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Wonderful World 16

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This segment consists of Limoges boxes that depict landmarks or landmark events that identify specifically with particular cities across our country.

A.  The New Orleans Jazz Fest Box. An open book with three black musicians, dimensional, standing on the open page, each playing an early jazz horn; the cornet, the clarinet and saxaphone.  (Jazz, as a musical form, was created from African rhythms by African Americans.)  On the facing page, painted, a pianist and drummer. Inside, a bar of music, painted. The clasp, unimportant to the box. Jazz originated in New Orleans in the very early 1900's and what made it different from all other forms of music was that each performer, even when playing in concert, was constantly improvising, playing his own variations on a theme whereas, music, until jazz, was the musician playing someone else's written music and expressing that which the composer wanted to express.  New Orleans is famous for its Jazz Festival held each year as well as for the Latin Quarter where music is a constant, day and night.  Retail: About $329.00.  Our price: $294.90.  

B. The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta Boxes. Each year, in late September and early October, Albuquerque, New Mexico hosts a series of hot air balloonist races; races is perhaps a misnomer.  Balloons do not travel at a great pace because they are totally dependent on the wind currents for their speed, generally about 12 miles per hour, nor can they always be depended upon to go where the balloonist means them to go. One of the interesting things about a team of balloonists is that one member is always the driver of the car that follows the balloon with specific intent being to pick up the balloon occupants after they have landed.  (That tells you a little something about controlling direction in a balloon.)  What is so marvelous about the Balloon Fiesta is that hundreds of balloons, each more colorful and imaginatively patterned than the other, fill the air and it is a sight to behold. Drifting slowly across the sky, almost as far as the eye can see, are these huge graceful orbs.  Impossible to describe except to say, a beautiful and stirring sight.

B1. The Blue Balloon Box.  Retail: About $183.90.  Our price: $165.90.
B2. The Red Balloon Box.   
Retail: About $183.90.  Our price: $165.90.
B3.  The Stars and Stripes Forever Balloon Box.  Retail: About $193.00.  Our price: $172.90.
B4. The Mini Stars and Stripes Balloon. Box  
Retail: About $193.00.  Our price: $172.90.

C. The Carmel, California Dolphin Box.  Three dolphins at play in the waves. If you have never seen dolphins dancing in the waves then you have missed one of the great natural beauties of the sea.  They are a delight to watch.  They seem almost to stand on the waves at times, then diving down into an oncoming wave, their bodies so graceful and their movements so filled with the joy of life that they seem almost human in their ability to express themselves.  Sitting on the rocks along the coast, just south of Carmel, we spent hours just watching the dolphins at play.  In fact, they can be seen up and down the coast of California; this past Christmas I watched them at play in the waters off Santa Barbara and Carpenteria and at other times I have seen them in San Diego waters but Carmel is where I first saw them and have seen them most frequently. Inside, a sea plant and the clasp, a sailboat. Retail: About $147.00.  Our price: $128.90.

D. The Washington D.C. Box.  I chose this rather than The White House because it houses the legislative branch of our government, our 100 Senators who represent our 50 states and our 435 Representatives who represent us most closely because they represent us at our local level, the congressional district. This is where our laws are formulated, discussed, argued and voted upon.  This is where our Senators and Representatives handle the business of our country.  This is where the President makes his annual State of the Union Address and this where the Vice President presides over the Senate; the heart of our country.  Retail: About $149.00.  Our price: $134.90.

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