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Whimsicals - Animals as People *

Parry Vieille, the creator of so many highly imaginative boxes, has once again come out with a new group of animal porcelains that will bring smiles to your face. Each box is very highly detailed and quite complex, not easily copied because the beauty of these boxes lies in the complexity of the design and a copy will, of necessity, lose the very thing that makes these boxes so charming. One of our customers wrote me recently suggesting that we find some "animals as people" boxes. I didn't tell her that I had already purchased them. I thought this could be a whimsical surprise.

A. The "I'm Lunching Out" Box. Monsieur Lapin , a rabbit by any other name, is out eating at his very favorite muncheon spot. His first course is Romaine Salad and the second, inside the box, a dimensional carrot. You can see from his rather "full" figure that he dines well, so well that his new jacket is having a hard time getting itself together. His shoes have tiny buckles and his jacket is a patch pocket cardigan with a posy in the buttonhole. Behind him is a possible third course,looks like iceberg lettuce to me, and the clasp is yet another variety of leafy greens. Retail: Upwards of $233.00. Our price: $210.90.

B. The Bringing Up Baby Box. Mama told that little kitty that if she wasn't careful with her milk she would spill it. Open the box and see for yourself, a dimensional bowl of spilled milk. And kitty needs cleaning up as well now. The young just must learn for themselves. A charming way to illustrate an important lesson for the young. Retail: Upwards of $215.00. Our price: $193.90.

C. The Tables Are Turned Box. There's something fishy going on here. A Fish Fishing! Wearing his waders and his old fishing hat, sitting on his creel, he's patiently waiting for a fish to bite. Who would know better how to land one? Inside, painted, a hand tied fly. A fish for the clasp, naturally. Another of Parry Vieille's marvelous whimsicals. Retail: Upwards of $215.00. Our price: $193.90. NEW and very detailed.

D. The Tables are Turned Box. A Fox Hunting! Dressed for the sport! His gun slung over his shoulder, his ammo belt around his middle, his hunting hat with a jaunty looking feather in it, He's dressed fit to kill! Lo the hunter. Inside the tiniest duck, dimensional, and the clasp a chicken. Did someone say there was a fox in the hen house? Retail: Upwards of $215.00. Our price: $193.90.

E. The I Love to Shop Box. On her way to shop, Madam Canard is looking for something new for fall. She's worn white all summer and is rather tired of it. Her pink purse and cape are trimmed to match the bonnet. The cape is edged in a feather stitch; appropriate, isn't it? Her money, inside the box, is removable, and that's convenient. The clasp is a multi petal flower. Retail: Upwards of $233.00. Our price: $210.90

F. Thaddeus Le Tortue Box. (If that needs translation notice the shell on his back.) Dressed in a white shirt, starched collar, tie and his "Best Vest" he's off to call on une amie, (a lady friend). His basket is filled with leafy greens, the better to woo his lady, and inside the box a dimensional, removable, head of lettuce. Turtles love green vegetables and have been known to eat their way through a vegetable garden in a day. Retail: Upwards of $233.00. Our price: $210.90.

The following item is by Special Order only
G. The Doin' What Comes Naturally Box.
A Polar Bear on skis! Given half a chance I think he'd be a champ or maybe a chump. Dressed for the occasion in his striped muffler, red mittens and multicolored boots, back pack in place, he's off to do some cross country skiing. Looks like he knows what he's about to me but I don't know a thing about skiing. I'm lucky I can stand on my own two feet let alone skis. He certainly looks confident, I must say. Well, he has spent a lot of time trudging through the snow so maybe he thinks it's time for another means of locomotion. Isn't he marvelous? The shape is very familiar. He looks like someone I know. Retail: Upwards of $215.00. Our price: $193.90. NEW

* NOTE: title courtesy of Pat Seibert

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