11 Tips for Starting a Thrift Business to Gain Large Profits

limogesporcelainboxes.com – Thrift business is not the latest business line at this time. This type of business has indeed existed for a long time and many outlets have sold used products at low prices-especially clothing-in the market, shops, or other places. Even this business line has also penetrated into online stores, you know, friends. Not surprisingly, because the Thrift business itself is a contemporary business that is always glimpsed by many people.

In addition, friends can also start a thrift business alone because besides being able to generate large profits, the initial capital to start this business is not big. Then, how to start to generate large profits?

Check out 11 tips on starting a Thrift business below:

Tips for Starting a Thrift Business

In urban dictionary, a thrift or thrifting business is an activity of buying used clothing at the price and condition of clothing that is still good. This Thrifting Business Opportunities began since the preloved trend that sells personal items for several reasons, either because of boredom or items that are still feasible but no longer used.

Because, in fact, thrift itself means ‘SAVE’. As long as what is sold is used goods with good quality and suitable for use, the goods can be a product in this business. If you want to start this business, both online and offline, see some tips for starting a Thrift business below.

1. Make a business plan

Start a business with a mature business plan. The goal is none other than so that everything goes according to the plan, including for this thrift business.

2. Determine the target market

If your business plan is mature, the next step is to determine the target market. The importance of determining the target market to get customers on target and will buy goods from the business. This type of business is so loved by students or students who want to follow certain fashion trends.

3. Find the Right Supplier

The supplier that you choose will determine the smooth business of the thrift. So, find suppliers that have the quality of the items are quite decent and the features are still functioning properly. Also compare the prices of several suppliers so you can find out the most economical prices in accordance with the business budget you have.

4. Check the physical condition and cleanliness of the Thrift goods

The condition of the goods in this thrift business must also be confirmed to be eligibility. Including the cleanliness of goods because it greatly influences the success of the Thrifting business. Used products sold in good condition will give a positive impression.

5. Choose branded products

In the Thrift business, famous branded products will be easily sold, because they already have names and are famous. Branded goods generally have prestige values for customers, ranging from clothing, bags, or shoes. Choose a popular brand in Indonesia so that it can be sold at high prices.

6. Determine the selling price of the product

You certainly don’t want your Thrift business to lose money, right? Therefore, you need to determine the right selling price so that your Thrift business does not lose money. How do you determine it? To calculate the selling price of the product, you can adjust to the market price at that time, the quality of goods, operational costs, and capital that you spend. Do not let you sell your products at prices above the market. This results in the goods you sell not selling.

7. Make a product photo

Make photos of Friends Thrift Business Products to market products online. Use a bright background so that the results of your product photos are more clearly seen by consumers, including certain detailed photos. You can also use the model when photos of this product so consumers know your product when used in the body.

8. Market the product

Tips on starting a Thrift business is to market your product. You can market the online Thrift Shop business through various social media platforms that are widely used by people, including several popular marketplaces in the country. Also provide information related to the products that you sell, especially the condition of the goods.

9. Find strategic locations for offline stores

For friends who want to open the offline store of this Thrift Business, a strategic location and crowded with potential customers. This location is close to shopping centers and campuses, can also be in their own home environment.

10. Perform effective promotions

Also do promotions effectively and efficiently by making advertisements on social media and marketplaces to increase sales in business. Friends can also work with influencers to attract consumers, including providing attractive promotions such as discounts, giveaway, cashback, price bundling, and others.

11. Determine the product you want to sell

Determining the product or item you want to sell is also important. This is because the budget that you prepare to start this business. A number of The products include:

  • Clothes

Friends can choose clothing products when starting this thrift business. There are many types of clothes such as shirts, jackets, jeans to T -shirts. Make sure that the clothes have a brand so that the selling value is high even though used goods.

  • Wristwatch

Premium watches with well -known brands can be used as one of the thrift products that you can sell. If only a little capital you use, you can sell used local watches.

  • Bag

Bags are often traded in this thrift business. The more famous and good the brand sold, the bag you sell will be the higher the price.

  • Shoe

You can make sneakerhead as your target market. Because they are fairly fond of buying and collecting limited edition shoes.

  • Jewellery

This Thrift business product does need large capital. However, this jewelry business will also benefit you because the value of gold that continues to increase from time to time. The selling price will be even higher if the goods you sell have a certificate.

  • Book

Friends can also sell used books, such as school books, comics, limited edition books, famous magazines, to classic books. The target market is certainly a booklovers who likes to collect certain books.

  • Household Products

Friends can also sell household products such as carpets, sofas, electronic goods, to other tools. However, friends must also pay attention to every product that is sold so that customers believe and will return to the business of friends.


For friends who are interested in starting this Thrift business, friends can begin to first determine capital to determine some of the things mentioned above as preparation. This fund preparation is important so that friends can separate and plan finances carefully and do not interfere with other needs.

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