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Limoges Porcelain Boxes

Wonderful World 7

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Traveling has changed quite a bit from the days when you boarded a sailing vessel. prepared for 6 months of being at sea, no instruments for navigating, no stabilizers certainly, seasickness was a certainty, and scurvy almost an absolute. And when you finally got to where you were going, where were you? God only knew because keeping a sailing ship on a steady course was no easy thing. They used the stars for navigation and they couldn't always see them. Too, maps were not terribly accurate. All in all it took a lot of courage to try sea travel in those days, either that or someone close behind you whom you didn't want to see. Today we board a luxury liner, a ship that has every convenience known to man and a few that some of us have never experienced. We eat foods from all over the world, prepared by the leading chefs of the world, served to us all day and all night and we leave the ship not weakened by seasickness and scurvy but 10 pounds heavier than we started out because we've eaten our way to and from wherever we went. Quite different. Enjoy!

II.  The Clan Plaid Handbag Box. Great bag for travel because the plaid is done on a similar coated fabric to the Louis Vuitton bags and can easily be cleaned.The plaid is a variation on the Burbury Plaid but done in black and  white with a line over plaid of red. A very capacious purse that can hold almost anything including, but not limited to, the open tube of lipstick that comes with it, dimensional and removable.  A nice change from Louis Vuitton.  Retail: About $233.00.  Our price: $210.90.

JJ. The Carry it All on Your Back Bag. It leaves your hands free for grabbing on railings, straps or whatever when you are touring. It is also capacious and has room for your cell phone, water bottle, CD player, Roller Blades and a small American flag for ID purposes. The artist thoughtfully painted all of these on the exterior of the bag. It is done in a really cute Burbury plaid that won't show the soil from schlepping it all over kingdom come. Retail: About $239.00. Our price: $215.90. New from Rochard.

Sorry, the following item is No Longer Available.
KK1. The Steamer Trunk by Louis Vuitton Box.
A steamer trunk, the kind that used to be taken on long sea voyages in the days when one dressed for dinner every evening and what everyone wore was a major topic of conversation on shipboard. In those days transatlantic travel meant an ocean voyage of more than a week and there were numerous changes of clothing in the course of the day. A steamer trunk was an absolute necessity. And if you were traveling first class--your luggage had to be first class as well. Here, with two pullout drawers and on the other side--space for hanging clothes. Included, a gown, hanging on it's own hanger and dimensional and removable. The clasp is a lock. Retail: About $291.00. Our price: $262.90. NEW and Top Drawer!

KK2. Luggage by Louis Vuitton Box. A handsome "leather" travel case with brass corners, the kind we used to use when there were still Sky Caps at airports. This one has already been on a trip or two. It has labels from France and USA on it. Inside, painted, The Grand Hotel. Retail: About $195.00. Our price: $175.90. NEW for us.

KK3. Luggage Circa 2003 Box. Gone is leather luggage. Gone are Sky Caps. Gone are all of the lovely niceties that used to make travel such fun. Today it is "Roll Your Own" and take as little luggage as possible because there will be no one to help with it. Today's luggage is all about organization. Every single square inch accounts for some type of storage space and the whole piece is small enough so that you can handle it yourself. It has wheels, a retractable handle and storage space that has more storage space, each piece riding piggy back on another. Inside, the Statue of Liberty in silhouette On the case itself, Paris, New York, London. Retail: About $203.00. Our price: $183.90.

KK4. The All Purpose Travel Tote Bag Box. Another Louis Vuitton style combination piece that serves both as a catch-all for everything needed close at hand while traveling and for a daytime handbag that can go anywhere. When you have to travel light everything has to serve more than one purpose and this capacious Tote Bag does a great job. In real life I have had mine for perhaps 12 or 13 years. I have used it for travel so many times I can¹t even remember what I used before it and, often as not, I use it for an everyday handbag. It holds everything, and like an Hermès bag, it goes with almost everything. If you have a travel collection this would make a terrific addition to it. Retail: About $185.00. Our price: $166.90.

KK5. The "By Gosh" Tote Bag for Travel Box. When I travel I take everything I might need, "By Gosh" despite the fact that I am always being cautioned to travel light. I hate having to waste my time, when traveling, shopping for necessaries so I make certain that I have them all and this is the bag I use for them. It has pockets galore so things are easy to find and everything is always within reach. One pocket has sunglasses, one has bottled water, one has the camera, one has a magazine for reading on the tour bus or plane or wherever and one holds my sun hat. The inside is capacious and at the moment there is a picture postal card I just wrote to a friend waiting to be mailed. I bought this for a trip to New York, my first, and I have been using it ever since. Retail: About $275.00. Our price: $248.90. Just arrived and it is one great box!!!

KK6. The Passport Box. If you have gone any place outside of this country chances are that you needed a passport. If you follow that thought through then you will see that for any country that we do not have represented in a box that is specific to that country, then a Passport Box is the one for you. It's general but it is also one that everyone, or almost everyone, will recognize. This box has the Great Seal of The United States on the cover as well as the words Passport and United States of America.  Inside is the Visa page stamped for several countries you have visited, dimensional and removable.  Retail:  About $167.00.  Our price: $150.90,

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