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Too Beautiful For Words 9

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What drew all of these boxes together is that they are all classic shapes in shades of gold and as different as the shapes and the shades of gold are they are all Too Beautiful for Words.

VV. The Perfume Tantalus Box. We've had this box in our catalog for about 6 years now but never before in this coloring. Always it has been in deep winey red or Sevres Blue and the change to a white ground with shades of green changes the feeling of the box completely. It is now light and airy looking, rather gay in feeling and quite beautiful with it's new feeling! Isn't it interesting, what color can do? The Tantalus has three bright green perfume flacons inside all held in place by the gold framework. The caps are jeweled and they really do work for perfume, they have tiny stopper in the neck of each flacon. One more reason to be sorry that Parry Vieille is no longer in business. Retail: About $255.00. Our price: $229.90. NEW

WW. Our Hearts Were Young and Gay Boxes. The gold ground on both of these boxes has the feeling of being heavily chased but, of course, it is done not with an engraving tool as chasing is actually done but with paint by an artist who was able to reproduce the appearance of chasing. It adds great interest to what otherwise would be just plain gold boxes.

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WW 1. The Puffed Heart Box. The chasing creates a cartouche in the center of the box that has two frolicking cherubs in it. Very difficult to see in a photograph but very beautiful to see in the flesh, so to speak. Inside, a heart with an arrow through it, painted. The clasp twined hearts. Retail: About $185.00. Our price: $166.90. NEW

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WW 2. The Heart With a Platinum Center Box. Also chased but with a quite different feeling because of the platinum used. Again, in the cartouche is a playing cherub and again, inside is a heart with an arrow piercing it. The clasp is a flower. The underside of this box is not chased at all but is simply painted in gold. SPECIAL PURCHASE: $105.90. NEW to us.

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XX. The Birds of Paradise Box. This is an astonishingly lovely piece that has a very delicate feeling to it, almost oriental in feeling because of the way the tree limbs are drawn. It is a puffed rectangle in shape and would be useful on a nightstand for storing rings and things. Inside, a closeup of one of the blossoms, painted and the clasp is a French bow. On the underside of the box is another Bird of Paradise! Our price: $234.90. A truly beautiful classic.

YY. The Petit Pomade Box. A gold ground covered with an oriental blossom design that is so intricate and so delicately done it can only be described as exquisite. The painting on this box is superb. The shape is a slightly flattened oval, front and back, and elongated because of that. A very tiny box, it is 1 3/4 inches wide by 1 inch high. Retail: About $225.00. Our price: $202.90. NEW and to love.

Sorry, the following item is by Special Order Only.
ZZ. The Heart Filled With Love Box. A tiny heart, only 1.5 inches, with a flower in relief, that has a secret inside; another heart with the matching flower done in relief which is dimensional and removable. Available both in a pansy and lilies of the valley. Retail: About $145.00. Our price: $130.90. NEW

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