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At The Water's Edge 2

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Whether your favorite beach is on the California coast or Cape Cod on the Atlantic coast or perhaps a lovely lake in Wisconsin or Illinois; it doesn't make a difference where or what body of water is involved; water winds us down like nothing else.  The soft sound of it lapping at a lakeshore or the roar of the waves rolling onto the Pacific shore, the repeating sound is mesmerizing.  I sometimes stay at a house in Carpenteria, California, just below Santa Barbara, where the water is dotted with surfers. The waves there are some of the best on the coast. I sit for hours on the deck watching them build higher and higher, crest, curl over, then come crashing onto the beach. Occasionally I pick up my book and continue reading, but always I am drawn back to watching the waves. I leave there feeling refreshed and renewed each time, my mind cleared of all of the debris of the previous weeks.  Somehow water puts things into perspective.  Perhaps it is the vastness of a seascape that makes everything else seem insignificant. Whatever the reason, a shore, wherever, is something that draws us all.    

H.  The Florida Keys Beach Box.  Palm trees dot the beach and if you walk along it for a way you will see sand crabs, star fish, and an endless variety of seashells. And if you happen upon a bottle with a note in it, then you must be on the beach that inspired this box because inside is a note in a bottle, painted. Moored to the shore a dinghy with an outboard, dimensional but not removable. The clasp, a starfish. Retail: About $201.00. Our price:  $181.90.  New

I.  The Beach Thong Box. Just the thing for strolling along the Water's Edge, an island beach scene painted on the lid and inside a tiny bikini, painted,along with a seashell, dimensional and removable. The clasp is Old Sol.  Retail: About $223.00.  Our price: $201.90. New

J.  The Stack of Turtles Box.  When I was organizing boxes for this segment I suddenly remembered a marvelous box that Artoria did some 6 or 7 years ago and decided that I would bring it back --  and here it is.  Three turtles stacked one on top of the other, each marked and colored differently than the others.  I always loved this box and so did a lot of other people because it was enormously popular.  If you missed it the first time, this is your chance to change that.  Inside a crawling snail, painted. The clasp, another turtle.  Retail: About $197.00. Our price: $177.90.  An Oldie but Goodie!

K.  The Seagull Series Boxes.
 Seeing these brought a marina in Old Saybrook, Connecticut to my mind. At the mouth of the Connecticut River where it meets Long Island Sound, a place that we spent a lot of time, many years ago. I can remember sitting on the deck of our boat, The Life of Riley, watching the gulls wheel about overhead but  there are gulls along every shore line so you pick the shore you want to be reminded of and wherever it is I think these will do it. Both boxes are very lifelike and certainly well done.

The following item is by Special Order only
K1.  The Gull Come to Rest on a Chair Box. The gull set down to watch you readying the boat. You left a couple of water bottles along with a life ring on the chair.  Off for a day on the water, are you?  Inside a seascape with three gulls flying overhead, painted. The clasp is not important to the box. Retail:  About $257.00.  Our price: $231.90. New

The following item is by Special Order only
K2.  The Gull Come to Rest on The Life Ring Box.  The life ring has Welcome on Board written on it and a braided rope attached to it just like a real life ring.  The gull is perfect on this box.  If you have spent time around the water this is a snippet of memory caught in time.  Inside, a rope, painted, and the clasp, an anchor.  Retail: About $195.00.  Our price: $175.90. New

L.  Still Life of a Day at The Shore.
 In a basket, a lobster, two different kinds of fish and a group of sea shells all in an unusual woven basket and all dimensional.  Inside, a book, painted and the clasp, another lobster. You spent the day gathering shells and reading while your companion stood in the surf and fished. What a delightful way to spend a day.  Retail:  About $281.00.  Our price: $252.90. New

M. The Rowboat With Hat, Book and Roses Box.
 An interesting combination of objects that caused me to wonder for days what the circumstances were that brought all of these things together on a boat. I couldn't think of anything that could realistically explain all of this but then a strange thing happened. There came a phone call  from a customer and she was looking for a box.  She explained in detail what she wanted and the details fit this box perfectly. I was bursting with curiosity as to why she wanted this particular group of things in a box and I almost asked her but then I caught myself. Not my business to question her about the why of wanting this piece.  I sold it to her and then I found myself wondering now about two things: what brought about this box and why did someone want  a rowboat with this particular group of objects in it? I would be delighted to hear from any of you who read this if you have the answer to my questions. The rowboat contains a straw hat, a book on roses and a bunch of freshly cut roses laying on the seat. The book and hat are dimensional, the roses are painted. Inside, a picnic hamper and a pair of sun glasses, painted  The oars resting in the oarlocks are dimensional and removable. The clasp is an anchor.  Our price: $187.90.  New

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