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The Perfect Gift Wish List and Reminder Service.

At the bottom of each catalog page there is an email Elayne link. Click on that to email me from the page and tell me which box you would like me to hold for you. If you are a previous customer and have requested that I hold your credit information then there is nothing else for you to do. I will reserve the box for you. If you have not purchased from us before, or if we are not holding your credit information, you will need to call me on our toll free number, 866-215-4438, and give me your credit card information when you give me your "Wish List".

A deposit of $30.00 will hold any box for you for one month from the date you give your Wish List to me. The deposit is refundable if you change your mind but I have to say that this is going to require quite a bit of bookkeeping and I will not be a happy camper if you use this privilege indiscriminately. Do not do it unless you are certain that you want the box because "Once bitten twice shy" is the way it will be for me. In order to be certain that I have the box for you I will have to remove it from stock. Keep that in mind please.

Along with this service we will also offer a Reminder Note to anyone you choose for us to email when your birthday or another occasion is upcoming. A brief note from us to them letting them know there is something special that you would love to receive for the occasion. It happens frequently that husbands and friends write us asking about boxes so you might just as well receive a box that you really want. I will compose a tactful little reminder, kind of a tap on the shoulder thing, If you think this will work for you give us a try and let's see if it works. Don't forget we will need the giver's email address and what the relationship is. You can email all of that to us from the catalog, if you choose. Or, you can call.

I hope that all of you will be pleased with these new services we are offering. If you have any suggestions or thoughts on them, do let us hear from you.
-- Elayne

toll free: 1-866-215-4438

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