3 Ways to Start a Clothing Online Shop Business from Zero

limogesporcelainboxes.com – Clothing online business is a business that is often chosen because it has many enthusiasts. How to start an online shop business for those of you who plan to play it can be done in three ways, namely by creating your own brand, becoming a reseller, or becoming a dropshipper.

How to start a brand clothes online shop business

Many people dream of having an online -shirt business with their own brand. If you are one of the people who dream the same and intend to make it happen, you can follow the steps to start your own online brand clothes business.

1. Product research and determine the concept of clothes

The first step to start an online shop for clothes is to determine the concept of clothes that will be sold. To help determine the concept, you can do product research. You can see market needs, trends, or other clothing brands that are on the rise.

2. Determine the name of the brand

After determining the type and concept of clothes to be sold, the next step is to determine the name of the brand. Make sure the name of the brand is unique, but easy to remember. Then, also make sure the brand name represents the clothing products you sell.

3. Create a Business Plan

Business Plan is a business design that contains plans for how the business will be run. Creating a business plan can make it easier for you to execute and run your clothes online shop. You can try making simple business plans like Business Model Canvas.

4. Prepare capital

Because you decide to make an onlineshop clothes with your own brand instead of becoming a reseller or dropshipper, then you will need a greater amount of capital. You will use the capital for the production process, marketing, and other business operational activities.

5. Find Supplier and Screen Printing Vendor

After the capital is ready, the next step is to find suppliers and screen printing vendors (if the concept of clothes you are going to sell is a screening clothes). You can find a cloth supplier or convection supplier according to the needs and concepts of clothes from your own brand.

6. Promotion and sales

When everything is ready, then you can directly promote and sell your products through online promotional platforms that you have previously designed on your business plan.

How to start a clothes online shop business by becoming a reseller

If for you to create an online shop business with your own brand requires too much capital, being a reseller can be an alternative way you can choose from. Reseller itself is a term for someone who buys products and then resold.

This method is certainly much easier and cheaper than the previous way because you don’t need to produce your own products. If you are interested in trying it, here are the steps.

1. Determine the type of clothes

As in the previous way, the first step you have to do is determine the concept or type of clothes that you will sell. If you don’t have a preference, you can determine it with the help of market research.

2. Find Supplier

Next, look for supplier of clothes products you want to sell. If possible, you can look for suppliers who receive purchases in large quantities or provide packages for resellers. That way, you can get goods at lower prices than prices for consumers.

3. Buy product stock

If you have found the right supplier, then you can buy a product as a stock. You can buy it with the amount you want or as needed.

4. Photo and market

After the product is in your hand, the last step to start online shop shops as a reseller is a product photo and marketing it through online sales platforms, such as social media or e-commerce.

How to start a clothes online shop business as a dropshipper

Want to have an online shop business without capital? The dropship system allows you to make it happen. Dropship is a system where the seller (dropshipper) can sell goods without the need to buy the product or stock it first.

If you are interested in this concept, see the steps to start an online shop business as the following dropshipper.

1. Determine the concept of clothes you want to sell

Just like the two previous ways, determining the concept is the first step that must be done to start an online shop business. To help determine the concept of clothes, you can analyze the trend of clothes on your target market.

2. Look for suppliers who receive dropship

The next step is to look for suppliers who receive dropship because not all stores receive a dropship system where the delivery is carried out by the supplier on behalf of your store. So, it is important to ensure your supplier is open with a dropship system.

3. Market the product

The third and last step is to market the product using photos provided by the supplier. For the dropship system, it is recommended that you Sarakan is outside the e-commerce platform with an automatic receipt to facilitate the process of sending goods from suppliers to your customers.


There are three ways to start an online shop business, namely by making your own brand, becoming a reseller, or using a dropship system without capital. You can choose the way that best suits your needs. Good luck!

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