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The Pleasure of Your Presence is Requested (cont'd)

C. The Wedding Cake Box. This is the newest version of the wedding cake boxes, triple tiered with bas relief flowers cascading down the front of it, the featured players grace the top tier. Retail: Upwards of $245.00. Our price: $218.90.

E. The Box That Takes The Cake! From Rochard comes a brand new wedding cake box that's just a bit different than a traditional cake. This one has cameos of roses, painted, rimming the top and bottom tiers and Bisque Roses, (unglazed porcelain), for the crown of the cake and as decoration on the bottom tier. The roses are so delicate and lovely they are almost real.Open the box and inside, dimensional, The Bride and Groom, she carrying her bouquet and still wearing her veil and he, dressed in his dinner jacket. This is quite different in feeling than our Artoria Wedding Cake which is totally traditional but they are equally beautiful and suitable as wedding gifts. Retail: about $235.00. Our price: $212.90.

G. The Honor of Your Presence Box. The Wedding Invitation is elegant and a perfect memento of that unforgettable day. The box opens as an envelope, the front of it is flowered and stamped, and the edge of the flap is flowered to match. Inside, a tiny porcelain invitation, "The Honor of Your Presence". This is "The Perfect Gift" for the parents of both the bride and the groom or even for the Maid of Honor. Our price: $274.90. (The maker of this box has requested us not to discount it.)

H. A  Lovely Memory Box.  A  handsome  miniature picture frame touched with a tiny piece of the bride's veil, a pair of twined wedding bands and the groom's top hat, all dimensional, sitting on an opalescent base with garlands of roses edging it.  A lovely reminder of that most important day!  Inside it says, "I love you." The frame is usable and you can place your actual wedding picture in it. The clasp is twined hearts.  Retail: About $151.00.  Our price: $136.90.  Timeless!

I. The Wedding Presents Box. A stack of wedding gifts very festively wrapped with gold ribbons that are in relief. "Wedding Wishes" inside the box, painted, along with a dimensional and removable Wedding Bell in gold. Twined hearts are the clasp. A lovely reminder of that important day. Our price: $159.90. NEW The latest addition to our Wedding Collection.

J.  The "I Do, I Do" Box.  Let the ceremony begin!  Garden weddings are always so lovely, to me the prettiest of all.  The sun shining down on the whole scene somehow makes it such a wonderful way to start a marriage.  It always makes me think that God is smiling down on the lucky couple.  If you feel the same way and were fortunate enough to have a garden wedding then this box is for you!  The traditionally dressed bridal couple in all their wedding finery standing in the gazebo surrounded by color filled beds of flowers and emerald green lawn!  What could be prettier?  The remembrance of a lifetime!  A topiary tree inside, painted, and a flower basket for the clasp.  Retail: About $207.00.  Our price: $186.90.

K.  The Wedding Album Box.  Colorful birds and roses decorate the cover with not a hint of what’s inside.  Open the box and there on the left is a heart shaped frame for your wedding picture and on the right “Our Wedding” with space for three lines of personalization, i.e. names, date or anything else you would like us to write in --within reason, of course.  A marvelous  Maid of Honor or Bridesmaid gift!  Our price: $224.90.
(If you are thinking of this for your Bridesmaids and need more than 2,  I will be happy to provide you a special price.)

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