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Wonderful World 13

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Wonderful World 13, New York, London , Paris
For this segment we are borrowing terminology from the art world because it best describes what these "boxes" are. They are called "Triptychs" because they each consist of three panels that open and display related scenes. This is something quite new and these are the only ones that I have found. The painting in them is extremely detailed and executed perfectly. Altogether these are quite wonderful pieces.

A. The New York Triptych Box. Closed, the panels look like a decorative screen. The cover design is done in relief and is quite attractive but it reveals nothing of what is inside. Open the panels and there are three major New York landmarks. The largest panel has a view of the lower Manhattan as seen from Liberty Island. In the immediate forefront of the scene is The Statue of Liberty. The left hand panel is a closeup of the upper part of The Chrysler Building, that wonderful Art Deco structure that has been part of the mid town New York skyline since 1930. The tower portion of the building is made out of stainless steel and is a marvelous example of the modernism of the 1930's. The right hand panel is looking down Fifth Avenue and there at the corner of 34 Street and Fifth Avenue is The Empire State Building. Until The World Trade Center was built it was the tallest building in NY and for most of it's life the tallest building in the world Since September 11. 2001 once again it is the tallest building in New York. Retail: About $243.00. Our price: $218.90. NEW All of the excitement of New York in this one box.

B. The London Triptych Box. The center panel is a highly detailed painting of The Tower Bridge. Did you know that the Tower Bridge was built so that it mimicked the Tower of London which is close by it? It was built in 1876 but gives the appearance of being as old as it's namesake which, you may recall, was a much used place in the time of Henry the Eighth.The left hand panel is a painting of St. Stephen's Tower, part of the Parliament buildings, more commonly known as "Big Ben" and the right hand panel is of a Household Guardsman of the Buckingham Palace guards with the Victoria and Albert Memorial behind him. Wonderful memories of London come flooding back when you look at this piece. Retail: About $243.00. Our price: $218.90. NEW A magic carpet for London memories.

C. The Paris Triptych Box.
The center panel is, of course, the River Seine with a Bateau Mouche passing under the Pont Alexandre III, the most beautiful bridge in Paris. Off in the distance rises the Eiffel Tower. (The artist has taken some artistic license here because you would not be seeing the Eiffel Tower and Pont Alexandre III in such juxtaposition.) The left hand panel is looking up The Champs Elysées to L'Arc de Triomphe. The right hand panel is looking at the main entrance to Notre Dame Cathedral but again, they have taken license and faced it to the river. Actually it faces a small square and stands parallel to the Seine. It is on Ile de la Cité, the oldest part of Paris. Retail: About $239.99. Our price: $210.90. NEW An extraordinary rememberance of this wonderful city.

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