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April In Paris

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If you've been to Paris then you know that spring is the season that was created for that soul touching city. It is as though nature knew how wondrous it would be to celebrate spring in the parks of Paris and at the tables of the sidewalk cafés. As enchanting as it is at any time of the year, nothing can compare to it as spring takes hold and the city literally blossoms. Avenue des Champs Elysées is heavenly with the Chestnut trees in bloom and flowers everywhere, their fragrance adding the perfect French accent. If ever you are able, visit it, and if you are blessed enough to have been there, these boxes will serve to whisk you back to your favorite city each time your glance touches them.

UU.  The Fleur de Lis of France Box.
Here done in the colors of the French flag and nicely executed. This is a quite small piece, measuring 2 inches tall and at its widest 1.75 inches across.  Our price:  $144.90.  

VV.  The Consummate Frenchman at Giverny Box.  
Monsieur Claude Monet sitting at his easel on an art book opened to, of course, a biography and dissertation on Claude Monet.  The facing page is the painting on which he is working, one of a large series of paintings he did called “The Water Lilies.”  Giverny, his home, is not far from Paris and if you have an opportunity to visit it do so by all means. The gardens are unbelievably beautiful and the Water Garden is exquisite. The house, the garden and the water garden are all just as he painted them. The house is delightful and gives one insight into this brilliant artist.  The studio is awe inspiring and there is a marvelous display of his paintings, copies of course, because the originals are almost all in  leading museums of the world -- although there a few that are privately owned. The book is inscribed on the binding, Monet.  Inside, a water lily on a lily pad and the clasp is a French bow.  Retail: About $245.00.  Our price: $219.90.

NOTE: The figure of Monet bears an astonishing likeness to the great man himself. He wore a long and very full white beard, wore white suits whatever the season and always wore a straw planters hat when he was painting, just as he is wearing here.

The following item is by Special Order only.
WW. The Sidewalk Café in Paris Box. A familiar sight in Paris! It is the early 1900's and the sidewalk café, a recent phenomenon, is the setting for a fashionable lady sitting at a table, having her coffee and watching the world go by. Nearby, a nattily attired gentleman is strolling along and an elegant woman is walking her French Poodle. A Paris street light completes the scene. Inside, a composite line drawing of some famous Paris landmarks. The clasp, a fleur de lis. Retail: About $220.00. Our price: $198.90.

XX. The Paris Kiosk for Advertising Posters Box.  Have you ever noticed that one of the lovely things about Paris is there is not advertising wherever you look? No billboards, nothing to mar the beauty of the city.  Instead they have Kiosks  scattered around the city and on them are posters, very attractively done ads for whatever restaurants or nighteries or places of interest that choose to advertise.  It makes quite a difference in the appearance of that beautiful city. No screaming billboards proclaiming what ever they are advertising as the best, no ugly billboards defacing the facades of buildings and the rooftops of the city.  And they still do business! The posters on our Kiosk are for The Eiffel Tower, a Mozart concert, The Moulin Rouge. the opera Carmen, an exhibition at Le Grand Palais and Le Grand Cirque. Nothing inside the box and the clasp is unimportant to the box. Retail: About $165.00.  Our price: $148.90.

YY. The Moulin Rouge Box. Built in 1885, it was turned into a nightclub in 1900. It was there that Toulouse Lautrec and many of the other artists who lived in the Montmartre area of Paris socialized, Lautrec making Le Moulin Rouge the subject of many of his paintings and immortalizing it for the world. Here a waiter in his apron and vest, a black mustache decorating his lip, is about to serve a couple of drinks. Is one an Absinthe? Inside, "I Love Paris" and the clasp, a tiny Eiffel Tower. Retail: About $231.00. Our price: $208.90. NEW

ZZ. The Artist and The Eiffel Tower Box. Paris was home to a host of artists in the 19th and 20th centuries. Many of them painted Paris scenes and here we have one of them painting the Eiffel Tower. If you look carefully you can see it on his easel. He is wearing an artist's smock, a beret, (very chic then for artists to wear berets,) his Van Dyke beard and mustache were an affectation of the time, and he has his palette and brush in hand as he works on his canvas. Inside is his finished painting and the clasp is a fleur de lis. Retail: About $265.00. Our price: $238.90. NEW

S. La Place de la Concorde, The Obelisk Box. If you have been to Paris then almost certainly you have been to La Place de la Concorde. It is one of the most beautiful squares in Europe, not just in Paris, and it is awash with history. Consisting of more than twenty acres, originally it was a square built to honor Louis XV and it was the site of a huge statue of him. Then, along came the Revolution and it was off with everyone's heads including Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, and where did they do this--in this same square which, by then, had become La Place de Revolution. When the Revolutionaries began to see the error of their ways, they had some making up to do and one of the things they did was clean up and rename this square La Place de Concorde. ( Concorde in French means just what it means in English, agreement.) It was an apt name because there weren't many people left who dared disagree with them. In the 19th century the French government added statuary representing eight French cities, two magnificent fountains and the Egyptian government sent along a 3200 year old obelisk just to give La Place a really historic feeling. The Obelisk is covered in hieroglyphics and it is quite handsome. Inside the box, the Eiffel Tower, painted. The Champs runs from L'Arc to La Place de Concorde. The clasp says Paris. Retail: About $145.00. Our price: $130.90. NEW If you are doing a Paris collection this would make a perfect addition to it.

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