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Too Beautiful For Words 8

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The fruits of my labors in January have been arriving these last few days and I marvel at how truly beautiful they are. When I saw them among hundreds of boxes these were the standouts! Each one was so lovely and so beautifully executed that I knew they were meant for us. I hope you all agree.

Sorry, the following item is by Special Order Only.
PP. The Escritoire Box. A tiny writing desk with Queen Anne legs, a drop front which is the writing surface and also the box, and sitting on top, an ink pot and quill pen resting in it. Delicately beautiful much like the furniture of the 18th century. Inside, dimensional and removable a personal journal and the clasp, a very tiny wild rose. Retail: About: $271.00. Our price: $243.90. NEW A wonderful addition to our collection. We've not had a writing desk before this.

QQ, The Rose Covered Commode Box.  (In French a chest of drawers is a commode.)  In the 18th century it was fashionable to place highly decorated plaques of Limoges porcelain onto articles of furniture.The Getty Museum has some exquisite examples of this. This piece is reminiscent of that type of furniture decor.  The mirror is silvered and does reflect images. Resting on the surface of the chest is a gold rimmed, mirrored perfume tray on which sit three perfume bottles, all dimensional, two of which are removable. The bottom drawer opens and inside is a shirt, painted..  Retail: About $317.00.  Our price: $285.90. A wonderful piece for someone who collects perfume bottles.

RR. The Bouquet of Old Roses Powder Box.
The most classic of shapes and design together with a color palette that is so delicately beautiful it brings sighs of pleasure from all who see it.   The palest cream to a soft yellow, the palest peach to a deep apricot, the softest pink to a deep rose, leafy greens from all of nature and a delicate sky blue to a deep teal, partially done in relief, for texture, and all painted as an antique might have been.  Inside, roses painted, and the clasp a flower.
Retail: $127.00.  Our price: $114.90.  Perfect for an old fashioned girl.

SS. The Bringing in The Sheaves Box.
I don't think this is quite what was meant by that phrase but this Fair Maiden has her arms filled with sheaves of wheat and holds in her hand the scythe which which she just cut it. She has the loveliest face and the detail with which she is painted is nothing less than exceptional. Chamart does this type of box so wonderfully well. Her face is not just painted but sculpted also; the eyes are so well painted that they actually have expression in them. I particularly like that her overskirt has a scalloped hemline done in relief and the underskirt can be seen just beneath it.  Peaking out from the underskirt is the toe of her slipper and that is sculpted as well.  Inside, wheat, painted and the clasp is a floral.  Our price: $219.90.

TT. The Basket That Brings You My Love Box. A tiny gold basket covered with florals of roses and inside the basket the smallest heart that says "I love you," a bottle of Parfum de Paris and a bouquet of roses, all dimensional and removable. The box is the base of the basket and it closes with a French bow.The interior of the basket is iridescent. Our price: $179.90. NEW and delightful. A wonderful gift box for any occasion where saying,"I love you." is appropriate.

Sorry, the following item is by Special Order Only.
UU.  The Heart and Flowers Box.  
This tiny, one inch in diameter, cylindrical box is covered with roses and tied with a ribbon.  Open it and there is the heart suspended from the lid by a tiny gold chain.The Perfect Gift to present your love.  Retail:  About $140.00.  Our price: $130.90.

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