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Wonderful World 17

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Flags of the World
In researching this segment I found some quite interesting facts, I might even say unique facts, associated with the flags.  Some facts relating to design, some to historical points of interest and some odd things like how a flag would look when wind velocity reached certain speeds. I wonder how many of you have ever considered that factor when seeing your national or state flag fluttering in a strong breeze? Interesting the things that have to be considered when designing a flag.

A. The Flag of Canada Box.  Divided into three segments, two of red equaling together the field of white upon which the Canadian Maple Leaf is displayed.  The Maple Leaf chosen has eleven points although a Maple Leaf can have as many as twenty three points. The eleven point leaf was selected because as the flag fluttered in a strong wind,  and this after testing in a wind tunnel, it looked best and was most easily recognizable as the Canadian Maple. The colors were chosen by King George V in 1921 by proclamation..This box sits on an attached stand for display purposes. Inside, Canada, painted. The clasp is hands clasped in friendship.  Retail:  About $151.00.  Our price: $136.90.  God Save the Queen.

B.  The Flag of France Box.
Divided into three segments. of proportionate size  which were determined by the visual appearance of the flag when waving  starting with the blue are: 30:33:37.  The flag was actually created in 1790 and it is thought that the Marquis de Lafayette was the creator of it. The colors originally were red, white and blue, the reverse of what they are today.  The change, as we know the flag today, was made in 1794. An interesting fact about the French flag is that it went out of use after Napoleon was defeated at Waterloo and did not return to use until 1830 when, again, the Marquis de Lafayette was instrumental in reviving its use and it has flown over France continuously since then.  The flag here is displayed on a flagpole.  Inside the box, crossed French flags and the clasp is unimportant to the box.  Retail: About $151.00.  Our price: $136.90. Vive La France!

C. The Flag of The United Kingdom Box..  (Great Britain, Nothern Ireland and Scotland comprise the UK.)  The flag as we know it today originated in 1606 subsequent to James VI of Scotland becoming James 1 of England.  By proclamation he joined the flags of Scotland and Great Britain by superimposing the St. George’s Cross over the St Andrew’s Cross. The flag then was used almost exclusively for ships at sea.  When Northern Ireland became part of the UK the St. Patrick’s Cross was added to the mix and that resulted in the flag as we know it today.  It was formally adopted on January 1,1801 and has flown continuously since then. The flag here is displayed on a flagpole.  Inside the box, God Save The Queen! painted.  The clasp is unimportant to the box.  Retail: About $123.00.  Our price: $110.90.

D.  The Flag of Israel Box.  
The flag of Israel was adopted in October 1948 not long after the founding of the country in May 1948.  The area which is today Israel was originally part of the British Mandate on Palestine-Eretz Israel and was declared an independant state by a resolution of the United Nations in November 1947. The six pointed star that dominates the flag is known as the Shield of David and appeared, history tells us, on the shield of King David and also on the ring of King Solomon. Our box displays the flag flying on a flagpole.  Inside the box, the Shield of David. The clasp is unimportant to the box. Retail: About $123.00.  Our price: $110.90.

E 1. The First Flag of The United States Box.
(The original 13 states flag.) This is the flag as it was first flown when the United States was founded.  It is called the Betsy Ross Flag.  As the story goes, it was designed by George Washington and some others, and brought to a Philadelphia seamstress who constructed it herself.  Her name, Betsy Ross.  This story although taught to school children for more than a hundred years, is now in question.  Myself, I like that story and unless they come up with a much better story,  it is the tale I will tell.  The box is shaped as if the wind is ruffling the flag on high.  Inside a five pointed star, painted, and the clasp is an American Eagle. Our price: $127.90.  

Sorry, the following item is No Longer Available.
E 2.
The Betsy Ross and Our First Flag Box. This marvelous little box has Betsy Ross, the seamstress who sewed our first flag, in Philadelphia, in 1776, displaying the fruit of her labor. The detail on this box is quite remarkable. Her sewing box is typical of what was then used and the chair she is sitting on is in the style of Philadelphia Chippendale. The cap and the gown are typical of the period as well. Notice the wide sleeves, the deep shawl collar and the fullness of the skirt Caps were made of fabric and worn in the home. Inside, the New York skyline today, painted. The clasp, our American Eagle. Our price: $213.90.

E 3. The  Flag of The United States Box. This is the flag as it is today with 50 stars representing all of our states.  The 49th and 50th stars were added when both Alaska and Hawaii were admitted to the Union in 1959 and 1960 respectively.
There are 13 stripes representing the 13 original states of which 7 are red  and 6 are white. Inside the box, a marvelous drawing that came to me via email from an unknown artist that was so poignant and so much the spirit of this country that I decided to have this box made just for us. It speaks to the heroism of all of our rescue workers and our military on 9/11. Without them we would have been lost! Our price: $225.00. Made by Cardinet expressly for The Perfect Gift, The box is a dated numbered Limited Edition of only 25 pieces and carries our name. This is the last available piece.

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