limoges porcelain boxes, Wonderful World 3

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Limoges Porcelain Boxes, Wonderful World 3

It's A Wonderful World 5, Africa (continued)

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Z. The Giraffe and Her Calf Box. They are such remarkable animals. Something about them just touches my heart. They are ungainly looking and yet have such grace when they move. Their main defense is their speed, about 30 miles an hour, with their hooves as the backup. A kick from a Giraffe can kill. Notice the position of the Calf, close to his mother. Did you know that the Camel and the Giraffe are of the same species? They are so different but if you think about it for a moment you will realize that there are similarities between the two. A kick from a Camel can kill as well. When a Giraffe wants to drink, he either gets down on his knees folding his legs back or he splays his front legs as wide as he can and then bends his head to the water source. They are such strange looking animals and yet are so appealing. (I have to tell you that, like many of you, I saw this box and decided that we didn't need it and so didn't purchase it. That was last year. I regretted it greatly, again, like so many of you, but I was lucky enough to find it when I went looking for it this last market period.) Inside, photographs of a safari, painted. The clasp is a leaf. Retail: About $209.00. Our price: $188.90. NEW

AA. The Utility Vehicle Box With Luggage Rack. Certainly you are all familiar with this miniature of a vehicle that was once used for safari work in Africa and is now seen, in it's latest incarnation, all over the freeways of California. Here it is topped with luggage, dimensional and painted spotlights, extra fuel can and other necessaries for safaris. Notice that the exhaust is placed high on the vehicle so that it doesn't create a fire hazard in the bush. Inside, the road you travel, painted. The clasp is a large billed cap. Retail: $253.00. Our price: $226.90. NEW

BB. The Ostrich Box. I cannot describe the beauty of this box because, God may have made him, but he was out of the room when good looks were being handed out. The box is beautifully done but he is such a weird looking bird. He reminds me of an ungainly young woman who is trying out for the corps de ballet. A too long neck, a too full tutu and two, too skinny legs with splayed feet just like a dancers. if you have ever seen the feet of a toe dancer, the toes are overdeveloped and splay out. Not pretty. Anyway, as ostriches go he is accurate even to the knobby knees. And if you want to know what an ostrich is doing in the African group of boxes? In Swahili "mbuni" is ostrich. Since the Swahili tribe has a word for them it follows that they are African birds. ( Do I really have to explain my line of reasoning for this conclusion?) And speaking of birds, this is one bird that doesn't fly. Not at all. But he sure can run. How about 40 miles an hour? And don't get too close to those legs. They can break yours with one kick from theirs. Inside, two large ostrich eggs, the clasp, a leaf. Retail: Upwards of $213.00. Our price: $192.90. NEW

CC. The Tiger and Her Cub Box. One of the most beautiful sights, when you are seeing animals in the wild, is a mother and her young. The mother, under very difficult conditions, gives such loving care to her young. She feeds them, teaches them, cares for them, plays with them, protects them and does all of this while watching for natural enemies and predators. When they are ready to leave her protection they have been taught everything they need to know to survive and all of this has been done in a relatively short period of time. Humans could learn a thing or two from watching a wild animal mother it's young. Animal mothers are never too busy to pay attention to their young and they don't spare the rod in bringing up their young. When a cub does something that his mother disapproves of, he gets a cuffing from her. Human young could use a bit more of that. To survive in this world, whether civilized or wild, one needs to learn respect and self discipline. (I'll get off my soapbox now.) Mama is relaxing and her cub plays at her side. Notice that her eyes are so watchful. Inside, a bit of local scenery and the clasp is a leaf. Retail: About $141.00. Our price: $127.90. NEW

DD. The Hippopotamus Box. The "Hippo" lives in Africa and there enjoys a relatively peaceful existence. There are no predators for "Hippos" so excepting for an occasional in herd disagreement they are able to graze alone rather than in a herd. They are enormous animals, 12-14 feet long and weigh in at 3400--4500 pounds. They have very short legs and normally move at 6-8 miles an hour but if pressed they can travel at 18 miles an hour. They are not carnivorous feeding on greens almost totally but in a night they can eat 80 pounds of grass, veritable mowing machines. Their days are spent in the water, preferably just deep enough to keep them wet because their very thin hairless skin allow them to dehydrate quickly in the heat. They live in a female society with males nearby but not part of their herd life. The most interesting fact I found about them is: they can bite right through an alligator's body. "What big teeth you have, Grandmother." Inside the box, tufts of grass, on the base of the box more tufts of grass--just in case it gets hungry. The clasp is unimportant to the box. Our price: $167.90. NEW This, by the way, is the only Hippopotamus I have ever seen in a Limoges box!

EE. The Lordly Lion Box. A beautifully done portrait of The King of the Cats. Notice that he "sat" for his portrait just like royalty does. He doesn't look terribly ferocious but I don't think I would walk up and pet him. It is interesting that neither his nose nor his ears are terribly prominent and yet he hunts using both for finding his quarry. When he arrived the other day I was studying him and wondering why they attack humans and it suddenly occurred to me that they attack anything that moves so it isn't that we are humans, it is that we move and he eats things that move.
That's why they tell you to stand still when you are near wild animals. The things that I think about sometimes are very strange indeed. I don't expect ever go to Africa and I certainly don't expect to run into a lion in Los Angeles. So why am I thinking about this? Oh yes, he is a Limoges box. That's it. Inside a plane tree on the Serengeti and the clasp is a tiny wild flower. Our price: $209.90. NEW Another really wonderful Chamart box.

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