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At The Water’s Edge 3

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California Beaches
If you look at a map of the United States you will see that California has the longest shore line of any of our contiguous states, approximately 1500 miles. The comparative distance on the East Coast would start at the northern border of Florida, and include Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey and part of New York.  It is, of course, why beaches and the water are so much a part of our lifestyle in California.  They are easily available and no matter the time of the year they are always awash with sun bathers, joggers, wave watchers, wave runners, swimmers, surfers, shell hunters, scuba divers and curious tourists.  There is always something to see; if not surfers then dolphins, sea lions, seals, power boats and sail boats with an occasional ship as well. Depending on the time of the year, you might even see a school of whales making their annual trek. It really is fascinating, like a never ending film with many story lines woven together.  

N.  My Sunbather’s Necessities Bag Box.  A deep sack with  pockets lining it’s sides that are chock full of sun glasses, beach towels, sun cream, a sun hat, a water bottle and a shell that caught my fancy the last time I was at the beach.  I keep it packed always so I can head for the beach at a moments notice when the need comes upon me.  It is like a mini vacation  spending even  a few hours at the beach. The bag has a beach scene painted on it, sand, surf and a palm tree with a beautiful sunset in the distance. Nothing inside and the clasp is an anchor. Retail: About $239.00. Our price: $215.90.

O.  The Starfish Box.  
I found him one day when I was walking along the shore and he was so perfect that I’ve kept him ever since.  (The truth is -- this box is so realistic looking and so well done that if it was just a bit larger it could be mistaken for a real starfish.  The coloring is marvelous and so is the mold.  One of the finest boxes of this type that I have seen.)
Inside, a bit of seaside growth and the clasp is a sea horse. Retail:  About $159.00.  Our price: $129.90.

P.  The Sea Lion Box.  
Just up the beach a bit there are some rocks that jut out a ways into the water and it is a favorite place for the seals and sea lions to sun themselves.  I love walking up that way and watching them when they are there.  They are such fascinating creatures.  They seem to me to be from another time period with their fish style tails and their front flippers that appear almost to have evolved from legs and/or feet. It is as though they adapted to water or maybe it is the reverse and they are evolving into land creatures.  One day, when I have the time, I must do some research on them.  This one is ensconced on the rocks and enjoying the warm sun.  He is a beautiful animal with his perfect black coat and as he sees me he seems to preen himself.  See the way he holds his head up as if to say, “See me.  See how handsome I am?”  Inside, a fish jumping out of the water, painted, and the clasp is a sea shell.  Retail:  About $147.00.  Our price: $132.90.

Q. The Over the Bounding Main Box.
Walking back down the beach I notice a sail boat, just beyond where the waves break, fairly skimming through the water.  There is a good breeze blowing and the sails are filled with wind.  I can see two men, one working at the riggings and  the other at the wheel.  On the after deck, a dog lying there, his front paws crossed,  enjoying his afternoon of sailing.  Oh, look, there are dolphins swimming alongside of the boat.  I see three of them now.  It seems almost as though they are racing with the boat.  Look at them leaping through the water. (The dolphins and the dog are in relief.  The crew is painted.) And notice the gulls flying not far from the boat.  (The gulls are painted on the sails but done in such perfect perspective that they seem to be between the boat and the person seeing all of this.)  This box is the finest example of a Limoges sailboat box that I have ever seen.  It is so detailed that you are able to see the expression on the dog’s face, the life ring on the cabin roof, the planking on the deck, and the anchors on either side of the hull.  The water is done in relief and you can feel the air bubbles created by the dolphins. The box happens to be the prototype box and the painting on it is extraordinary. Never have I seen finer painting on a box than the work on this one. Our price: $249.90.

R. The He’s Riding a Wave Runner Box. Just down the beach a bit there are some fellows riding wave runners and here comes one of them now.  Goodness, he is simply flying through the water.  He is headed for the cove just around the bend from where I am  sunning myself.  And as I watch he disappears from sight.  I notice that the Sea Lion has left his rocks.  The sound of the wave runner must have alarmed  him.  The wave runner is an Aqua Ski, the name is painted on both sides of the vehicle.  The chap riding it is dressed in a wet suit, has a full  helmet with  face mask on, goggles and deck shoes to give him traction on the watery deck of this little runabout.  The helmet has a visor, in relief, and his goggles are in relief as well. The water beneath the wave runner is roiled and bubbled and you can feel the texture of it.  It is very well done.  Retail:  About $173.00.  Our price: $156.90.
S. The Scuba Diver Box. Eavesdropping on a conversation nearby I hear one of the men saying that when he was scuba diving recently he visited the underwater cave in the cove just beyond where the Sea Lion had been sunning himself.  I know that I would not have the courage to do that so I listen closely to hear about his experience.  He said that he ran onto  an octopus while he was in the cave.  I shudder and think to myself, I would have died of fright  if that had ever happened to me,  I can’t bear the thought of swimming with things other than humans. It didn’t seem to bother him at all.  Of course, he was dressed in his wet suit with gloves, helmet, face mask and flippers and he had his tank on his back with plenty of air so he wasn’t worried at all.  My thought was, an octopus just has too many arms for me to feel safe anywhere near him.  A hug with two arms is loving and lovely.  Any more arms and it won’t be love that is felt. The Scuba Diver here is dressed in his black wet suit with a natty red stripe running down the sides of his arms and legs and his flippers are red as well.  The face mask is also his oxygen mask and is attached to the tank you see on his back.  The box is the clear sea green of tropical water and there is a tropical fish swimming through some sea growth just beneath the diver.  Inside, a starfish, painted, and the clasp is another. Retail: About $199.00.  Our price: $179.90.

T. The Octopus Box.
The strange sea creature of multiple arms.  Did you know they come in many sizes? The one we show is the smallest size, not quite 3 inches including arms; the largest is 18 feet with 30 foot arms.  We don’t carry that size. Most of them are a murky grey brown color but there is one variety that  changes color at will.  Ours is a wonderful shade of aquamarine;  a member of that group, obviously. Notice there is almost no delineation between head and body;  a big head isn’t always conceit. They all have eight arms, none loving; avoid at all costs. Ours is really a delightful little fellow who almost seems to be smiling. He will make a marvelous addition to any sea or beach collection.  For me to have purchased an octopus box should tell you that it is just endearing, delightful, very well done and a fine piece of porcelain.  Retail:  $179.00.  Ou price: $161.90.

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