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Wonderful World 15 - Las Vegas

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Las Vegas and Games of Chance
Gambling has always been a fun thing for me.  Not for big stakes, 5 and 10 was as high as we ever went.  (I am speaking cents here.) We played Dealers Choice Poker and had a semi-weekly game with the same 6 people for close to 20 years. It was  such fun!  We all looked forward to these evenings so much  that we never let anything interfere with them.  We took turns hosting them, drinks and dinner first and then we would play for 3 or 4 hours. The laughing, lying and bluffing that went on was something else.  We played with lots of wild cards and all sorts of variations of each game. No one ever lost more than $25.00 but it was possible, if your cards were really hot, to win perhaps  $40.00. That  didn't happen but a few times but it didn't make a difference to any of us if we  won or lost.  We had such great fun playing that nothing could have stopped us but the hand of God and, of course, that's exactly what happened. One of our friends left us.  We still speak about it and we still wish that we could continue on but my husband has left now as well and somehow it seems almost sacreligious to bring others into that game.  It was so perfect just the way it was.  

Several times during the year we would head for Las Vegas and there we all went our separate ways getting together only when we felt the need of each other.  One of the men and I played Stud Poker always. My husband, who would not gamble there, spent his time watching football and basketball at the Sports Books and the others played the Poker Machines. That was when Las Vegas was a great place to go.  We would dress for dinner in our most elegant cocktail clothes, jewels and furs, and go to a Michelin starred restaurant called Michael's.  The room was delightful, the service white glove and impeccable and the food was delectable!  I heard just yesterday that it is still there and it is still very difficult to get reservations for it. We always made our reservations in advance and often we stayed at the hotel that housed it because that insured our reservations.  The only other thing that ever really got our attention in Vegas was if Sinatra was there. Then every evening for at least one show we would see him.

Forgive the reminiscing.  On with the Games!

A. The Royal Flush Box.  
In Poker, whatever kind, the top hand that can be had is Ten through Ace, suited.  It is the hand you dream about and happens so rarely that many who have played for years have never seen it dealt.  The odds of getting it are astronomical and even more so when playing  with multiple decks and lots more players.  But all Poker players dream of it.  Inside, painted, the winnings.  The clasp, two clasped hands. The underside of the box  shows that the cards are all from the same deck.  Retail: About $159.00.  Our price: $143.90.  Wishful thinking is what it is.

B. The One Armed Bandit Box.  
I don't know what they call the slots today but then we called them One Armed Bandits!  They took your money so quickly and so constantly with just enough of a payoff to keep you hoping for another payoff but for me it never came!  I do  have friends who win consistently on slots and I have watched them for hours and I know that it is so.  They never leave empty handed, but that never happened for me.  Inside, gold coins, painted.  The clasp is unimportant to the box.  Retail:  About $207.00.  Our price: $185.90.  

C. The Roulette Wheel Box.
 Talk about a game of chance!  I never could figure out why or how people determined what numbers they would play and what colors they would play.  It is such random luck with no skill needed by the player and somehow I always felt that it would have been a simple matter for the croupier to control the wheel so I never indulged.  I like to gamble but not randomly.  A spinning wheel just doesn't do it for me.  If it does for you -- here is a tiny replica and the winning number is 18 red!  Inside the ball, painted and the clasp is a die.  Retail:  About  $227.00.  Our price: $204.90.

D.  Craps!  Just a Roll of The Dice Box.  
For anyone who loves playing Craps this box is a natural!  It is an all around Vegas box with a Roulette Wheel and Cards and the suit symbols painted on it, but inside! 4, count'em, 4 dice, dimensional, removable and usable, guaranteed not to be loaded. A great gift for anyone who loves Craps and looking around a casino the Craps Tables draw more onlookers than any other games of chance.  Retail: About $225.00.  Our price: $202.90. Know any High Rollers? This would make a terrific gift for them.

E.  The Greatest Saloon Singer Ever Box.  Sinatra!  
One word says it all.  Recognize the slouch, the hat, the hands in the pockets!  Completely relaxed and enjoying himself  enormously.  In the heyday of The Sands Hotel, one of the great early hotels in Las Vegas, he was at his best!  He and Sammy and Dino and Peter made that hotel come alive.  When the Rat Pack was on stage the room was vibrant with the energy they gave off.  As a group their comedic talents were hilarious.  They played off each other and it worked like a charm for them. Their audiences loved it!  But most of all -- when he sang you could hear a pin drop in a room that held perhaps  800 people, there would be no sound but the sound of his voice and the music behind him.  He held an audience like no other entertainer.  He took you with him into the story he told when he sang; a bewitching experience.  Our price: $175.00.  No discount on Sinatra, he wouldn't have liked it.

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