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Limoges Porcelain Boxes

This Wonderful Country (2)

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F. The Betsy Ross Flag Box. According to legend this is the first flag ever to be raised over the newly born United States. Designed by George Washington and others, and brought to Betsy Ross, Philadelphia seamstress, by the designers (in 1776), for her to construct; it had 13 stars, one for each of the new states. The story, although taught to school children for 100 plus years, is now widely disbelieved because research has shown the facts to be incorrect. Myself, I like the old story and until they come up with something better, it is the tale I will tell. The box is shaped as if the wind is ruffling it on high. Inside our five pointed star, painted. The clasp, an eagle. Our price: $127.90. NEW

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F1. The Betsy Ross and Our First Flag Box. This marvelous little box has Betsy Ross, the seamstress who sewed our first flag, in Philadelphia, in 1776, displaying the fruit of her labor. The detail on this box is quite remarkable. Her sewing box is typical of what was then used and the chair she is sitting on is in the style of Philadelphia Chippendale. The cap and the gown are typical of the period as well. Notice the wide sleeves, the deep shawl collar and the fullness of the skirt Caps were made of fabric and worn in the home. Inside, the New York skyline today, painted. The clasp, our American Eagle. Retail: About $213.00. Our price: $192.90. NEW For Cardinet Collectors, this has just arrived. Sorry, the following item is No Longer Available.
G. The U.S.S. Constitution, (nicknamed "Old Ironsides") Box. Launched in 1797, she served in three wars, engaged in more than 30 battles, was never defeated, took 33 vessels as prizes of war, and reigns today as the oldest warship still in commission on the rolls of the United States Navy. And finally, she is the only surviving member of the first fleet of ships built expressly for the United States Navy. Inside, the sun setting on the water. The clasp, the ship's wheel. Our price: $247.90.

H. The California Gold Rush Box. The discovery of gold in California came within months of the ceding of it, to the United States, by Mexico in 1848. California was not yet a state when this enormously significant event occurred. The tremendous population growth that the Gold Rush brought to California resulted in it becoming the 31st state of the union in 1850. Our box shows a gold miner panning for gold on the South Fork of The American River at Sutter's Mill, California where gold was first discovered. Inside, in gold, "California Gold Rush, 1849-1999" and a tiny removable "gold" nugget. Our price: $182.90. NEW

Did you know that California is the leading agricultural producer in the U.S.? Did you know that the total value of California's goods and services is exceeded only by that of the United States as a whole? Can you tell that I am proud of my adopted home state?

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I. The Kerosene Lantern Box. Used by the gold miners and the pioneers on their trek westward, these lamps were the main form of illumination prior to electricity being invented. Interestingly, although several patents were applied for none was ever granted on this device. Inside, the matches for lighting the lamp, painted. Best Buy at $79.90.

NOTE: The origin of the name "Old Ironsides", made famous by Oliver Wendell Holmes' poem, came in the War of 1812 when during a ferocious battle with HMS Guerriere, a sailer exclaimed, "Huzzah, her sides are made of iron!" Her hull, 25 inches thick at the waterline, constructed of three layers of oak, 2 exterior layers of white oak sandwiching live oak, one of the most durable woods in the world, completely repelled the British cannonballs.

History Buffs: If you would enjoy reading further, there is a fascinating article on the history of this ship that details the ingenuity and brilliance of her commanding officer during the engagement with the Guerriere. You can find it at:

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J. The Hurdy Gurdy Organ Grinder Box with Monkey. When I was just a tiny child these were commonly seen on "The Sidewalks of New York". As a matter fact, they often played "The Sidewalks of New York". The Organ Grinder was a "personality" in those days, almost always newly arrived in our country and usually wearing a broad brimmed hat and rather threadbare clothing. They came mostly from the Mediterranean area of Europe. Their monkeys always wore a collar and short chain and they performed all sorts of antics, dancing to the music and scrambling all over the Hurdy Gurdy and sometimes, the onlookers. When the music stopped, they would snatch the hat off the Organ Grinder's head and pass it around the little group that would have gathered to watch the performance. That was how the Organ Grinders earned their living. They wheeled the Hurdy Gurdy from neighborhood to neighborhood and the kids would always have pennies and , once in a while a nickel, to drop into the hat. A long, long time ago when life was much simpler. In the early 1940's there was a Glenn Miller hit song called "Elmer's Tune" that memorialized this strange little instrument. "The Hurdy Gurdy and The Man in The Moon, All Sing Elmer's Tune." The wheels turn, the shelf for the monkey is there, the handle to grind the instrument is there. Our price: $209.90. NEW* Very much a part of New York's history.

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When you heard the sound of "The Calliope Box" you knew the circus had come to town. In "Every Town U.S.A." the sound of the Calliope brought instant awareness that the circus parade was coming your way. It started at the rail siding where the wagons carrying the animals were unloaded and they paraded them through the streets to their ultimate location, sometimes a huge tent or, in the case of New York, the original Madison Square Garden. Always they had a Calliope because that was the single most identifiable sound of the circus. It was huge, took up an entire circus wagon, and was always lavishly decorated, as this one is. Do you know what a Calliope is? It is an organ that uses steam to generate warm air through the pipes to create musical sounds. Our Calliope Box is handsomely decorated with rococo gilding and scenic cameors all on a ground of pale blue sky with fluffy white clouds scattered about. On the front of the Calliope, the silver pipes from whence the music came. Inside, the music, painted, and the music making device. The clasp, a musician playing a lute. Just as a sidelight, the Calliope was invented in 1850 and although you don't commonly hear them anymore, they were certainly a part of life in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. (If your computer has sound capability, the music for this box is in WAV format.) The melody played is from the soundtrack of "Dr. Zhivago". Retail: $493.00. Our price: $443.90. NEW and extraordinary!

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