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Limoges Porcelain Boxes

Wonderful World 8

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We've gotten a whole new world of boxes for this segment, countries we have not had before and one particular box that is quite different than any we've had . I hope you find them as exciting as I did when I first saw them. They will take you to Holland, Spain and, once again, to France. But who can ever visit France too many times? And this time we have Australia and Germany as well. So put on your walking shoes, we're on our way.

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HH 1.The Neuschwanstein Castle Box.
Known as "Mad Ludwig's" Castle this fairy tale come to life is in the Bavarian Alps. It was built by Germany's King Louis II, who had trouble separating the life he wanted to live from the life he had to live as a ruler. He retreated from his duties more and more finally coming to live in a world of his own creation. Started in 1869 and left unfinished in 1886 when Louis took his own life, the castle is a reconstruction of a medieval castle with walled courtyards, spires, towers, an artificial cave, indoor gardens and a throne room having a blue vaulted ceiling studded with stars and supported by columns of red porphyry. Louis was a fervent patron of the great German composer Richard Wagner who, the story goes, lived in the castle for a time. Many of the rooms in the castle are decorated with paintings representing various Wagner operas, among them Parsifal, Tannheuser and Lohengrin. (Even if you are not an opera lover you will know the Wedding March from Lohengrin. It is invariably the music heard as a bride walks down the aisle.) The castle is in a spectacular setting with Alps as the backdrop.The painting on the box is very detailed and depicts the castle just as it is. The box is formed to create it's own stand to enable the castle to be easily seen. The back of the box is done in an elaborate scroll-work design in gold on a cobalt ground.The clasp is an alpine flower and inside, the royal swans. Retail: About $195.00. Our price: $175.90. We are the first to have this box because it was created at my suggestion by Chanille. It is a very limited edition with the first one being presented to me as a gift. The box we are showing here is number 3.

The following item is by Special Order only.
HH 2. The Music of Richard Wagner Box.
The cover of the album is identical to the Castle box above but this box opens to reveal a CD, dimernsional and removable, of the opera Lohengrin by Richard Wagner. If you are a Wagnerian enthusiast, this box is for you. Retail: About $195.00. Our price: $175.90. Just arrived.

II. The clack you hear is that of The Wooden Shoes Box on the cobbles. We've arrived in Holland where "Klompen" are often worn. They are wooden shoes carved from a single piece of wood and worn in other countries as well as in Holland but, for some reason, everyone thinks of Holland when they think of Klompen, otherwise called sabots. These have a picture of a windmill on each shoe. Inside a gardening tool, painted and the clasp a watering can filled with garden tools. A reference to tulips, maybe? Our price: $162.90. Like the Dutch people, these are not exciting but they are solid, dependable, sturdy and very much a remembrance of Holland.

The following item is by Special Order only.
JJ. The Little Mermaid Box.  Known the world over, the national symbol of Denmark, this little statue, only four feet high, sits on a rock in the harbor at Langelinie, Denmark.  Immortalizing the tale of 'The Little Mermaid' by Hans Christian Anderson, Denmark’s most famous author, the tiny statue of the mermaid who saved the prince, has been drawing visitors from around the world for soon 100 years.  Bare breasted, hair streaming down her back, with the tail of a fish, The Little Mermaid sits mourning the loss of her love.  The box is only 1.5 inches in diameter and 2.75 inches high. The rock, which is the box, is done the stone gray and the statue is done in charcoal gray to simulate the granite from which she is carved. There is detail to this piece but it is almost impossible to photograph it.  It really has to be held in your hand to see the sculpting details.  Inside, painted, fish scales and the clasp is a sea horse. Retail: About $169.00.  Our price: $152.90.

KK. That stands for Koala, Koala, The Koala Box. Aren't they darling? Natives of Australia, our Momma and her Baby are clinging to a tree trunk, most probably a Gum Tree. They feed on Gum trees, which we call Eucalyptus, almost exclusively, and with the decimation of the Gum forests in Australia they are having trouble surviving. They are such interesting little animals. They look so huggable but don't, repeat, don't try it if you happen to come upon one. They have nasty teeth. Did you know that they are not bears at all but marsupials, just like the kangaroo. The babies live in a pouch on the Mother's underbelly for a long period of time before they are transferred to her back and carried there for a number of months. They are born underdeveloped and continue their development while in the pouch and further it while on the Mother's back. They have found koala-like remains in Australia that are 25 million years old. They have been around for a little while. Retail: Upwards of $197.00. Our price: $177.90.

LL. Meet Kanga and Roo, the Kangaroo Box. These Australian marsupials are grazing animals much like our cows, they eat greens and chew their cud but there the resemblance ends. Their fore limbs are used much like our arms and hands while their hind limbs are their means of locomotion. They have been known to jump 9 feet and can travel at 30 miles an hour. The hind legs are enormously strong and a kick from them can do considerable damage to their opponent. They are so prevalent in Australia that they have a hunting season for them now and that is because they have few natural enemies and the female breeds annually. There are some other very interesting facts about them that you can find in a note below. Roo is in his Mama's pouch and there he will stay until he is at least 7 months of age. Roo by the way, is actually called a Joey, the term for kangaroo young. Inside the box, the native Gum Tree which is what the Kangaroo feeds on. The clasp is a blossom. Retail About $153.00. Our price: $147.90. New arrival. Isn't this a fun box?

Kangaroos usually have one young annually. In all kangaroos the pouch is well developed, opens forward, and contains four teats. The young kangaroo, or Joey, is born alive at a very immature stage, when it is only about 2 cm (1 inch) long and weighs less than a gram (0.03 ounce). Immediately after birth it uses its precociously developed forelimbs (equipped with claws) to crawl up the mother's body and enter the pouch. The baby attaches its mouth to a teat, which then enlarges and holds the young animal in place. After continuous attachment for several weeks, the Joey becomes more active and gradually spends more and more time outside the pouch, which it leaves completely at 7 to 10 months of age. Female kangaroos enter into heat within a few days after giving birth; they mate and conceive, but after only one week's development the microscopic embryo enters a dormant state that lasts until the previous young leaves the pouch. The development of the second embryo then resumes and proceeds to birth after a gestation period of about 30 days.(This information from The Encyclopedia Britannica)

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