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November 2007  

Things here have a been busy, busy, busy.  The retail stores are complaining that they are not doing the business that they had planned on -- I guess they don’t realize even yet that more and more people are doing their shopping with their fingers -- on the Internet.  (It is so much easier -- I find myself buying lots of my clothing on line because I just don’t have the time or the desire to go into a store where the help is non existent, it is impossible to find what one wants and if you can even find a sales person they don’t know the first thing about their merchandise nor do they care whether or not you purchase anything. I also notice that their merchandise looks very unappetizing -- to say the least.)  In any case, it means more business for those of us on The Net and that’s fine with me.  I love speaking with my customers and I love serving them. Many of you are old friends now because you have shopped with me repeatedly over the years.  Well, enough of this gab fest.  On with the news.

Some delightful new boxes went into the catalog in the last few weeks. Over the years I have repeatedly been asked for Wire Hair Terriers and I never could find one that I thought was really great.  I have now!!!!  He is a love!!!  You will find him at:
Best of Breed 1, item A2. I hope you will find him as delightful as I do. He is from Pierre Arquii, of course.

In the segment We’re All Hearts 2, item I, there is a new Daisy Tells All box from Chamart that conveys love as only a daisy can --it even has a dimensional petal inside that is removable.  The daisy is a separately sculpted piece that is applied to the lid of the box. It hardly needs saying because you already know that no one else does flowers as perfectly as Chamart.  A charming way to express one’s innermost feelings.

Big news is our White Knight has finally arrived!  You will find him in Days of Yore, item A.  I don’t know about you but I have been waiting one long time for my white knight to arrive.  Gentlemen: this is a marvelous way to very subtly suggest that you are your lady’s White Knight.  I doubt a lady could resist such an offering.  It would be unique -- at the very least. And Ladies: what a compliment to give this to the love of your life.
It would certainly bring forth a broad smile and elicit a big hug for you.

We haven’t done Halloween boxes in some time now but I saw one that I could not resist.  He is the cutest thing!!  The segment is All Hallow’s Eve and he is the only inhabitant of the page.  If he doesn’t make you smile I shall be very disappointed.  I was particularly impressed with him because he carries a spare part, dimensional and removable, just in case he loses his head!  Really a cutie and refreshingly new.  From Chamart --who is one of the few makers who is still making new and original boxes.

In the segment Potpourri you will find several new Rougepots  that are always in demand and, best of all, I don’t know if you recall our Perfume Tantalus Box, item B, but we carried it for years -- it was made by PV for Rochard originally and I always thought it was, by far, the best of the perfume boxes.  Well, one of our vendors found a few in their warehouse and naturally I took them.  It still is the best perfume box I have ever seen.  A true beauty!

There are lots more boxes to come but with all of the weather problems we have been having here -- we had winds in excess of 100 miles an hour at my house this past week and huge old Pine Trees -40 and 50 feet tall that stand on the hillside immediately adjoining my house -- fell in the wind.  Fortunately the winds were blowing north to south and so trees fell north to south -- I am just east of them.  One --, just one -- snapped and fell west to east --was caught by a stand of trees immediately below it and
my house and I were saved by those trees. The grounds people here spent 3 hours with power saws and huge pulleys cutting that damned thing down.  Mine would have been “A House Divided”  with me in it --to say nothing of my Limoges boxes and my Faberge Eggs.  I didn’t sleep a wink for two nights while that damned wind was blowing.  And I guess I don’t need to tell you that our skies have been black with smoke for days  now but we have had no fires in our town, thank heavens.

Have a Happy Halloween and on Thanksgiving please give thanks that California is still among the living. This past week I wondered if we would survive.

Warmest Regards to all of you.
Elayne Troute
The Perfect Gift

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