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The Wine Seller's Cellar 2
If you have been to France and eaten in a neighborhood brasserie you probably have noticed that the waiters all seem to be the same. Invariably they are dressed in black vests and jackets and long white aprons. It is their uniform-- but each time I see a waiter dressed that way I have to laugh. They look so funny, the tall ones the short ones, the thin ones, the fat ones; they look like a parade of penguins on their way to a funeral. They are like caricatures of what they are. Guy Buffet, the well known contemporary French artist, has done a series of paintings on just this subject and several of these boxes are painted in that theme. They are whimsical and yet they are real art.

G1. The Charge of The Flower Bottle Brigade Champagne Cork Box. This box is larger than the other boxes of this group; 1 3/8 inches in diameter and 2 1/2 inches tall. This is a champagne cork painted with some of the garcons from the Buffet painting and several bunches of grapes still on the vine. The cork is held in place by a twisted wire frame that usually holds the cork into a real bottle of champagne. On top of the cork is a Flower champagne bottle. When you open the box, inside is a dimensional and removable bottle of champagne and a tiny champagne glass, painted. Retail: About $235.00. Our price: $212.90.

G2. The Charge of The Flower Bottle Brigade Match Box. An amusing box done on a dark brown ground with a parade of garcons, waiters, circling the box, each carrying a bottle of champagne, a tray and glasses. All of them dressed in exactly the same uniform and together looking a bit like a parade of penguins. Waiters are a hugely important part of the restaurant business in Paris. They stay with the same restaurant for years and years, know all of the patrons and all of the regulars, of which there are many, know them. They are an integral part of the restaurant because it is they who establish the atmosphere in the brasserie. This simple little box is really quite a work of art. The painting is marvelous and very much like the original Buffet. Inside a champagne glass, painted, and the clasp a French bow. Retail: About $185.00. Our price: $166.90.

H.  Recently  I discovered a new wine shop that had fabulous sacks that they used for their wines.  So fabulous that I bought two bottles of Bordeaux and Champagne that I needed not at all but I couldnt resist because the wine carriers were so great. What do you think?

H 1.  Champagne Brut de France in a Carrier Box. It has all the excitement of Paris at night!  If you have been there then you know of what I speak.  Stroll down the Champs Elysées and it is alive!  The lights, the people, the sidewalk cafés are all excitingly alive no matter the hour. Not even New York has this feeling of vibrancy that Paris has.  You know, the French put living life before business and I think that is the difference.  They look at life differently than we do and, I think, enjoy it more than we do.  Maybe it is because they see it through a wine bottle?  Paris at Night looking across the Seine at the Left Bank, a sky filled with stars and the Eiffel Tower gleaming through the night. Inside, dimensional and removable, a bottle of Champagne Brut, the clasp, the Eiffel Tower.  Retail: About $241.00.  Our price: $216.90.

H 2.  Bordeaux Gran Cru de France in a Carrier Box.  
Drive through the region of Bordeaux and see historic chateaux lovingly cared for with miles of vineyards surrounding them.  In Bordeaux the chateau  is most important. They believe that the finest wines stem from the quality of the soil from which they spring hence the importance of the chateau. A chateau is not just a building or series of buildings; it is also the soil on which it all stands.  The chateau pictured is in St. Èmilion, a nearby village which produced the particular wine shown here, St Èmilion Grand Cru. Inside a bottle of the wine just mentioned, dimensional and removable.  The clasp, a bunch of grapes. Retail:  About $227.00.  Our price: $204.90.

I.  The Champagne Brut and Beluga Box.  An interesting thing about this box:  a number of people have seen it sitting on my desk in the last few days and to a person they have remarked on what a beautiful box it is!  And, it is!!  A stand out for elegance and filled with detail!  A handled gallery tray in gold and white porcelain, the gallery in gold metal, and on the tray a silver Champagne Cooler with a bottle of Champagne at the ready in it.  Resting on the Cooler, a folded white napkin, in porcelain, for the proper serving of the Champagne. Adjacent to the Cooler a pair of Champagne stems and a silver bowl heaped high with Beluga, the King of Caviars. Possibly the finest box we have ever had in this genre.  Retail: About $411.00.  Our price: $370.90.  This was the first box I ordered at the Gift Show.

J. The Wine Dispensing Table Box. A convenient spot from which to serve your wines, this small table stores 4 bottles of wine, has several drawers for the accoutrements needed to do this and on the table top is a handsome wine holder that displays the wine being served. Next to it, the corkscrew you will use. The table top display is dimensional and the wine bottle is removable.There is nothing inside and the clasp is unimportant to the box. The wine displayed is Medoc 1997. Retail: $199.00. Our price: $179.90. A Votre Santé! NEW

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