11 Ways to Start a Fashion Business with Your Own Brand

limogesporcelainboxes.com – Want to start a fashion business? Happy! Your choice is right! In the online market, fashion products are the best -selling products every year. This shows, the need for fashion products in Indonesia is getting higher.

But don’t fall asleep yet. Although the chances of success in fashion business look brilliant, the possibility of this business failed can also occur. There are many factors causing the staging of the fashion business in the middle of the road.

What is a fashion business?

Fashion business is a business idea that sells various products related to fashion. Starting from clothes, pants, jackets, underwear, suits, to accessories. In other words, fashion products are products that function to beautify the wearer.

Fashion business is also one type of business that will continue to grow. Because fashion trends will continue to change in every period. In addition, the market niche in this business is quite a lot. Starting from the target market of young people, men, women, children, sports lovers, and many more.

But, you don’t need to worry. Because basically how to start a fashion business or home -based clothing business is not as complicated as that. To prove it, let’s look at the next section!

11 Ways to Start a Fashion Business

Starting a fashion business should not be careless. It is very important to do the right ways from the beginning. Wrong, your business can stop in the middle of the road. You certainly don’t want this to happen to your business, right?

In this chapter, you will find a way to start the right fashion business. So, make sure you listen to every point carefully, yes. Ready? Okay, let’s start.

1. Perform product research

Product research is the first step to determine what products you will sell. This step is important. You can’t just choose the product you want to sell. Also, you also cannot choose products only with personal assumptions.

You need data according to market conditions. That way the product you choose can later be accepted by the market. Well, here are some ways you can do to do product research.

  • Observe market trends. It is very important to know what fashion trends are being hit. Relax, there are many ways you can do to analyze fashion trends.
  • Check on Google Trends. Google Trends is a feature of Google that can quickly analyze the number of searches for certain keywords. You can also compare several types of products to see more sought after. In addition to observing trends on Google, you also need to look at trends on social media. There you can find various photos or videos of fashion products that are reviewed by several people or influencers. Simply type the keyword fashion product you want to find with hashtag (#) in the search tab. In the top tab you will see the keyword product that is much liked (like).
  • Survey to consumers In addition to observing via the internet, you can do a survey to find out the products needed and liked by consumers. Make a simple online survey to make it easier to do. You can use some social media to spread this survey and get more respondents.

2. Get to know the target market

Recognizing the target market when starting a business is very important. By knowing the target market, you can create products that are preferred and needed. Market targets can also help you to create the right product marketing strategy.

However, do you know what is a target market? The target market is the people who are the target of sales of your product. Usually the target market will have the same characteristics both in terms of habits, demographics, and others.

Then, how to recognize your business target market? Here are the ways you can do to find out your target market.

  • Through your assumptions

As per the title, you only need to assume who is the most strategic target market? For example, you sell female formal shirt products. Who will buy your product? Office woman? Student? Teacher?

  • See from your competitors

Try to look at your competitor products. Then try the analysis who is the target of the buyer? You can also get gaps and create products that are superior to your competitors.

  • Communication with consumers

Recognizing the target market can also be done by talking directly with prospective customers. For that, try asking for advice about the fashion business from your closest friends or colleagues. What fashion products do they need and like? How much is the right price for the product? Are certain colors their choice?

  • Make a buyer persona

Buyer Persona is a picture of the target market that you are targeting. You can make this picture with the research and information you have collected before. With Persona Buyer, you can develop products appropriately. Now, to better understand the target market, you can read the important article to recognize the target market for your business.

3. See your business competitors

Maybe in your mind wondering, why so much about competitors? In starting any business, including fashion business, you need to study competitors. Starting from the advantages and disadvantages of their products, marketing methods, to distribution. From this information you can make strong competitive products. To study your competitors, there are several steps you can take.

  • Grouping competitors

There are a lot of competitors out there. You can start grouping them into several categories, namely the main competitors, secondary competitors, and tertiary competitors.

The main competitor is a business that has the same target market as your business. For example, you and competitors both make Muslim clothing fashion businesses for adult women. Secondary competitors are businesses that sell the same products, but the target markets are different.

For example you have a women’s shoe business for women, so your competitors are men’s special shoes business. Tertiary competitors are businesses that do not directly compete with your target market. However, they produce products that are still directly related to your product.

  • Learn competitor products

After grouping competitors, you can start focusing on several competitors. Especially your main competitors. Now, try to learn products from your competitors. Pay attention to what the advantages and disadvantages of your competitors’ products.

Take advantage of the weaknesses of competitors’ products to create superior products. Because by offering what competitors don’t have, you can have the opportunity to win the market. For example, after studying competitors’ products, you know that the raw materials of competitors are not good. You can make products with ingredients that are better than your competitors.

  • Visiting competitors’ websites

Visiting competitors’ websites is important. Try to pay attention to every detail of the website. Starting from the appearance of the website, description of each product, to how fast the website loading.

Then, is responsive on mobile devices? Do they have a blog or special promotion page?. From the results of competitors’ website analysis you can create a better website than a competitor online store website.

  • Visit the social media of competitors

In addition to the official website, you also need to analyze competitors’ social media. Find out what competitors’ posts are like. Are they responsive to customer comments? Are they promoting through influencers? If so, who?

  • See competitors’ reviews

Not enough to see the advantages and disadvantages of websites and social media, you also need to see how customer reviews to competitors. From the product review, you will get information about the advantages to the shortcomings of competitors.

You can mimic strategies that get positive reviews from customers and create a better strategy than negative reviews. That way, you can be superior.

  • Compare competitor prices

The price factor is still often a consumer consideration when buying a product. So, it is very important that you compare the price of product with all your competitors. What is the price range for the same product on the market?

4. Create a Business Plan (Business Plan)

After determining business products, recognizing targets, to analyze competitors, now you need to make a more concrete business plan.

Business planning or business plan can be said as your business concept. This business plan will later become your guidelines for running a business. Therefore, you should not make it carelessly.

5. Prepare a budget or capital

In starting a fashion business or clothing business, the role of capital is very important. However, a little or many capital is not the only determinant of the success of your business.

The most important thing is you must be very clever to manage and manage capital to start a fashion business. For that, you need to make a budget details correctly. You need to record all your business expenditure plans.

To be more structured and not confusing, we make a simple table of fashion business capital plans. This table can be changed according to the details of your fashion business needs.

6. Prepare your product

Your fashion product must be that the product can compete with competitors, as much as possible your product provides updates and advantages that are not owned by competitors.

So, it is very important that you present quality original products. To getOriginal products, you certainly have to think about the design of the product, choose quality ingredients, and start looking for producers to produce your products.

Well, let’s discuss one by one the steps to create these quality products.

  • Product design

Creating quality products starting from a design. Armed with research and knowledge about products, you can make products that are preferred and in demand by many people.

We have some tips on making your fashion product design.

  • Create a signature style

One of the differentiator of your product with competitors can come from the characteristics or typical style of your product. The typical style makes it easy for customers to remember and get to know your product.

For example, a typical design style of Bottega Veneta bag. The design is quite simple, which is in the form of horizontal woven.

  • Example Signature Style

So you can make a strong signature style, try to make a philosophical design. For example, the German fashion brand A Kind of Guise which makes the product of the season with the theme. The theme was apparently inspired by the style of culture.

  • The right color selection

Color is very important for a fashion product. Color selection can be a determining factor for product purchases. Color selection can be done based on the concept of the product that you have created. Oh yes, you can also determine the color of the product based on the color trend at that time.

There are also bag products from Aesthetics pleasure. Bag fashion lovers must have memorized the typical colors of this product. Yep! Only black. That is what makes this product very typical and proven to be in demand by many fashion bag lovers in Indonesia. Typical color of aesthetic pleasure

  • Choose the best ingredients

A good product design is not enough to make customers satisfied with your product. Product quality is often a determinant of buyer satisfaction.

Even according to experts, product quality is a major factor in customer satisfaction. So it is very important to choose the raw materials for products that are appropriate and quality.

For example for fashion clothing products, the things you need to pay attention to are the type of fabric used, the color of the fabric, and the fabric motif.

  • Look for producers

After designing the product and choosing the best ingredients, now is the time to assemble into a quality product. If your fashion product is clothes, you don’t need to sew it yourself. You can find an okay tailor that you can rely on.

In essence, there is no need to have your own factory. You can also find quality fashion producers who have not branded to be invited to collaborate. All you have to do is label the product with your brand.

This method has been used by many successful fashion entrepreneurs in Indonesia. One of them is a famous fashion business, Men’s Republic.

Now, to find the right manufacturer, you need to see the quality of the product work results, viewing customer reviews, and prices.

7. Create a brand logo design

Brand logo design cannot be considered trivial. Why? The brand logo can be called a brand identity that reflects your business image or concept.

Maybe you have heard that some companies redesigned their brand logos to convey their new vision and new image that customers want to see.

In other words, the fashion brand logo must be made as best as possible. Based on research, 93% of the world’s top brand logo is made with a simple design. So it is easier to remember and known by customers.

Now, to be able to better understand how to create your business logo, please visit our article about → 5 How to Create an Online Logo for Business

8. Perform product photo shoot

Marketing products without a good product photo will not be looked at by consumers. That is why, you also need to prepare the best product photo shoot. The results of this product photo shoot will later be displayed in the online shop website catalog, advertisements, and social media posts.

Make it more professional. If necessary, you rent a business idea of a special fashion photographer service for your product photo. Well, to produce interesting fashion products there are a number of things you need to prepare. Check out the following.

  • Select the appropriate model

Choosing a model for fashion products also has an important role. Just like making a photo concept, here, you must determine the model that matches the target market your product.

  • Use a white background

For product photos in your catalog, use a white background. White can make the buyer more focused on your product. Not only that, white background can also highlight the advantages of your product design.

  • Select the right photo angle

So that buyers can see your product as a whole, you must present photos of several angles. You also need to show your product details. Details such as design, material, or texture can be the advantage of your product. For this reason, photograph from a fairly close distance so that the details look clearer.

9. Create an online shop website

Did you know that there are many successful fashion businesses without having a physical store? For example, vanilla hijab. With online store websites and online promotions, this Muslim fashion business is now still growing and hunted by buyers.

Is it true? Try to think, 96% of internet users in Indonesia have been looking for products or services to buy online. Plus, according to data, the best -selling product purchased online is fashion products. So, your fashion business has a successful chance if sold online, right?

Well for that, it is very important to have your business online shop website. With an online shop website, there are many uses for your fashion business.

10. Launching Products

This is the most awaited stage when starting a business, which is launching the product. After your online shop products and websites are ready, your business means you are ready to launch. However, before actually launching the product, you need to plan the right time to launch and promote strategies.

You can make a kind of pre-launching first. For example the announcement of “Coming Soon” by displaying several products and offers. This pre-launch aims to attract buyers’ attention to your product. So when launching, many buyers visit your online store website and the potential sales of your products increases.

Well, in this pre-launch you can provide special purchase promo information when launching your product. This trick is considered effective enough to attract the attention of customers. That’s because everyone certainly likes special promos. Some fashion businesses will usually provide attractive offers when launching products. We have summarized several ways of promotion of products commonly used by fashion businesses.

  • Give discounts or special prices

Everyone likes discounts. Especially discounts up to half the price. Now on the first day of product launch, you can provide special discounts to get buyers’ engagement.

  • Buy 1 Free 1

Promotion in this way is commonly used. This method can be used to introduce your new product. Maybe not all products use this promo. You can give this promo to certain products.

  • Give a gift

The prize giving strategy to the purchase of certain goods or with a certain amount you can also apply. For example, buy 2 free t -shirt products 1 hat. This strategy can lead buyers to buy more products.

  • Free shipping fees

Free provision of shipping costs alias gratIs postage is very meaningful for buyers. Buyers can be more efficient with this promotion. You can provide this promo in a limited way. For example, the first 50 buyers only. That way the buyer will immediately check out of their shopping items.

  • Give a voucher

Unlike giving gifts, this voucher can be a discounted price for certain products right then or discounted for the purchase of further products.

  • Give a giveaway

Some fashion businesses apply giveaway to some lucky people. Usually this giveaway program is given with certain conditions. For example, you have to follow brand social media accounts, share posts, and invite others to join this giveaway as well. So, your product can be known faster widely.

After determining what promotion is right when launching the product, you can disseminate the information on your website. In addition to the website, you also need to spread it on social media, bazaar events, or cooperation with influencers.

11. Promote ads online

This step is the last step as well as a step that needs to be taken regularly. What is the purpose? The main goal is of course to increase sales of your business products.

By advertising your products online, you can reach more customers. Especially using some popular marketing tools. Your ads can be reached directly by the appropriate target market.

Here, we recommend that you use popular marketing tools to promote your business online.

  • Google Ads

Google Ads is a feature of Google that is used to display ads in Google search results. By using Google Ads, your fashion business ads can appear in search results with certain keywords.

Google Search is the most widely used search platform. According to statistical data, 91.98% search on the internet was conducted on Google Search.

That means, by using Google Ads, your ad is most likely to be seen by more people. Now, to be able to advertise your products on Google, we have provided tutorial articles. Just stop by our article → Google Ads Tutorial Complete for Beginners.

  • Instagram ads

Why should it be on Instagram? Please note that 45% of Instagram users in Indonesia buy the products they see on Instagram. Imagine if Instagram users in Indonesia there are more than 61 million users.

Another interesting fact, the age of Instagram users also varies. Starting from the age of 13 years to 65 years. Users at the age of 18-24 years are the most using Instagram or around 37.3% with the number of female users more.

  • Facebook ads

Besides Google and Instagram, Facebook Ads is also very likely to increase sales. Facebook active users in Indonesia reached 130 million users.

Facebook Ads also has features to display advertisements on target markets that suit your business. That way your ad will be more targeted. Well, we have also prepared the guide article, please see the article → the complete way to create Facebook ads.


How? How to start a fashion business is not so complicated, right? You can also be successful like fashion businesses that have been successful in this industry. The key, try to always see opportunities, create quality products, and use online platforms. If you are able to maximize the three in your business strategy, it is not impossible that your fashion business will be successful and last long.

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