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The Wine Seller's Cellar

Roll that one around on your tongue. If you are into wine tastings and such you might want to sample some of our newest wine boxes. We've tried to give you a taste of several different kinds. Obviously we don't carry every single wine box but this is a nice sampling of what we consider to be the best of this year's vintage.

A. Waiters Bearing Wines. In the Guy Buffet style. a fun box of waiters entering a restaurant floor carrying nothing but wines to the patrons. Retail: $185.00. Our price: $166.90.

B. The Waiter Bearing A Pup. One wonders if this is a comment on the wine or the restaurant. Buffet had a sense of humor. Retail: $205.00. Our price: $184.90.

C. The French Winery Box. Travel the wine country of France and wineries and their vineyards are everywhere. Sights such as the one this box portrays dot the countryside. Chateauneuf-du-Pape in Provence is a perfect example of this. It is a town devoted to wine. There in the 14th century the Popes of Avignon chose to build a new castle--hence the name Chateauneuf-- and planted the vineyards that have given this small town world wide renown. The castle is long gone, only the ruins remain, but the wines go on and wine lovers the world over delight in them. Inside the box, the glass and the grapes, painted, and the clasp is a cluster of grapes. Our price:$209.90. A very old sight but the box is new.

D.  The Wine Shadow Box.  A display of things wine in a shadow box.  Inside, a bottle of Beaujolais with a label that pictures the winery from whence it comes, a glass of wine, an opener, a painting of the chateau and a small chalk board with a notice of the arrival of the new Beaujolais.  Retail: About $241.00.  Our price: $216.90.

E. The "My Dear, I Have The Champagne Chilling," he said, Box. Such a soigné thing to say. I always wished that someone would say it to me, but no one ever did and it is too late now. The ultimate in sophisticated living, at least that was what I always thought when I saw someone like Charles Boyer or Francis Lederer handing a beautiful damsel into his lair. I knew she was a cooked goose but such a handsome chef! And so charming! I can remember once, when I was about 11 or 12 years old, having just seen such a movie on my regular trip to the movies on Saturday afternoon. I went home and when my Mother asked if I had enjoyed the movie, I said, " He can put his shoes under my bed any day." The crack of my Mother's hand across my mouth resounded for years. I never said anything like that again. This box brought all of that back. I hadn't thought about that in forever. Isn't it strange what these wonderful little boxes can do? The box is the Cooler and it is lined in gold, has tiny metal handles and opens at the base with a bunch of grapes for the clasp. The Champagne Bottle fits right into the top of it. It is just the dearest thing. The Cooler is done in Sevres Bleu. Retail: About $179.00. Our price: $161.90. NEW A very handsome piece and the champagne is just waiting to be opened.

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