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Too Beautiful For Words 7

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The boxes on this page are sitting next to me as I write and I have to say that  when I first placed them there I was thinking in terms of their going into the How Does Your Garden Grow segment but as I looked at them  I realized that they were so beautiful that Too Beautiful for Words was the perfect home for them.  I hope that you enjoy them as much as I am enjoying them as I sit here writing this.  I keep turning to glance at them and they are extraordinarily beautiful. Enjoy!

LL. The Lavish Antique Parfum Chest. A scalloped oval chest heavily encrusted with gold over a design in bas relief, with a floral detail in gold on the base. The cover of the box is after the style of Francois Boucher, the artist, of early Sevres porcelain fame. It is a pastoral scene of young lovers in the eighteenth century. Inside two cranberry perfume flasks with jeweled caps held in place by a gold frame. The clasp a shell, a shape much used in the eighteenth century. Retail: Upwards of $215.00. Our price: $193.90. NEW from Parry Vieille.

LL 2.  The Sweet Scent of a Rose Box.  Cylindrical with a tapered bottom and a profusion of pink and red roses on the lid, all in relief.  The base repeats the theme of pink and red roses and they are painted.  Between the lid and the base there is a delicate metal molding that is a cutout of flowers, unusual and lovely.  Open the lid and resting in a gold frame is a deep rose red perfume flacon with matching jeweled top.  The flacon has a stopper in it so it can be used for perfume without a loss of scent.  The clasp is another rose. If I had to describe this box in one word I would say extravagant!  Our price: $324.90.

MM. The Ordinary Petunia Box (metamorphosed).  
But look again!  The Petunia itself actually has been given new GLAMOUR!  The deep wine color against the gold and the delicacy with which it has been drawn take it into another realm entirely.  It reminds me of the early 1930’s when sophistication first became the criteria which ladies strove to achieve.  Looking at the box again, it is definitely related to the 1930’s.  It has that feel to it.  It has the same elegance  that the Agatha Christie Poirot TV series or the Nero Wolff series depict.  A tiny Limoges box brings all of that to mind! Remarkable!  The clasp is a leaf and nothing is inside.  Our price: $189.90.

NN.  The Lady Bug, The Leaf and The Water Lily Box.  
The box appears to be floating on the water.  (The leaf covers a very small oval box and the base cannot be seen.)  The Water Lily is painted on the leaf as is a pale blue butterfly that is above it but the Lady Bug is in relief and it is the perfect foil for the rest of the box.  Delicate with a feeling of tranquillity  is the best description of this box.  Strange word to use for a box, tranquillity, but nevertheless it is the feeling that one gets looking at this. Inside, a lady bug, painted, and the clasp is another.  Our price: $181.90.

OO. The Bee Mine Box. A deliciously different way to proclaim  one’s love but it certainly expresses the message.  A beehive (done in relief) replete with buds, bees and birds, all dimensional.  A Cupid atop the hive. Another bee for the clasp and inside a dimensional flower. Meant for an original thinker. Our price: $259.90.  

PP. The Perfect Pansy Pill Box.  
For the many of you who ask for pill boxes, here is the perfect box.  Very small but deep and able to carry a full stock of whatever  pills are required.  And to do it with grace and beauty and a smile!  Because, all pansies smile!  Have you never noticed that?  They have smiling faces.  That’s one of the reasons I just love pansies.  I hope you do too.  The pansy is in relief and the painting is beautifully done.  Around the base, free form pansies in blue.  The clasp, a simple oval.  Our price: $197.90.

QQ.  The Basket of Posies Box.  
A tiny porcelain basket carrying two potted plants, tulips and I “knownotwhats”. The basket is done with a Japanese theme, a lady with parasol crossing an arched bridge, a bonzai tree and several other motifs in the same theme. In the basket, a perfect pot of tulips in miniature, so tiny, they are only a half inch in height.  I cannot identify the other plant but it is the same size as the tulips and quite as pretty.  The whole measures 1.5 by 2 inches so it is one of the tiniest flower boxes that we have.  Retail: About $253.00.  Our price: $226.90.

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