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Wonderful World 14 -Hawaii

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Aloha! they call out as you arrive on the tarmac and if you happen to have friends there to meet you--undoubtedly they will have leis to place around your neck. Leis are those garlands of Hibiscus that are known the world over as the Hawaiian welcome for visitors to their magnificent islands. As you walk across the tarmac the soft breezes touch you and you know you have arrived in Heaven! It is truly one of the heavenly spots of this world and if you haven't visited there give serious thought to doing it. It is one of our most beautiful states and there is no other like it.

The following item is by Special Order only.
|A1. The Hula Girl Box. Dressed in a hula skirt with a lei around her neck, her long hair swaying and her hands held together and extended in welcome, this is the traditional Hawaiian way of greeting visitors. Did you know that every hand position used in their hula has it's own meaning. The hands are a very important part of the dance. Their hips sway sensuously and the grass skirt moves almost with a life of it's own because it is made of individual stems of fresh-cut ti leaves. They dance to an Hawaiian chant, mele, which is usually done with guitars or ukeleles and pahu drums as an accompaniment. The ukelele was introduced to Hawaii by Portuguese sailors when they brought a steel guitar called the machada to Hawaii. It was from this small guitar that the ukelele was developed. The clasp on the box is a ukelele. Inside the box, an Hibiscus, painted. Retail: About $209.00. Our price: $188.90. Aloha!

The following item is by Special Order only.
A2. A Wahini with Her Ukelele Box. Isn't this the way most of us envision Hawaiian
ladies, sensuously swaying their hips and strumming on their ukeleles? Notice that the bottom of her ti leaf skirt is showing slight movement. She is wearing a lei and has an hibiscus bloom tucked behind her ear. Inside the box, another hibiscus flower and the clasp is one as well. Retail: $200.00. Our price: $181.90.

The following item is by Special Order only.
B. The Hibiscus Flower Box. Native to Hawaii this lush beautiful flower is seen all over the islands. Huge clumps of it grow wild and it has become synonymous with Hawaii even though, today, it grows in many of the warm states of the mainland. Inside the box, a smiling sun and the clasp is a tropical fish. Retail: About $189.00. Our price: $170.90. Just Picked.

The following item is by Special Order only.
C. The Two Palms and a Hammock Box. Where else would you find two palm trees right at the water's edge with a hammock just waiting for you? It is moving slightly with the breeze coming in from the water, the air is soft and gentle and the scents of Hawaii fill the air. R and R is best achieved in Hawaii. You will never feel more relaxed than you will there. Guaranteed! Inside, one of their many delicious fruit drinks, this called an Hawaiian Sunset. The clasp is Old Sol himself. Retail: About $195.00. Our price: $175.90. Did you notice the coconuts hanging from the tree?

The following item is by Special Order only.
D. The Hawaiian Shirt Box. One of the amazing transformations that Hawaii brings about is all men stop wearing their usual shirts, be they polos or button downs, and immediately adopt the Hawaiian custom of wearing brilliantly colored, wildly patterned floral shirts! Even the most sedate seem to do it. My husband, whose idea of something wild was a tartan plaid shirt, went out and bought himself several. He never wore them again but he wore them in Hawaii and loved them. They seem to give a man a freedom that he doesn't normally have. This one is patterned with Hibiscus and coral. It has a label inside the neck of the shirt that reads Hawaii. Such a fun box!! Inside the box, another Hibiscus and the clasp is one as well. Retail: $209.00. Our price: $188.90.
Enjoy being a tourist and buy one!

E. My Little Grass Shack in Hawaii Box.  A palm tree with coconuts hanging from it, a broad sandy beach and My Little Grass Shack.  Who wouldn’t love to live this way?  No responsibilities!  Just the sun, the water, white sand and coconuts at hand when you get hungry or thirsty. At the least --  a marvelous way to vacation.  So when today’s world gets to be too much for you -- kick back and remember how relaxed you were when last you were in Hawaii.  This box can bring it all back in moments. Retail: About $205.00.  Our price: $184.90.

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