by fewer points. Chrysler, Kia and Nissan again performed with the lowest average consumer credit scores, but they played musical chairs. Chrysler jumped two spots and pushed Nissan to the bottom two positions. The lowest credit score in this year’s version was only two points lower (656 for last year vs. 654 this year).

Of the 30 we analyzed for the first time, buyers of 21 brands had average credit scores in the good range of 670 to 739 (Tesla ended up in the very good range). This time the number is reduced by three, as only 18 brands now qualify under this limit.

Waiting to hear if you’ve been approved for an auto loan can be nerve-wracking. Waiting in the middle of the coronavirus crisis could make things worse.

On top of that, buyers are flooding the market for used vehicles – and prices are rising. According to Edmonds, the average list price of a used vehicle in July was $21,558, an increase of $708 from June. For luxury midsize cars, the average list price in July was $30,241, up $1,151 from June.

Why Your Credit Score Is So Important As Interest Rates Rise

Boosting your credit score can help alleviate anxiety, improve your loan terms, and lower your APR. Here are some tips:

Automax averaged credit scores reported on anonymous inquiry forms submitted by people approved for auto loans purchased on the platform in 2019. Road – not bad, but not good or great, either. With a fair credit score, you may find it difficult to get approved for certain credit cards or loans with favorable terms and rates. Knowing how to read and understand your free credit scores and free credit reports from Credit Karma can help you take your credit to the next level.

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What Kind Of Home Loan Can I Get With A 650 Credit Score?

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A credit score of 650 is generally a fair score. Although many people have reasonable scores, you may still find it difficult to get approved for credit with a score in this range without high fees and interest rates.

Credit scores are numbers that lenders use to help decide how risky you might be to lend. Higher scores signal to lenders that you may be more likely to repay the loan. While a fair credit score can be a relatively middle ground, having fair credit can make it difficult to qualify for certain loans and credit cards. You may find that accessing these and other types of credit requires you to pay more in fees or agree to a higher interest rate.

Should You Ever Close A Credit Card If It Will Hurt Your Credit Score?: Money Matters

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